Tuesday, December 22, 2009



You are forcing me to digress again form the main subject of this blog. Never mind, though, I can persevere for one more post especially for you, see how much I care for you.

What you say is indeed quite alarming, I mean Moslems overrunning Molenbeek, Kuregem, Anderlecht and many other funny names like that is something truly affreux; more scandalous still, some of them actually going so far as wanting to perform prayers !! What horror!! And how about this phallic symbol of a minaret, my god, the thought of one going up your ----, if you will pardon the simile! Church spires are at least conical in shape and they can’t go all the way, so to speak. No wonder the Swiss banned them, though mind you, that does show a little lack of erotic imagination on their part. But then, Swiss peasants were never known for being particularly sexy. It’s probably too much cheese, you know.

Besides, all this pent up emotion and suppressed hatred is not good for your health, especially if you are getting on in years, are you still young? You can try drinking a lot of green tea and there are other recipes quite good to calm ones’ nerves, but I hardly think that will solve your problem entirely

No No No, something more drastic must be done; especially since I dont think stupid governments will accept you plans of mass deportation. So I have been thinking hard of a plan of action on your behalf; something that only a diabolical Moslem mind like mine can hatch. If you are man enough to match action to words, you may consider it; you don’t want Bin Laden types to put you to shame for being prepared to follow words with deeds. And here is the plan in brief:

You start by growing a thick beard. Next find some shabby clothes and try them on. Try to venture into one of these Moslem enclaves, perhaps Molenbeek (the 78% one). Make some acquaintances who look particularly the practicing Moslem types. Pretend that you are interested in Islam and ask them to take you to mosques to learn more about the religion. Little by little you will gain their trust and start frequenting their places. This plan needs patience and perseverance my friend, remember how Al Qaeda operatives plan and work for years for their exploits. Be inspired by that. Someday you will get to know some real hardcore Jihadi-Salafists and pretend to be influenced by them. You will convert and utter the Shahada, and become one of them. But be careful not to be really converted, I suspect you have the temperament for it. Finally confide to them that you have decided to become a suicide martyr and they might send you to Afghanistan or Somalia or some other hell for training. Once you have had your training and got your suicide belt packed with freshly made C4 in Syria, Iran or God knows where, tell them that you have a desire to meet their leaders before going to paradise. Who knows, luck might smile to you and you get to meet the great one himself. They will be thrilled to have such a convert, I am sure. The final act will be for you to try to smuggle your suicide belt during this audience, and boom, good riddance to a lot of terrorists, not to mention your good self too. It would be wonderful if you could recruit some like minded friends of yours and all do the thing simultaneously in true Al-Qaeda style. Don’t you think it is a wonderful plan?

Don’t forget to post a martyrdom video tape message on the internet, or better still send it to me. We shall be famous, man. It’s all about publicity and the television.




Ali Abbas Sultan said...

Osama may be :)

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