Saturday, August 07, 2004


The Office the Director General of the Iraqi Police Service

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Friday 6 August 2004 – Baghdad

Since Thursday night, armed militias and gangster terrorists (calling themselves the Mehdi Army) have been attacking Iraqi Police stations and other public property in the Holy City of Najaf.  The fighting and criminal violence continued over Thursday night and for much of Friday.  These enemies of a united and peaceful Iraq have been carrying out appalling acts against innocent Iraqis and their property.

It is clear that these people are not from the Holy City of Najaf. Interrogation, by Iraqi Police, of captured fighters is revealing that they are mostly criminals released from prison by the former regime immediately prior to the latest war. 

In the face of this attempt to destabilise the country, the Interim Government of Iraq ordered a combined operation involving Iraqi military forces and units from the Multinational Force with the task of regaining control of the city.  It is now clear that the operations have been a complete success.  Over 1200 criminals have surrendered to Iraqi forces.  The Holy City of Najaf is secured. 

Speaking this evening the Director General of the Iraqi Police Service said:

“This operation will continue until this illegal and cruel violence has been quelled.  Our police and military forces’ bravery is acknowledged by the Government of Dr. Ayad Allawi and by all Iraqis.  Their loyalty will be rewarded.  Most importantly, this incident has shown Iraqis, and the world, that peace-loving Iraqis will lead the way in restoring order and ensuring that these terrorists pay the price for their actions.”

The Director General added:

“Violence of any sort against the people of Iraq will not be tolerated.  The Iraqi Police Service will help ensure that Iraqis get the peace and stability they need to rebuild our country.”

For further information contact the Prime Minister’s Spokesman’s office:
(+ 964) (0)7901 91 06 42

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