Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Al Iraqia, the local T.V. network has been showing confessions of terrorists captured in Mosul. Truly horrible details are emerging. They are so horrible that I hesitate to recount to you some of what has been said. And Syria seems to have been behind this particular network of terrorists. Watching carefully these confessions, I was trying hard to figure out whether they were genuine or fabricated. After very attentive observation of every gesture and carefully weighing every word, I reached the conclusion that they are most likely genuine.

This particular gang was lead by a Syrian intelligence officer; they were engaged in all kinds of bombings and murders, including many of the beheadings in Mosul.

The National Guards and the Governor and Police chief of the region are doing a fine job, probably the best at the moment. I shall probably tell you more about these horrendous confessions.


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