Sunday, August 08, 2004


As we have said before, patience is required to see this thing through. The Iraqi Government may not be perfect, but still if it succeeds in resolving the security issue this will be the key to subsequent positive developments. Now we are witnessing hopeful signs that this Government does not lack backbone, and it is struggling together with the fledgling new security forces who are beginning to demonstrate increasing determination and morale to impose Law and Order and combat criminals, terrorists and general lawlessness in the country. And due to the overriding urgency of the security issue, we are forced to relegate all other questions to secondary importance at the moment. That does not mean that the issue of democracy and human rights are to be somewhat forgotten in the heat of the battle, and we must always keep in mind the final objectives that we are all fighting for; i.e. a free democratic and peaceful country where the dignity of individuals and human rights are fully respected and guaranteed by Law and Constitution, and actively defended by capable and correct Law Enforcement.

But for the moment, the way to proceed seems quite clear. Full, generous and whole hearted support for this Government and rapid strengthening and upgrading of the New armed and security forces; for there are clear signs that this long and arduous task is finally beginning to bear fruit. Gradually the whole task of internal security can be transferred to the Iraqi forces and the gratefully acknowledged help of our allies can become less and less necessary. We are as concerned as the American and Allied people for the safety and security of the valiant men and women of the MNF and to phase out their direct involvement gradually. The Iraqi people must and will assume the entire responsibly for their security sooner or later.


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