Monday, May 23, 2005

Hi Friends,

There has been so much happening lately, but I was so busy that It was quite impossible to find the time to sit in front of the keyboard.

We had another quite close encounter with calamity, as my brother in Law was caught in another of these car bombings. His car was burnt out but miraculously God again saved us and he escaped with injuries, which, though serious, were operated upon successfully and he is recovering now.

The enemy is now launching an all out assault and using every dirty trick he can, in a desperate effort to derail the political process. Again he is showing the world his true face, a calllous, murderous, gonocidal face.

I have so much to tell you; but I am frustrated for not finding the time. It is hard enough just to keep on living and looking after the family. However, nothing of what is happening comes as a surprise. The situation is very complex, and I pray to God to give the forces of Good the wisdom and will to withstand the onslaught and come on top.


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