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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Hi Friends,

Yesterday a roadside bomb killed innocent Iraqi bystanders including children. Today a bomb also exploded injuring and killing Iraqis including a family who happened to be passing in their poor old "Brazilian" car. The neighborhood is a busy shopping area. Today after the explosion an anti terrorism demonstration broke out spontaneously. I was just watching an Arab T.V. station reporting the incident. This is the way they presented it: "The bomb was meant for the American soldiers and unfortunately innocent Iraqis were the victims; mind you, the resistance did distribute leaflets warning citizen to avoid places where the Americans are to be found. The demonstration was reported but it was a demonstration against the Americans for frequenting their neighborhood, although admittedly they were also angry at the resistance people". And this is a relatively a mild T.V. station funded by KSA, your dear ally Americans, not Al Arabia or Al Jazira.

But any blind person can see that the ordinary people are targeted. Out of shear hatred and spite against the people, I can assure you. Shiaa and Christian people mostly inhabit this particular neighborhood. Is this pure coincidence? The terrorists, Saddam's orphans, sectarian fanatics, mercenaries and criminals financed by these and aided, encouraged and abetted by the Arab brothers from beyond the borders and within are the perpetrators of these atrocities. These scum are always referred to lovingly as the Resistance by you know who. Nevertheless, their bankruptcy and desperation is becoming more and more evident every day.

But We Shall Overcome.



Sunday, December 28, 2003

Hi Everybody,

I see that some of my regular visitors and friends, like Michael Cosyns have taken offense at my angry words yesterday. I highly value your contributions and friendship and most certainly no offense was meant against my western friends. Anyway you must excuse words of anger uttered at a time of frustration and pain.

Best Regards All.


Hi Friends,

It was announced today that 600 Jordanian Lawyers have volunteered to defend Saddam Hussain. So it is SH that needs defending, the poor guy. These people know more than anybody else the crimes and atrocities and the damage, which this maniac has caused. They know that much better than any westerner. They know more than anybody else about the mass graves, the torture and mayhem. They know, and they don’t care. In fact they seem to sympathize with what has been done to the Iraqi people.

What can we say? Iraqis will not easily forget this. Sympathizers of the most notorious serial mass murderer of our people in history, we shall not forget. You are his partners in crime. We shall not forget. You will pay dearly, be sure of that. You send your murderers to bomb our streets and school children and trying to deny us normal life. Watch out, retribution will come.

And some imbeciles talk to us about Pan Arabism and such like nonsense. Go have your head examined, simpletons.



Saturday, December 27, 2003

In the name of God the Compassionate the Merciful

Greetings Friends,

Before trying to continue with Part II that I promised you yesterday, I would like to comment on some of the comments.

Someone mentioned: And those figures ... came from a poll conducted by Pew or some other American organization, saying that over 80% of the people in the Middle East are against US policies.

Here is an example of nonsense; 80% of People in the Middle East are certainly not representative of 80% of Iraqis. The less that can be said about our Arab brothers the better it is. Don’t rub this particular sore spot please. Suffice it to say that we are certain, that almost all the suicide attacks against our IP, government departments, ordinary people and poor workers going to work etc., all these were carried out by non-Iraqis and most certainly Arabs arriving from neighboring countries. We don’t forget either, how the Iraqis were treated by Arab states in their time of need. Only a handful allowed Iraqis in for some of the time, and we should really mention them for fairness sake. Most prominent among these are the following: The United Arab Emirates (and some other GCC states), Libya, Yemen and of-course, Jordan. The first three mainly, provided employment opportunities and considerable number of Iraqis benefited from these, at a time, when normal existence in Iraq itself was becoming impossible. In most other Arab states the Iraqis were absolute pariahs and were absolutely prohibited, such as Egypt, most North African countries, KSA etc. It was quite a problem (and still is) for Iraqis to travel abroad. The Arabs were playing a prominent role in the siege of the Iraqis. Oh, yes we don’t have much good to say about our “brothers”, apart from the few countries that I mentioned.

As I am writing this, I am watching a Lebanese TV station called New TV. Here is how it is reporting the latest news about the terrorist attacks in Karbala and Mosul:

This many Iraqis and Coalition soldiers were killed here and there by the resistance forces, meanwhile the four terrorists killed by the Coalition forces in Mosul are referred to as Martyrs, as also two Martyrs killed while planting a bomb etc.etc.

This same Lebanon, who put any Iraqis seeking refuge in their country in prison, where many entire families rotted for years, while those who were not put in prison lived in absolute squalor in miserable lodgings and not given much opportunity to earn decent living. This is only a sample how the Arab media are dealing with the situation; inciting terrorism, not the least concern about the safety of the people and stability in the country, and shedding crocodile tears about the suffering and misery but mainly of terrorists and saboteurs. We need not continue any further for it is too painful. How can we forget the demonstrations carrying photos of Saddam the Rat after his capture and extolling his virtues, while the vast majority of Iraqis were ecstatically celebrating the happy event. They were hurt and humiliated by the images of the tyrant’s humiliation while the majority of Iraqis would have liked to see him torn to pieces and thrown to hungry dogs and that would not have satiated even a small part of their hunger for revenge against this direct Son of Satan.

Yes indeed, the Iraqi Street and the Arab Street are terribly at odds at the moment. Let us hope that time will heal this.

As for the Part II promised, I must be excused for a little more time and Ishallah “Manyana”, as is customary here. I am not in the mood today, and the subject requires concentration and calm. It is too important to be dealt with at haste.



Friday, December 26, 2003


Hi Friends,

I hope you all had a joyous Christmas. Now let us take a cool analytical look at the military and security situation.

To start with, it is hardly necessary to emphasize that the security issue is the all-important question of the moment. It precedes everything and is a prime prerequisite for the subsequent steps to be undertaken to ensure the success of this enterprise, and it is absolutely imperative to resolve the problem completely within a short time frame.

Now the latest moves by the Coalition military have achieved a lot. Especially, the capture of SH cannot possibly be underestimated; it was a major milestone in this battle. I will try to summarize mainly in order to get this message out tonight.

The energetic moves taken in the provinces (of the triangle) seem to have caused the saboteurs real problems. In order to understand better, we have to explain to our friends the actual field of battle and the nature of the enemy. I am sure a lot has been written about this in the media, but you will have here a view from an ordinary person in the very thick of the battle and directly affected by it. To start with, for a guerilla style insurgency to succeed, several conditions must exist. These conditions are well known and do not need reiterating here. But let us examine some of them:

1- Popular Support: The saboteurs are composed mainly of ex-Baathists , some so called Islamist fellow travelers, and some foreign elements from Al Qaeda and the like (who belong all to some Sunni extremist fringe groups). The Bathists were numerous but I don't think that the majority of these are actively involved in the present campaign. And as I told you before, the only card that these people have is the sectarian Sunni-Shiaa Card. Now the entire Sunni population of Iraq, if you exclude the Kurds (who are mainly Sunni), cannot be more that 20-25 % of the population and that is a generous estimate. Of this percentage, not all are supportive of the insurgents. For example, some major tribal confederations are not at all enthusiastic about it, such as the Shummar, the Jubour; and others. Now these tribes are very huge and important, not to mention the educated secular people who happen to be Sunni by birth. And you can see for example the huge region to the north of Anbar ( the Ramadi-Falluja area ) right up to the Syrian and Turkish borders (which is called the Western Desert of Iraq), as well as the area between Tikrit and Mosul are largely quiet. Even in the triangle itself, many people are at heart quite sick and tired of this situation, but are intimidated by fear, pride and tradition to speak out, but some are courageously doing just that at the moment. See for example this:

So where does that leave the popular base for the "insurgents" ? - At the most and being very generous to them no more that 5-10 % of the population, and this mostly for reasons of fear of retribution if things settle down (by the ex Baathists and especially those belonging to the security and special forces of the defunct regime), and sectarian passions, especially in the mixed areas such as Baquba and Baghdad. Now Baghdad is pivotal in this whole affair and I shall come back to this question later in this little research. The capture of SH and the firm action undertaken recently by the Coalition forces, has not so much intimidated the rural people of the triangle, as freed them a little from the atmosphere of intimidation and illusion that prevails there; and seems to have forced the remnants of the subversives to move to the big cities of Baghdad and to a lesser degree Mosul. And that brings us to the second point; but before that we must mention that this lack of a real popular base is one of the greatest assets in favor of the Coalition and the Majority Iraqis.

2- Apart from the Mountainous region of Kurdistan, firmly under the control of the faithful and patriotic Pesh Merghas, the land of Iraq is a flat plain, with no jungles, no bushes and apart from the marshland delta of the South, which also is out of bounds for the subversives, has no places to hide except in the towns and cities and in residential areas. In particular the "triangle" region is just about the most open and flat area in the whole of the country. This is a huge disadvantage for any guerilla force. And you have seen how a little bit of toughness in the last few weeks (mainly of theatrical nature too) has virtually stopped sabotage in the rural areas apart from some very minor incidents.

But they have moved to Baghdad now , as I have said before. Because Baghdad is a big city, and because Baghdad is more like a human jungle that the other areas, and because they can sneak better in the middle of the crowds and the traffic jams, and hide easily in the sprawling neighborhoods of the capital. So now this has become essentially the battle of Baghdad as I have long predicted and said. Control Baghdad again, and you will end this second phase of the campaign just as you have ended the first phase of "Iraqi Freedom". This task is not at all impossible if certain elementary measures are at last implemented. If you grasp the above you will immediately understand how Saddam and his lot managed to stay in power all these years despite the tremendous hate felt for them by the majority : Control of the cities and mainly Baghdad by security methods. In fact, the only regions he found difficult, were precisely the Mountains of Kurdistan and the Marshes of the South. The latter, he went to extraordinary lengths and expenses to change the geographic nature of which, which included tremendous efforts to dry up the marshes and change the ecology thereof, causing terrible damage. One of the great achievements of "Iraqi Freedom" was the quick dismantling of the elaborate diversionary schemes of the rivers laboriously put in place by the previous regime, which resulted in the waters flowing back to the lovely marshland of Southern Iraq again.

(End of Part One) [For reason of having to go to bed, and being scolded by the wife for staying so late]

(Part Two - To be continued tomorrow (Inshallah) ; which will be the more important part I hope; a sort of my Road Map to Quick Victory)



Wednesday, December 24, 2003


Tomorrow the Christian World celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ (PBU). Although I try to avoid religious subjects, but I cannot let this occasion pass without saying something that I profoundly feel.

You see, Jesus (Issa in our language), is not only important to Christians, he (PBU) is also very important to us. Faith is a mystic experience: First there was Feeling, then was the Word and then was the World. In the Bible somewhere it says that Jesus said to his disciples that if they had even an atom of real faith they could move a mountain (Please help in locating the exact quote). This is the mystic essence of faith; anybody with sufficient faith can accomplish miracles. And true faith is a kind of ecstasy, a kind of elation; getting drunk with the heavenly wine. Our mystics have developed this into “methods” and ways that are baffling, and perform feats that are inexplicable and unbelievable and I have personally witnessed things that defy any kind of scientific explanation, and they are not quackery either. I don’t pretend that I have reached anywhere near this state, nor any particular knowledge of mystic ways, but somehow there are some inklings of the truth at the bottom of the heart.

For us Iraqis, in these times of trial and pain, it does us good to recall Jesus and his torments and his suffering and his martyrdom.

Jesus (PBU) was miraculous in everything, miraculously born, miraculously compassionate, miraculous in his brief sojourn on this earth, and finally miraculous in death; Prince of Peace, Prince of Love, and the Great Emperor of all Mystics.

I can only finish with these words of the Quran: “ And Peace be upon Him the day He was born, and the day that He dies, and the day He is resurrected”.



Monday, December 22, 2003

Hi Everybody,

I just had a quick look at the latest comments. I am so damned busy these days. Difficult profession I have, especially in the present circumstances. Anyway, just some quick remarks. The calculations that I was planning to do were about quantitative estimates of the number of people actually engaged in sabotage. I saw that Omar of Iraq The Model beat me to it somehow in one of his posts. So anyway to cut a long story short I will summarize.

- Most saboteurs are Sunni triangle people, but Most Sunnis are not saboteurs; that is a fact.
- The last thing that we want is civil war and strife; so coupled with firm security measures, no effort must be spared to reassure everybody that nobody is going to be disfranchised and disfavored.
- The Baathists have always used the sectarian card when they are cornered, because they don't have much else (ideologically or morally) to fall back on.
- The article I referred to in the previous post impressed me mostly because we know our Baathists here, and it rang so true. They are essentially mercenaries.
- Concerning the protection of gas and electricity etc. I was interested in the comments regarding finding a technical solution to the problem. This is vital and this is where the technical capabilities of the Coalition might be the answer.
- Regarding the Iraqi contribution to maintaining security, there is in my opinion a kind of critical point, which when reached the balance will tip in favor of the patriotic forces, the IP the CDF etc. and then it will be the other side who will feel afraid and intimidated and that will be one of the signs of a favorable ending, and things will accelerate rapidly then. Efforts should not be spared to arrive at that point.
- The Coalition Forces are taking energetic measures at the moment, and that is correct. However, there should be dialogue and political moves as well.
- The enemy is trying his best to stir up sectarian feeling and violence; care must be exercised not to fall into this trap.
- This whole enterprise is as vital to the interest of the American and a Western people as it is even more so for us Iraqis. There is no way to retreat or fall back; the job must be finished. All parties must be made to understand this.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All.


Brian H. & Scot:

Yes indeed, this is most interesting, this is the kind of feedback that is useful.


Sunday, December 21, 2003


I forget to add to the previous post that the foreigners amongst the terrorists are hardly interested in our well being, and are the most vicious and dangerous of all. It is widely believed that all suicide attacks are carried out by foreigners, and furneral ceremonies are conducted in neighbouring countries openly for some of the "martyrs", suicide attackers against our people and our policemen.

Hi Everybody,

It is a terrible situation here. Petrol is almost non-existent. It is bad enough trying to use the car; what is worse is keeping the electricity generator going. There is very little electricity, too, and with no petrol you don’t have an alternative. The criminals have attacked again the gas and storage facilities. That’s what they want; to inconvenience the population and aggravate their problems. They don’t care that there are sick people in hospitals and children and people just trying to get on with their lives. No, these cruel thugs don’t care; in fact they enjoy it; like they have tortured, murdered and debauched at the expense of the hapless populace for decades. This is the holy war declared by Aymen Althawahri, Bin Laden’s second in command and pompously broadcast by Guess Who Satellite stations. This is their war. So the Iraqis are also the filthy Western Crusaders, and they must also all go to hell. Like you, we are amazed and wondering, “Why do they hate us so much?” The Coalition and the G.C. must explain this to the people day and night, and even if there is no electricity to watch the T.V. have loudspeakers going round the city blaring out to expose these criminals and explain the reasons for the crises.

They are cowards, because what courage is needed to attack pipelines, electricity pylons and the like, stretching for hundreds of miles in the desert? But the people can’t believe that this situation cannot be controlled. And this is bad for morale. I don’t have much time today, but I am planning to write again about security, and my own personal suggestions about this all-important question. The security of the People is as important as the security of the Forces and the two are closely interrelated.

This cannot be allowed to continue anymore. Zero tolerance policy must be immediately put in action. There are measures that can be taken. I wish to talk about these, may be tomorrow (Inshallah). The capture of Saddam was great; also the round up of suspects; but more, much more is required, and possible. The people are patient, but patience can wear out. Without security, nothing can be achieved. And security must be restored fully, and without delay; and it is my opinion that it can. Emergencies call for extraordinary measures, and we can’t pretend that the situation is normal. The enemy is desperate and is attacking with blind hatred any thing they can reach. The enemy must and can be totally immobilized, especially after the latest successes. The people are not going to resent heightened security measures; on the contrary, they will be reassured and will support them if they are conducted properly. The Olive branch must be also deployed with equal vigor as the Sword. Intensify contacts with tribal leaders and dignitaries of the regions in question and give them the firm choice: Either, Or.

They claim that they are patriots, that the U.S. and allies are liars, and that all their promises are false and cheating; and that Force and Terrorism are the only way to deal with the Occupation. Well if they are sincere, they should keep absolutely quiet, and wait for the U.S. and allies to make good their pledges. This way we can all know the truth soon enough and there will be no excuses for anybody. But I think that their true intent is quite the opposite. They just don’t want what is being promised and are hysterically trying to prevent it from happening: i.e. Democracy and freedom. Democracy is what they hate most. For where would they be if there was real democracy? Oh, no; they want the Coalition to leave hastily and prematurely so that they can have their full revenge and bury the people in new mass graves, compared to which the old ones would look like miniature dress rehearsals.

Well, all this is incoherent and I apologize, but to whom can I complain if not to my new found friends here?

But hope still lives on.



Saturday, December 20, 2003


Hi Everybody,

Thank you all for the sentiments. I suppose I really needed the reassurance. I quite agree with you that these blogs are important. There are not many but they do give quite a sample of the people in Baghdad at the moment. Most of the bloggers are young, but you have even a view from quite a different generation which is mine for example. I promise you to continue as time permits ( Inshallah), and regarding closing the Comments section, it is quite out of the question as these are probably more important than my posts, if you want my honest opinion. As somebody justly remarked, it is not interesting to have a kind of monologue. For me anyway, the most interesting thing here is your comments.

Wishing you Merry Xmas and happy holiday all.



Friday, December 19, 2003

Hi Everybody,

I have just been reading your latest comments. Just a few remarks:

Rike: Sheikh Ahmad Al Kubaysi is not the same person as the gentleman you talk about. In fact this Surname is very common and is related to the name of a well-known western tribe in Iraq.

Bryan Ruffin: Your comments show a better understanding of the situation.

Generally, these latest comments make a depressing reading. To start with; it is one of the basic principles of democratic liberal societies to respect the religious feelings of others. The offensive remarks and the many incorrect assertions are very disappointing indeed. I don’t think it is even worth the trouble to try to refute them: not allowing the building of churches, not having Christians as Judges and police officers etc. etc. Do you want a list of Iraqi Christian policemen? The fact that it is said that 40% of Baghdadis were Jewish at the turn of the 19th century; and that two ministers of the first Iraqi Government after WWI were Jewish, should tell you something.

I am not going to be drawn into this kind of useless debate. It is the same with some people here. To understand the situation in these terms is simply out of touch and completely foreign to the reality we have here in Iraq. Of course, if you drag in the problems of the entire Moslem world from the Philippines to Nigeria, we have quite an impossible task. But luckily we have to deal with our Iraqi situation specifically and much of what you have been saying is totally irrelevant and even laughable.

Another point, also; labels and classifications can mean different things in different places. We should not be slaves to these. What do we care, here in Iraq, about who, in the US, is Republican and who is Democrat; who is Conservative and who is Liberal? We care only about their position regarding our business. Isn’t that the most natural thing?

People just don’t seem to be able to get it into their heads, that the problems we have here have little to do with religion, although there are religious parties amongst others. For instance, just look at the composition of the Governing Council: Religious parties from both sects, Kurdish Nationalists, Communist Party (atheists!), Liberals secularists, tribal dignitaries etc.; all working together in near perfect harmony; and you tell us that we cannot handle democracy? I am not sure who is going to learn from whom, in the end!

I humbly beg the gentleman who seems to have an axe to grind against one particular religion to go elsewhere to air his views, and not distract this particular forum, which is concerned with a very serious situation affecting the lives of Iraqi and Coalition men and women. I regret to tell him that, if he is not aware of it, this is exactly what the enemy wishes to find here. You do much harm to the cause of the Coalition and this enterprise by this kind of talk.

I regret too, that if this goes on I shall be forced to shut down this site, rather that providing the enemy with a chance to debase and denigrate the cause of liberation and freedom in our country.

Finally, regarding religion, I have made my position amply clear before. It is a personal relation between the individual and his creator; and as far as laws and the social contract are concerned we may make use of the positive elements without affecting the general principles of democracy and a free society, and that is not very difficult to do in our case, and can easily be achieved. And in as much as religion is a personal thing all genuine faith is valid, in my personal opinion. Religion is basically about love, decency and kindness, and any attempt to turn it to an instrument of hate and quarrel is despicable and unworthy.

Besides, one final word, for those who think that I am in a minority, here is a surprise for them, here in Iraq I am a voice of the majority, believe it or not.



Thursday, December 18, 2003

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Although I dislike the subject, I have to put in this before leaving.

You give the subject of Religion too much importance. Sectarianism is not about religion, it is about temporal privileges.

Iraq in particular has never been a theocracy, and will never be one. The matter simply is not as important to us as you think.

Good Night


An Interesting article:

The Banality of Saddam Al-Tikriti
Fawaz Turki,§ion=0&article=36646&d=18&m=12&y=2003



Hi Everybody,

It is very strange – today I had a brief conversation with someone I knew and haven’t met for quite sometime. His origin is from somewhere near Samara. There was not much said and not much that could be said. “The right way is only the way of the people of Fallujah, Ramadi, Tikrit, Samara and Mosul. Is not force the only way to deal with occupation! “; he announced, pompously and passionately after I had simply remarked that Sheikh Ahmad Al Kubaisi ( a well known Iraqi Sunni scholar who resides in Dubai, UAE). Al Kubaisi (no pro American collaborator, I can assure you), was saying today in an interview in Al Arabiya, that the Sunnis are simply going to be left behind and the train will go by them and leave them as some kind of anachronism. That they have to organize themselves and have clear political leadership and start negotiating and talking with the " Occupation " to assure for themselves a place in the new Iraq, rather than engaging in the sort of things that are going on. Well, these were not exactly his words but that was the general gist of the argument. This Man, Al Kubaisi, is quite an admirable man, not just because of his shrewdness today but generally and I have personally been very impressed by him from longtime as a scholar, linguist, theologian and thinker. That is not the point that struck me, however, but something else.

As I was reading the latest comments I came across some few individuals who express extreme views about the Arabs, the Moslems and the Iraqis whom they conceive to be representative of these generic human groups, and how they are primitive savages, and how Islam is a hateful religion, and how they don’t deserve anything but hate and scorn etc. etc.. Well these people don’t bother me normally, and I hope they are only very small minorities who don’t represent the cultivated western public any more than our peasants of Falujah do our people. In fact I am sure the latter are far more numerous in proportion. What stuck me however, is how similar these people are to my friend mentioned above. They are two sides of the same coin. The minds are closed, and spite and racial hatred takes hold of the self and becomes the source of all thoughts and actions. And where does this malaise come from? I can’t really go on about this phenomenon and this kind of mentality, and don’t have any inclination to discuss it either; any more than one can have aptitude to study and analyze excrement and such like substances. Suffice it to say that ignorance must be an important factor, here. This primitive savage region produced the three religions that form the basis of the religious morality of the western world. This savage region produced all the prophets of the Old and New Testaments. For the few dark decades of Sadam there were centuries of enlightenment, splendor and civilization in this very same Baghdad. Have you not heard of Haroun Al Rashid? Have you not read the Thousand and One Nights, and more much more? Was not this Iraqi Museum, which most tragically was almost completely destroyed during this latest war, the greatest and most important of all such establishments, witness to a glorious history which has given so much to humanity? Is it conceivable that such ignorance can exist even in the very heart of the world’s most advanced and progressive societies of our present times?

This was what struck me.

By contrast we have the thought provoking writing of Charles and his quotations from Woodrow Wilson. We have the thinking of President Bush and his luminous words. We have the noble feelings and expressions of most who comment.

There is no problem really; and “All is well that ends Well”, “ Inshallah – God’s Willing”.

Salaam and Hope


Greetings Friends,

Quick remark: I am frequently asked about Sayed Al Sistani. Before saying anything I must tell you that this most revered religious scholar commands very wide respect, and I can'not speak of him but with the highest reverence that he deserves. Neither he, nor all the main religious leaders who have real standing from all sects, believe in theocracy. But Religion, all religion, will always be respected in the land of Abraham (PBU).

The murderers are vile sneaking cowards who attack peaceful people at their homes. The backlash is coming, the just revenge is coming. Let no one stand in our way.

Inna lillah wa Inna Ileihi Rajioun, ( We are all to God and we to him shall return)


With a bleeding heart I have to announce to you the murder of Muhannad Alhakim in his house in Baghdad. Muhannad is the Son of Baqer Al Hakim who was himself murdered in Najaf. This most honorable Najafi Family has produced so many martyrs. The criminals continue to murder and they will pay dearly, and soon. God rest your Soul, honorable Sayed.


Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Hi Everybody,

I really can’t go to bed without dropping a word to you. Reading your comments and wrestling with the Emails took longer than expected.

The Coalition people are either reading this blog or we are really on the same wavelength. The measures that are being taken now are simply the right way and should be intensified. And don’t worry too much about knowing the good from the bad, it is not as difficult as you imagine. And it is not Shiaa against Sunni simply like that. There is something of that admittedly, but I can assure you that even in Tikrit and places like that, many people want peace but are intimidated by the thugs, and that is a fact which I think your troops on the ground are aware of. Only I would have liked to see Iraqis much more involved and in front.

Many people are telling me that we Iraqis should now be on the offensive; but I have said it before and say it again; we are dying to do just that. But you must realize that those saboteurs, who cannot number very many, are trained, brutal, well organized and well financed. The people of the oppressed majority have just emerged from decades of helplessness and forced passiveness. The people are no terrorists and don’t go about shooting and murdering like the Saddamists and Co.; so they need organization and a helping hand. And after all, it is the moral duty of the Coalition to have the people stand on their feet and control the situation, for sooner or later they have to manage on their own.

I have too much to say but I really must be off now, so much work to do tomorrow.

Good night and Salaam


Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Greetings Friends,

Please note that I am personally very interested in the debates going on in the comments. Nobody is going to be banned, and I consider all visitors as honored guests as is our tradition. This is basically quite a serious site trying to think hard in aid of our country and our future. The input I get from you helps me to develop my thinking, and I thank you for it.

Best regards to everybody.


Hi Friends,

Just a quick message; I shall do a simple calculation for you in the next post ( Inshallah ), in the manner that we do engineering estimates. I shall prove to you that this "Insurrection", is no serious matter really, and that it is mainly the security vacuum that has emboldened these scum. Prevention is better than cure; everybody knows that. I shall explain again my views. This is an urgent matter. I have fear that after the great coup of catching the Rat; the opportunity will be lost again; just as what happened after the 9th of April. I am personally convinced that all this could have been avoided. There is no need for this to drag on and on, jeopardizing this grand project. When few poisonous snakes and scorpions infest a place, what commotion can ensue? There is one way to deal with such menace you know. For the venomous serpents, either cut off their heads, or at least, if you want to be more charitable, remove the fangs, and when they are completely toothless, they may be let loose. The worst thing that you can do is to just wound them and allow them to remain in their holes. These scum are basically very cowardly, you have seen that with your own eyes with their Saddam the Rat. I am sorry to say that, but it was mainly the Coalition loose concepts of security that caused the trouble. We have all seen the results obtained by just a little more firmness the last few weeks.

I am not advocating pogroms and indiscriminate persecution; quite the opposite in fact. It is wrong that the 90 % percent good Iraqis feel insecure and afraid to go out in the street. It should be the other way round. It is they that should be afraid to show their ugly faces.

I shall explain in more detail when I have a little more time.



Sunday, December 14, 2003

The Ululation of Gunfire again; you should all be here now. What fireworks! You should be here. The Baghdadis are expressing what they really think again. Can you hide this now CNN & others? I don’t like swearing, but for those foul friends of the murderers, of all nationalities and kinds, it is like a spike has shot up their asholes to come out of their mouths. Just now the Miserables are beginning to bomb the streets, out of hatred and desperation. They will attack the people. I tell you, there should be no complacency. Unleash the people against them and NOW.




بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم: انهم يكيدون كيدا وأكيد كيدا فمهل الكافرين أ مهلهم رويدا صدق الله العظيم"

"They Scheme hard, and I scheme; give them time the Kafirin, give them plenty of timeSadaq Allahu Al Adhim” . "And they plot, and Allah plots, and Allah is the best of plotters”, Sadaq Allahu Al Adhim.

Before this, I prayed the traditional prayers of thanksgiving. That I, and the Iraqi people should see this day! This, surely, is the mother of all days for us. The heroes of our valiant Pesh Mergas, and the heroes of the U.S. Fourth division have done it. Now is the time to unleash the Iraqi Counter Terror; now is the time to go for the kill. Let us go after them. Don’t lose this moment. They want to recant and live in equality with the people? they have a chance - otherwise they will have to go. I am too overwhelmed with emotion to write coherently; please excuse me. The foul mouths of the enemies of our people everywhere and the neighboring vultures and hyenas be stuffed with dirt; we will come after you; your time will come.

Long live the great alliance of Mesopotamia and the United States of America and her allies. Now is the time, now is the time; Do not delay; unleash the Counter Terror.

God Bless Iraq; God Bless America; God bless the Allies.

And above all Praise be to Allah the Almighty the Avenger.





If the news we are just hearing about the capture of the Monster is true then I thank God for letting me live to this day to see this. Will report to you later.



Friday, December 12, 2003

Hi Friends,

I was watching Al Arabia an hour or so ago, I do that sometimes out of some secret masochistic streak in me. They were giving big coverage to demonstrations in Baghdad! I was intrigued and started watching more intently. What did it turn out to be? About a couple score of disgruntled characters protesting something about searches in mosques and the rights of prisoners in coalition prisons. Most of these prisoners are the very people who plant bombs in street sidewalks and attack primary schools, power lines etc., most of them the brigands we talked about in the previous blog.

And of course all sorts of anti American and Coalition slogans. This was given big coverage. Ten to twenty thousands strong demonstration against “so called “ terrorism (as their commentators described it), did not deserve their attention. Not even a pretense at objectivity anymore. But if you knew who runs this particular outfit; who owns it; who finances it, all things would be clear. And where are the measures against the sources of terrorism, its sympathizers and its funding promised so many times? I wonder!





Hi Everybody,

In my early youth I was very fond of the movies, or the pictures as the British call them. One particular old film I never forget. I wonder if any of you remember that movie. First there was the original Japanese Seven Samurai; then it was westernized under the title: The Magnificent Seven (If my memory doesn’t fail me). If you don’t know that film I advice you to look it up. It has a strange bearing on our present real life drama. For those who have not seen it I will just summarize the plot.

There was this poor village whose people were terrorized and continually robbed, fleeced and brutalized by the bands of brigands and criminals who infested the countryside. The people were at the end of their tether and quite powerless to face the criminals. So out of desperation, the people think of hiring some professional help. They go to town and manage with great difficulty, to persuade a number of Samurai warriors to come to their aid. At that epoch, the days of the aristocratic Samurai warrior class were coming to their end, much like the knights of the middle ages in Europe in the era so well portrayed by the famous “Don Quixote”, the Spanish literary work by Cervantes.

So the Samurais come the village, with some aristocratic disdain initially for this task which they think is beneath their dignity. What is this? Defending some common poor peasants against some vile bandits and thieves! This was not their idea of a valiant fight against a worthy enemy.

The brigands come and to their dismay, are faced by these men and driven back. They are furious and attack more and more ferociously, to be met with more and more heroism and valor, and driven back each time. The thugs become hysterical; they try every dirty trick in their book. They come in hordes; they rage, perpetrate arson, murder and wanton revenge against anyone they could get their hands on.

And then something extraordinary happens; the Samurais become immersed and concentrated on the struggle, forget all about their earlier doubts and disdain, and begin to exhibits feats of endurance and heroism. The people take heart and are inspired. The Fighters urge the people to take up arms and confront the thugs, and start to train and teach the villagers, and thus the fight turns into a classic epic of Right against Wrong; Virtue against Evil. The heat of the battle and the nobility of the cause seem to bring up all the positive qualities of the old Samurai tradition: the bravery; the chivalry; the championship of just causes. The Samurais tower; fight; stuggle; bleed and suffer sacrifices; and the poor people behind them pick up their sticks, sickles, and whatever simple weapons they had and face the brigands.

It was like the Samurais last noble stand. I don’t want to spoil your fun, and hope you hasten to dig up a copy of this old film and watch it again. What characterizes the greatest works of fiction and literature is this universal quality and applicability to real life situations at all times and ages.

Don’t you see the parallel in our now present?

There is a difference, though; our Samurais are no dying race but vibrant civilizations in the prime of their youth and height of their vigor; and our village is no obscure place but the birthplace of civilization. So take courage, friends, victory is assured, despite all the trials and tribulations. It is the will of God.



Thursday, December 11, 2003


Hi friends,

Have you seen the first photos that Ziad took with his new camera. It is worth for me more than all the Media in the world. This is people's journalism. 10 000 people in these circumstances, when even getting from one point in the city to another requires a heroic effort, not to mention the risk to life, why this is equivalent to a milion in normal times. And these are not Saddam times. Nobody has to come unless they really want to.

Hail our brave Iraqi people. Words fail me to express my appreciation for the brave efforts of my brothers Ziad, Omar and their friends . Please be careful brothers about your personal safety.

You will see more and more of the Iraqis, and learn of their courage.



Sunday, December 07, 2003


Greetings friends,

O.K. guys have you quite finished, I am sorry to interrupt your fun but as we say, “too much levity kills the heart”. It is O.K. to indulge oneself once in a while, but really, this is no laughing matter.

You should have noticed that our enthusiasm and support for this thing is conditional. And I put it very clearly in my words of welcome to GWB. Do you remember? As long as the intention is what is being repeatedly said (and believed); and this O.M. understands what is being said as follows:

Having realized, at last, that islands of happiness and prosperity cannot exist unharmed in a sea of misery and depravation, the U.S. and her allies, have decided to eradicate the roots of evil. And the roots of evil are precisely this misery and squalor. It is not a war against a race or a religion; it is a war on backwardness and stagnation; a war to bring prosperity, freedom and progress, thereby freeing people from poverty, despotism and degeneration and hence ending hatred, hostility and alienation which are the true sources of danger and terrorism against the rich and prosperous. This is simple enough reasoning and derives its strength and force from its very simplicity. I said it before; it makes sense, great sense. If this was mere talk and wishfull thinking, many have said it, and thought it. But when it comes to actually taking action, making sacrifices, wading through murky waters, facing the monsters and vermin of the marshland waste deep in treacherous waters, it becomes a grand and historic enterprise, and deserves respect and admiration; as long as the intention remains pure. This kind of Conquest and Invasion is unstoppable; and we have historical precedence to support this conclusion; and from our own Islamic history too.

In the seventh century, the early Moslem Arabs suddenly exploded from obscure tribalism in Southern Arabia to a splendid empire stretching from the borders of China East to Southern France West. They defeated the two prominent Empires of that time: The Roman Empire of Byzantium and the Persian Sasanid Dynasty. This sudden expansion took place in quite a short span of time. How did that happen? And what explains this rapid success? Nobody can deny that the spread of the religion of Islam was through Invasion and Conquest. In our language it is called Al Futoohat ( the opening up of countries ). You see, in those days the older civilizations had degenerated into hateful and despotic Oligarchies and Plutocracies, slave empires that treated the common people with extreme contempt and cruelty which latter were considered little better than cattle and sheep to be fleeced and made profit of. Genocide and racism were accepted as the most normal and natural things.

So when Islam came in the name of God the Compassionate; the Merciful with the fervor and zeal of pioneers and bearers of noble message of equality before God: “ Oh, people, We have created you different nations and tribes so that you may get to know each other, the noblest of you are those who have the greatest fear of God” (my own poor translation of the famous immortal words of the Holy Koran). “Enter our religion and become one with us, you will have what we have, and will owe what we owe (in duties and obligations)”, was the famed call of the early Moslem “Invaders”. They swept the land. People welcomed them, collaborated with them, and entered willingly and enthusiastically into the new religion, and thus was born the Islamic World, still alive today, comprising almost a quarter of the human race. The People of the Book, i.e. the Jews and Christians, were respected and did not have to embrace the new religion by force, as the heathen had. There was obstinacy, here and there, resistance, here and there, but all simmered down and died away before the triumphant new dawn of enlightenment and fresh air.

And who were amongst the earliest companions of the prophet (PBU), the black slave Bilaal the Abyssinian, Salman the Persian, a Rumi(from Byzantium), and many of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the town of Mecca. The aristocracy was scandalized: “ Are we to believe in what the Suffaha (low, common people) believe in?”

In short it was the superior humanist morality of the new movement sincerely upheld, fought for, and sacrificed for with forceful direct action, that swept the land and was invincible.

Now I know that many people will be scandalized, most of all my Moslem brothers, but I do see a parallel here in our days. We have again evidence from recent history: Germany, Japan, etc.- just look at what they have become now. The US is a strange kind of conqueror and imperialist! I know what the Roberts of this world may say: Ah, but this is the influence of CIA paychecks that induces this kind of hallucination; but these people have no heart, and it is the heart that is the true source of wisdom. But time will tell; I am personally convinced. And don’t give me Vietnam, Somalia etc.; these were completely different things; the Idea was not yet ripe. You are now in the land of Mesopotamia, the birthplace of Abraham (PBU), a land preordained from antiquity to be the spot where things begin.

The greatest threat to the Idea comes not from the adversary but from within. I see this like some kind of chemistry. The purity of the Intent is the essential thing. This substance is very sensitive and if even the smallest impurity contaminates it, it can turn bad and completely looses its magical power. So the greatest subversion will be from those who want to turn this into some sort of war against other races or other religions. This is extremely dangerous “Bane”, and self-defeating. You may not be bad at heart really, a sort of red blooded angry Cowboy, the kind so well impersonated by the late John Wayne, but, control your anger man, you are miles off-mark here.

I told you right from the start, this blog will not be concerned mainly with daily events, but with ideas and feeling. So that’s how it is. I will only talk about what I like to talk about. If you want news, there are enough news agencies.

The question may be asked; are we the Iraqis really happy now? Are things really perfect? The answer to both is negative of course, but deep down with most there is hope, although not many would admit it. But the events on the ground attest to that. If we, the Iraqis, were really against this thing, the Coalition would not be able to stay here, not for one week. And if the Intent should go bad, you would find the ground burning under the feet of those who would then become Occupiers. Heaven forbids that this should come about.

(To Be Continued)



Thursday, December 04, 2003

And Robert dear, I don't really mind getting paid, either.


You are getting more and more amusing, and I like this little distraction.

Would you suggest that perhaps, I should say few things displeasing to GWB supporters in order to appear more genuine?

Hi Friends,

Mr. Robert, thank you for the amusement. I am flattered that you think my English is too good for a foreigner. Part of the credit must go to Microsoft Word spelling and language checking. But you lighten my gloom a bit. Thanks again.




Hi Everybody,

A friend corrects me in the latest comments that the word is balm and not balsam. This time I knew this. But you see, this word is Arabic (I should have italicized it), Balm is one of those words in the English language which comes from Arabic with some modification. You would be surprised to know how many English words are of Arabic origin.

Now this:

Iraqis to Form Anti-Guerrilla Militia

As our foreign minister (Mr. H. Zibari) said: Better Late than Never. It is right to rely on people who have been fighting dictatorship for decades and are much more motivated and difficult to infiltrate.

But what is this talk of a force of merely 800. Remember the Venom. The Anti-Venom has to be more potent. Actually it is dangerous to put a weak force on the ground and may provide the enemy with very nice easy target. We have already seen that with the IP, and they are much greater in number. The force has to be at least 5000 to 10000 well-equipped fighters, and that only for a start. It has to be conceived as essentially a security rather than military force. At the same time the kind of measures, which I have explained previously, must be implemented, i.e., identification, information and neighborhood level security control; Baghdad, the capital being the starting point. It is well known by now that terrorists are traveling from bases in the you know what regions to carry out sabotage in Baghdad and other places in the South and elsewhere. This serious situation of ease of movement of the saboteurs must clearly be remedied. Of course the back up of the Coalition forces will still be needed and for quite some time.

I am sorry to speak in these emphatic terms, sounding like someone issuing instructions, and mean no disrespect to fine people doing a difficult and dangerous job on the ground. It is just the urgency of the situation and my anxiousness to communicate my firmly held convictions regarding this central issue of security.

And all this talk of immediate elections and so on is not only irresponsible but also quite dangerous. What fair and decent elections can we have when the place is infested with intimidators and the people confused and uncertain? Yes the majority is for the New Iraq, but the enemy has been sabotaging, terrorizing and thwarting for eight months now and the people are getting tired.

The golden goal of democracy and freedom will have to be reached by mounting clearly defined steps on the ladder:

1-Security; 2- Economic progress and prosperity; and these two steps are interrelated; i.e. when a certain level of security is achieved, economic progress increases and that in turn helps to improve security further which allows more reconstruction and prosperity and so on. When both of these two conditions arrive at the right level; then the higher goals of democracy and liberal freedom will become far more accessible.

The above reasoning to my Ordinary Man mind seems almost self evident; the conclusion being that the political process should not be rushed regardless of the considerations above, otherwise we may end up by increasing the chaos and achieving nothing, if not actually failure.

These are some of my views for all they are worth, and the subject is open to debate.



Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Greetings All friends and visitors,

A thousand thanks all those who sent E-Mails. I beg to be forgiven for not replying to many. I shall find the time somehow. Your sympathy and support is balsam to my heart.

Thank you again.



Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Hi Friends,

Just one quick thought I have to get off my chest, before I go to bed, late enough for a really busy day tomorrow (If God Wills). I doubt that I can sleep without telling you this.

It is well known that to combat the venom of serpents, it is necessary to prepare an anti venom serum even more potent and poisonous, derived from the very poison which they are to counter.

So God bless the Doctor, and speedy recovery to the patient. As for the Vipers: Pest Control.




Hi Friends,

Although I have so many things to say, I am so busy these days, I just cannot find the time, and it gives me pain.

Some old friends have joined the latest comments section. One of them, a non-Iraqi "brother" has honored us again. Although, I am one of those people who are not against a debate with conflicting and divergent views; but when someone just repeats nonsense and biased prejudice it is difficult to keep one's cool. I think we have answered this "Layth" before. He doesn't deserve really a second retort. But, he does represent quite a lot of Arabs and non-Iraqis. I must tell him and his like: We know you very well. It is the likes of you whom we cannot tolerate really. We know your pretended concern for us Iraqis. That was clearly shown by blowing up primary schools, the United Nations H.Q., the Red Cross etc. etc. You find it too much that we can sit at keyboards and use the Internet. You would much rather prefer the previous state of affairs, during your "legitimate" Saddam regime, when we could not even use fax machines. You would much rather have us miserably going about in pathetic existence. That is what you want. That is what would satisfy your spleen. You are the real Iraqi haters. You hate our guts. You are our real enemy. Now, if you want my advice, you just keep away from this, and don't interfere. We don't need you or the likes of you. We can manage; Sunnis, Shiaa, Christian and all. Keep away from this, or you will get your fingers burned.

We are not Iraqi Americans for your information; we are Iraqi Iraqis. Myself, I have never even visited the U.S., and I doubt that I ever will. So keep away from this, I advice you, for your own safety. And for all my friends I say: Don't waste your breath on this kind of nonsense; we have more serious matters to attend to.



Sunday, November 30, 2003

Hi friends,

A most interesting debate in the latest comments; today I have been kept busy by my own little despot (the wife) and all sorts of shopping errands. I shall have to read very carefully your comments before contributing my opinion. Actually this kind of debate is very useful for us to understand better the mind of our allies. For now I would like to recommend the following rather well informed report:

Who are the Insurgents? TIME / ONLINE EDITION

By BRIAN BENNETT,9171,1101031124-543740,00.html

Till tommorow,



Saturday, November 29, 2003

geniejunkie, friends,

But the CPA knows exactly whom to trust, I am talking about the leadership and the directing people. Of course the enemy will try to penetrate the IP, this is to be expected, but they must be a small minority. And the kind of security measures envisaged does not affect the Coalition forces, it is mainly concerned with protecting the Iraqis, and the IP has already proved effective. Creating a secure environment is essential to all concerned with this enterprise.



You must understand the rank and file Baathists have become emboldened and are rearing their ugly head in the streets again. They have started an intimidation campaign. The kind of security measures that I have proposed before have become urgent - reduction of attacks against the troops and concentrating on the defenseless Iraqis, this is a kind of tactic. They are desperate: new ruse everyday, new experiment. This must be dealt with without delay, and the only way to do it is through the measures referred to above. I’ll bet my shirt, that local party cells are instructed and financed to take every opportunity to make such scenes, as we saw today, especially when reporters are at hand. They have been very generous. I tell you this is absolutely well known in Baghdad.

This is our dirt and we know how to deal with it. Hand over the security issue, no more delay.

Lisa, geniejunkie, friends,

The Iraqis are willing and have proved that. They have been clamouring to take over the security file ( c.f. Condolisa R.). The Mob who did this can be easily found, we have their photos! We have proposed required measures again and again. It must be shown to the mob, whoever they may be, that this is intolerable. It is an affront to all decent Iraqis. It is tolerance of this kind of mob behaviour that has brought about much of this trouble right from the start.

I am sorry, but firmness is required in these situations and to hell with Aljazeera,Al Arabiya,etc.etc.



Dear friends,

I have just watched disturbing images, Iraqis or no Iraqis, teenagers or no teenagers, these scum must be punished and scenes like that cannot be allowed any more. Surround the area and find them and arrest them without delay. These are the very elements that looted, robbed and mobbed. Teach them a lesson, Iraqi Police, CPA.



I would like to say EED MUBARAK to my dear Ziad and to all my brothers the Iraqi bloggers. Please note that, like the writings on the walls, these bloggers reflect more accurately real public opinion here, and you have to believe me on that.

I was just checking Ziad's blog and was amazed at the debate that is going on there. There is this charming enthusiast Christiane from Switzerland, who seems to know all about our Shiaas and Sunnis etc., and seems desperate to find any solution to avoid a modern liberal democracy. Regarding this sectarian Shiaa-Sunni question, I regret to say that people are way off-mark here. Suffice it to say that Ziad has already told you he is a Sunni by family. Also I may tell you now that I am, myself of mixed Sunni-Shiaa birth. Despite the troubles in the so-called "Triangle", matters are far from being as simple as you think.

With all due respect, being myself religious (but not reactionary) as you probably know by now, I think the Ulama (theological scholars), and pseudo-Ulama, are having their golden age right now; they have never been taken so seriously here, mostly by anxious westerners.

I was intrigued by this little Christiane, which for some reason I imagined as a young Swiss girl with a brain saturated with "Fondu" cheese (no offense); Horror; that she may turn out to be some Baathist plant! I hope not. Anyway I checked out her Homepage and found only some photos and the like; strange! I did intend, some blogs ago, to devote a posting to answer some of her contentions, then I decided it was not really worth the effort.

Anyway, chere amie, leave these matters to the tough people on the ground and go take a stroll around lovely lake Geneva. There are no weak hearted people here.



Friday, November 28, 2003



Hi every body,

Once upon a time a poor illiterate Bedouin wished to be given an audience by a well-known Aalim (Savant and doctor of theology), so he went to town to the house of the great scholar and asked to be admitted. He was told however that His Grace was busy with his studying and asked to return next day. Next day, it was the same, and so on for one whole week. Finally after much waiting the Bedouin got his audience and was ushered to the study room of the great savant. The man looked around and saw raw upon raw of thousands of books and volumes. On The table of the venerable Aalem were enormous piles of bound and unbound volumes. The poor Bedouin was amazed; he had never seen anything like this. The Aalem looked down on the man: “ Well, my man what can I do for you ? The poor man answered: “ Your Grace, before I tell you about my problem, I wish to ask you a question”. “Well?”, the Savant enquired . “Sir, can you tell me what all these books say?” The scholar looked at the man with a condescending smile: “My son, these books say that God tells the Son of Adam to be good”. “If that is all what they say, then why do you have to study so hard and why did you have to keep me waiting at your door for one whole week?” retorted the poor uncomprehending Bedouin.

Well I find myself in sympathy with that poor old illiterate Bedouin. The essence of religion is belief in God and that God is good and wants us to be good and kind. And that surely does not need all that fuss they are making.





Ahalan (= Kinsmen: it means you have come amongst kinsmen)

Wa = and

Sahlan (= Plateau or plain easy land: meaning you have trodden welcoming land)

These are the traditional words of welcome in the Arabic language.

Yes GWB, though the visit was brief, it was very meaningful. We know that you have come, not as the President of an invading nation, but as the friend who wishes to renew commitment to our people, and as long as your intentions are what you have repeatedly said (and we don't doubt your sincerity), the land and the hearts welcome you.

It gives us pain that the visit is so short and that the masses cannot in the present circumstances come out to give you the welcome that you deserve, but the day will come, the day will come (God's Willing). Yes the day will come when the millions will come out to welcome the best friend that the Mesopotamian people have ever had, and he will be amongst the most devoted and allied people that America will ever have.

The bones in the mass graves salute you, Avenger of the Bones.

Hail, Friend and Ally, Hail, Sheikh of Sheikhs, GWB; Descendant of the Noble Ancient Celt.



Not having mentioned all the nationalities contributing to this great effort, does not mean that we do not value their valiant stand.

Hail all nations coming to aid and help our people.


Thursday, November 27, 2003

Hi Everybody,

Very quick note before I turn in for the night.

The visit of the President has produced quite an effect. I am personally very moved by it. Also I notice the effect on those around me.

Dear Ubique,

Thank you for your interaction with my blog site. I must apologize for having forgotten to pay tribute to the great contribution and sacrifices of the British forces. I suppose you probably realize that many of us owe our knowledge and experience of the West from our contact with the British mainly. Intuitively I think you are genuine and probably situated in the South right now. I consider this link important and I have detailed thinking about the security situation, which I shall pass to you as soon as possible.

All the Best to you and to all the gallant British soldiers.



Hi friends,

I have just come back from an exhausting trip. I didn’t know about the Thanks Giving Holiday until I heard on my way back on the car radio the news of the President’s landing in Baghdad Airport. The news stirred very strong emotions in me. I will be telling you something about it tomorrow (Inshalla). Thanks to all of you for your Eed congratulations.

Happy Thanks Giving to you all.

God Bless


P.S. I remember that the Thanks Giving occasion has a very moving origin of persecuted people thanking God for their delivery.


Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Hi Friends,

Like Ziad, I have to take leave of you for a couple of days on the occasion of our Festival the "EED". And "EED MUBARAK", to all the Moslem people, and Peace and Love to all humanity on this occasion. We insist to celebrate despite all the terror and trouble.

Peace Be Upon you.





Hi Everybody,

I see that each post brings in comments and ideas, which are really quite serious and require careful consideration. The urgency of the situation makes it important to devote more and more time to this effort, which it seems to me, is drawing the attention of quite serious and important people, what I mean by important is that they are not reading or commenting merely for the fun of it, but really to arrive at some conclusions. I wish I can devote myself to this work, but that, unfortunately is not possible due to the exigencies of life and our difficult material situation.

In the last post I talked about the problem of house searches, which has touched lately my immediate family. If you look back at some of my previous posts you will find that I am not against these kinds of measures, in principle. In fact I proposed a much more extensive and rigorous program, which probably I failed to explain sufficiently. I will have to organize a more coherent exposition of my ideas and personal views, which I know are shared by many of my compatriots, especially of the literate and professional class. For this, it will not do to just jot down thoughts in the easy and free manner hitherto employed. No, the matter is too serious and must be dealt with more scientifically, so to say. However for now I'll just put in few remarks.

Really, it is not a matter of being offended personally. If some search was conducted in my own house and I was myself roughed up, that would not change any of my views and positions. But for most people, they do not have the vision to see beyond the present time and the present circumstance. The problem is more profound than what might at first appear. It is very rare to hear of any incident of soldiers being actually attacked during these searches, which goes to show that the dangers are not as great as you might think. Charles mentioned a very important point. The British in the South have a rather different approach, more like what I am suggesting, and it has proved very useful, and contributes to some extent to the calm in those areas. Meaning no disrespect to the American Military, who of course are the main forces and do the more difficult job, and it is in the USA that we have the greatest hope for a successful conclusion to this affair. But the British methods deserve to be looked at.

If you knew the type of people we have here, you would perhaps understand better. I have personally known and worked in the western area near Fallujah in the Dulaim region where there has been so much trouble. These people cannot forgive even a harsh word. Terrible vendettas and feuds with much blood letting, which might take years to resolve, may result from what you might consider a slight loss of face or some simple altercation. When it comes to throwing them down on the ground or invading their houses in the middle of the night etc. etc. of the kind which undoubtedly you have seen on TV screens, this spells trouble. Now you must distinguish the people in this particular region from the others in the "triangle", they are quite distinct. Beside their pride, they are actually softhearted people and can be easily won by some kind word or deed. Most importantly they hate to feel slighted. In fact, this is the area where the Olive Branch, may prove more useful. I am glad to see some movement in this direction from the Coalition, and would encourage them to intensify the effort. This is not to advocate a weakling attitude, firmness must always be there; the trick is to discover the right mix of the two approaches, the right Cocktail, so to speak. It is perhaps relevant to add that many from this particular region were not really Saddam supporters, although on the other hand, we must admit, that many of the Security and Special Forces of the regime do come from here. Still I feel these people can be won back. And do not go thinking that I have myself some family link with these people, for I do not have; I am a pure Baghdadi.

Some friend asks me why don't I approach the CPA here with these ideas; but the CPA are not easily approachable. They might just as well be sitting in New York or some other US location. A certain circle of Iraqi elite shields them, good people mostly, to be sure, but nevertheless very impervious, from the point of view of reaching the concerned by the ordinary men of the people. So why do you think I started this blog? One of the main reasons is the hope that these ideas may reach the CPA indirectly through you.

This post is getting too long; so Bye for now and much more to follow "Inshallah".



Monday, November 24, 2003

Hi everybody,

A sentence by Lisa of New York struck me. It is the sentence that was always in the back of my mind : It's interesting... taking down tyrants used to be a liberal ideal. Funny how the tables have turned. I still am a liberal, and I believe I am championing a profoundly liberal cause in Iraq.

The main problem regarding the perception that you have out there is the concept of Iraqis. You notice that I always use the term, the majority of Iraqis. The two concepts are two quite different things. Don't forget that Mosul is part of the so called "triangle".

However there is a lot of explaining just to give you even a simplified idea of who is who round here. The CPA is just beginning to get an idea about the complexity of the situation. Don't forget this is a 6 thousands years old society.

There are several objectives which the enemy is trying desperately to achieve. I will just enumerate some quickly as I am not really in the mood today:

1-Driving a wedge of mistrust and mutual fear between the people and the troops.
2-Doing his damn best to disillusion and disgust Public Opinion in the US and the west. If we try to look upon this atrocity in a detached way (if that is possible), it seems to me highly suspect of deliberate design to produce exactly the kind of effect that it has produced.
3-He is desperate to try every dirty trick to try to get the Coalition out (which may be to his sick desperate mind is possible), encouraged by the kind of activity that we have seen in London lately (carefully relayed to him from the inside) : Note the timing. He is hard pressed before the IP, New Defense Corps and Army gain strength.

Wait! I have just heard that the house of the brother of my son in law has just been searched; they threw him on the ground in the now usual gesture, told the family to get out and then searched the house. However, they did apologize afterwards and leave. This is exactly what I have been saying. I am all for thorough searches, but they must be done in an absolutely correct and courteous way, and there should be Iraqi Police or representatives involved. Now this man who was searched is an employee of the Ministry of Oil and goes everyday to his work and is absolutely of the good type of Iraqis.

I can assure you that this is one of the causes of trouble and plays very well into the hand of the enemy. Much of the problem, especially in the Western area is because of this.

I would ask all friends to press the concerned to revise this kind of clumsiness. And this is from someone whom you know very well, I hope, where he stands.

More to follow.




Sorry about the mistake of the Email, I corrected it, hope it is O.K. now.



Greetings friends,

The Pain in my heart is greater than anybody else. We shall not close our eyes. I told you before that reality is far more complex than what kind-hearted people like it to be. I shall talk about it in depth. I shall dissect and wade through it in revolting detail. I promised you that before. I promised to tell you all. It is painful for me even to read your comments, beloved friends. This matter is of the utmost seriousness; it must not be allowed to pass. Any leniency will only produce more of the like. You underestimate the enemy. You are not anywhere near understanding the full extent of his evil and wickedness.

I cannot continue now, my heart is bleeding too much and will not be able to say anything coherent. When I come back, I will devote my effort to a dissection of this horror, we must look the devil in the face.

For now I am too sick to talk.



# posted by Alaa : 3:44 AM

Sunday, November 23, 2003



Greetings all friends,

As posted in several of our patriotic Iraqi sites, Anti Terrorist Demonstrations are planned on 10th Dec. in Iraq. The people will be taking great risk and the probability of the murderers attempting to massacre and sabotage is very real.

I know that decent law abiding people have little love for street politics, but make this one an exception. The voice of the REAL majority must be heard.

Our friends are requested to start organizing and start action. We don't want small crowds. Unless huge numbers are assured the date may be put off.

Those who came out in protest against America, the Allies and the President, what do they want ?

They want the Coalition to abandon our people after liberating them and leave them at the mercy of the Saddamists and Al Qaeda thugs and killers. A sea of blood would drown the country if that happened (Heaven forbids), and they know it. Darkness would descend not only on our country, but would engulf the whole world. The fiends of obscurantism and hatred will dance over the ashes and the mass graves their satanic rites of vengeance. The blood of your soldiers and our countrymen would have been shed in vain. Heaven forbids, Heaven forbids.

We the majority of the people in Iraq, do not have any reason to doubt the great principles announced by President Bush; to bring Democracy, Freedom and Prosperity and make an example that will reverberate throughout the region and the world. It was beyond our power to break the chains of terror and intimidation that bound us. The Lord God has willed that mighty help should come our way. This was the Will of Almighty God. We believe the President, not only because his project is the right and noble course, but also because it is in the SELF INTEREST of his country and the Democratic World. And this happens to coincide with our SELF INTEREST. You see, it makes sense, great sense.

Vermin love the Slime, and they will hate any attempt to clean up the mess. Our house had become terribly infested with horrible filth. It is to be expected that the creatures living on dirt would resist and fight back. But that is all the more reason to bring to successful completion the cleanup process.

So you must answer back the friends of Vermin and filth. These are wicked people who would rather see the world plunged in darkness and terror. They are hypocrites who support the forces of destruction and hate, in the name of humanitarian principles and high ideals.

Above all remember that this is not a battle between religions and ethnicities. It is a battle between all the decent people of the world of all religions and races and the forces of Evil.

So :




Salaam ( Peace Be Upon You )


Saturday, November 22, 2003


Hi everybody,

Thanks God the site is back in order. So it doesn’t seem to have been an attack. But you see, this is our psychology; the psychology of fear and persecution. I have been looking at Omar’s site. This is a very plain talking youth giving you a down to earth picture of the situation. I was amazed at some of the comments and debate. Forgive my saying so, but some people are incredibly naïve. It seems that some think that it is the fault of the people, somehow, and that they should have done more to rid themselves of the defunct regime (not completely dead I will admit, still some venom in its death convulsions). Well they forget that the people did try, many times too. But the terror sometimes can reach such proportions that it mesmerizes and paralyses. Historical precedence there is – Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, etc. etc. And apart from that the Iraqi people are just another people, I mean there is the good and the bad, the saintly and the criminal; just like any other people. The Baathist regime also contributed in creating a wild traumatized and dehumanized generation. Imagine hundreds of thousands of young men, having to join the army at the age of 18 as conscripts and then for the next twenty years in one war after another, one terrible ordeal after another, depravation of the most cruel kind, no chance to build a future; get married; live a little. Imagine what would happen if, for instance, you keep your Coalition soldiers for the next twenty years without a break in the present situation. What kind of men would they become?

But more, much more than that; I don’t want to depress you with details of the terror and pray to God that no one, no people should ever endure this. Suffice it to say that personal death was not the worse thing, not even in the top league of “Worst Things�. I mean, you can see this even now from the kind of terror campaign that “He� is conducting even from his dying bed. The main concern of prison cell “designers� was not to have anything in the cell, which could be used for suicide purposes. This was quite a serious problem for them. A suicide was considered a very serious negligence and could incur cruel punishment. It was not even torture that was the worst thing.

You may think this is some kind of dramatization and exaggeration, but believe me death is nothing compared to having your wife or sister raped in front of your eyes, in seeing your children brought in and tortured in your presence. And so many things like that, I don’t like to go on. Even to this very day, many of the incredible crimes, some of which innovations that were never heard of before, are either directly perpetrated or instigated or financed by the organized cells of former security and private army officers, belonging mostly to these very clans confronting your soldiers.

What really gives us pain is the habit of referring to these people as “the Iraqis�. Well if they are Iraqi on paper, then the majority of ordinary Iraqis do not feel any kinship with them. It is for this reason as you can see, that the real target of their terror and crime is not really the Coalition, but rather the Iraqi people. In the last couple of days only, two or three school children died amongst many others, one deliberate attack at a primary school in Kabala. This deliberate attacking of children, who else has done, even amongst the worst hardened terrorists and criminals. In fact, their wrath and fury against the foreign troops does not stem from any patriotism or xenophobia. Oh no; you have interfered with their stranglehold on the population, they can no longer loot, torture, extort, rape and generally do as they����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Hi Everybody,

Mitch Townsend seems to have solved the problem.

Thanks Mitch and thanks everybody.

Hi everybody,

In some way this is symbolic. I mean this corruption of the site. But the Voice will be heard. Despite all disruption and choas it will be heard. And as we say in Iraq : "Nothing is right accept what is right".

I contiunue trying to fix the problem. Thanks for the many tips.

Please let me know if you read this.



Friday, November 21, 2003

Hi everybody,

Thanks for the advice on fixing the site. I will try some of the measures like resetting the template. I am an absolute beginner as you know. So as a precaution if the thing gets absolutetly mucked up, I will make a new site same name but with single s : mesopotmian.


Hi Everybody,

I see that the sight has been corrupted, I don't know what happened. Some kind of attack.

Can anybody help.



Alsalam Alaykum,

This terrorism in Iraq must be stopped and can be stopped. Effective security measures must be put in place without further delay. As I promissed you, I publish below a letter which I had written quite a while back. I hesitated to make this public, but seeing no real action in the direction which I think may really make difference I now do.

I realise the abhorence that free people have against too much control and interference with the privacy and freedom of citizen, but this is an emergency, and the people of Iraq will not object, but rather welcome any measures which can bring back security and peace.

I may add to what I say in the letter, that the previous regime, used the technique of the "Courteous House Searches" very effectively. The present method of house searching should not be used unless there is absolute certainty regarding the presence of subversive and enemy elements in the location. Otherwise orderly and courteous routine searches with Iraqis mainly carrying out the work can be organised and the population will not find them offensive.

Here is the letter:

On the Security Question:

The security of the city must be conceived in the same way as you would that of a building or military compound for instance: Identification and Information.

Thus new identity papers must be introduced. High tech. methods should be used to establish comprehensive database. This can be done in a variety of obtrusive and non-obtrusive ways, for example making use of existing identity papers such as the ration card and the like. Also re-registration of all vehicles must be immediately organized.

Forgery proof identification papers would be a great help in controlling the streets and it would make it more difficult for the subversives to move about.

Security control centers must be deployed at the residential quarter levels, and these should be basically Iraqi posts, sufficiently protected.

All entries and exits to the city must be controlled effectively, through proper identification of incoming and outgoing traffic. These check points must be fortified and designed in a way to protect the personnel from terrorist attacks.

The key is: careful “inventory” and identification of every person and vehicle in the capital.

Saddam may not have been very good as a military man. But when it comes to controlling the security situation, he was past master. He is still around, he is counterattacking, absolutely ruthless and merciless, and he must be faced. Some of his methods are well worth studying. Of course this is not advocate the use of some similar brutal means, but some of the other techniques are well worth studying.

The atmosphere of “freedom” and lack of surveillance has helped the Saddamists to regroup and now they are launching their counter attack. Unless they are stopped they will bring the country to a standstill and thwart the allied efforts at normalization and reconstruction.

It must be realized that there is an emergency situation. Just bracing oneself and hoping for the best will not do at all. The criminals are desperate and they will get bolder and bolder unless they are effectively stopped. Empower the people to defend themselves.

President Bush has said it; your best allies are the Iraqi people; that means the majority of the Iraqi people. They must be empowered without delay, and the allied forces can then supply the technology and support.

The American & allied forces are a valuable asset and should not be “squandered” in tasks which could easily be carried out by Iraqi forces. The losses of the allied forces are not only tragic and bad, but they also contribute in reducing the morale of the general public. This is one of the main reasons why the enemy is targeting them.

Note that identification papers are a powerful means of controlling people. For instance, many vital interests and day-to-day needs of the people could be conditional on producing these documents. This was the technique use by the Saddamists.

It should be remembered that controlling Baghdad is controlling the country. Stabilizing the capital is the key to stabilizing the country.

Another important matter concerns the information and media. The enemy is attacking fiercely through rumor, the Arab satellite channels etc. You may not be aware of the ferocity of the attack, being protected by the language barrier. The available official media are feeble, lukewarm and unconvincing. This problem must be solved without more delay.

Finally I would like you to convey this letter to the appropriate people. I don’t have channels and seize upon this opportunity to communicate what I consider to be very serious proposals. Also it seems to me that the allies are not aware of some of the concepts outlined above. It is time they listen.

Wish you all the best and God Bless.

Alaa, ( An Iraqi, with family living in Baghdad )

I might now add that despite all measures taken recently, I would still characterise the security precautions as lax, and it is quite easy for any saboteur to move about.

Please consider the above ideas, for may be they can help.



Thursday, November 20, 2003


(A slightly better translation of the awesome words )


(A slightly better translation of the awesome words )

Alsalam Alaykum,

Today, the terrorists in Istanbul answered the “peace” demonstrators in London. Those who have eyes can see, and those who have ears can hear, but there are those whom “God has sealed their hearts for them with a mask, so that they are deaf, dumb and blind and thus can hardly comprehend anything” (Verses to this effect recur frequently in the Holly Quran ) .

These London demonstrations, I know too well, Oh! Youth, and the Pint of Bitter later in the nearest Pub. All you peace lovers and humanitarians of trendy London town, spare a thought or two for the coalition soldier out there in the dark and wilderness guarding our hospitals, primary schools and orphanages from the bombers and assassins, and the Iraqi Police reporting everyday for duty under constant danger of death and mutilation with their poor equipment and meager $50 or so a month pay package. They number almost 100 000 by now and if enlistment is really opened up they would quadruple in number immediately. Why do you think they come? Saddamists pay anybody ten thousand dollars per explosion, and they are going around trying to recruit, and this is a fact that all people in Baghdad know. So why do they come, you think? But only those who have eyes can see, and ears can hear. Why do you think the crackle of celebratory gunfire ululated till dawn, on that sultry Baghdad summer night when the death of Uday and Qusay the monster brats of the tyrant was announced? This, the media did not dwell upon, although quite newsworthy and dramatic. That was the real Opinion Poll of the vast majority of the inhabitants of Baghdad. (P.S. I hope the word ululate exists in the English language, it means the sound that our women make in celebrations of marriages or when welcoming heroes and the like, if it doesn’t please add it to your dictionary)

But I see there were not as many of you as before. Yes, at that time, we all had our misgivings and fears about the surgery. Yes indeed, it was scary. But the surgeon had no doubt and he knew that he had to operate, and he did and it worked. So now what do you want? That he leaves the patient still in critical convalescence, to the mercy of the germs and microbes and goes home to watch TV and sleep in comfortable bed.

But enough of this and to cut a long story short. As long as America and her allies choose the side of the oppressed and downtrodden, as long as they remain on the side of the people, they will be invincible. When Might is coupled with Right, then expect great historical transformations.

Here below I paste parts of the speech by that Great descendant of the ancient Celt, who everyday grows bigger and bigger in the eyes of this poor Iraqi “Ordinary Man”. Note the parts in bold.

Remarks by the President at Whitehall Palace Nov. 19

Perhaps the most helpful change we can make is to change in our own thinking. In the West, there's been a certain skepticism about the capacity or even the desire of Middle Eastern peoples for self-government. We're told that Islam is somehow inconsistent with a democratic culture. Yet more than half of the world's Muslims are today contributing citizens in democratic societies. It is suggested that the poor, in their daily struggles, care little for self-government. Yet the poor, especially, need the power of democracy to defend themselves against corrupt elites.
Peoples of the Middle East share a high civilization, a religion of personal responsibility, and a need for freedom as deep as our own. It is not realism to suppose that one-fifth of humanity is unsuited to liberty; it is pessimism and condescension, and we should have none of it. (Applause.)
We must shake off decades of failed policy in the Middle East. Your nation and mine, in the past, have been willing to make a bargain, to tolerate oppression for the sake of stability. Longstanding ties often led us to overlook the faults of local elites. Yet this bargain did not bring stability or make us safe. It merely bought time, while problems festered and ideologies of violence took hold.
As recent history has shown, we cannot turn a blind eye to oppression just because the oppression is not in our own backyard. No longer should we think tyranny is benign because it is temporarily convenient. Tyranny is never benign to its victims, and our great democracies should oppose tyranny wherever it is found. (Applause.) ……………
The terrorists have a purpose, a strategy to their cruelty. They view the rise of democracy in Iraq as a powerful threat to their ambitions. In this, they are correct. They believe their acts of terror against our coalition, against international aid workers and against innocent Iraqis, will make us recoil and retreat. In this, they are mistaken. (Applause.)
We did not charge hundreds of miles into the heart of Iraq and pay a bitter cost of casualties, and liberate 25 million people, only to retreat before a band of thugs and assassins. (Applause.) We will help the Iraqi people establish a peaceful and democratic country in the heart of the Middle East. And by doing so, we will defend our people from danger.
Hail GWB, El-Bush the Great

Glory and Eternity for all the fallen Coalition soldiers and Iraqis in this historic fight.

Hail the American people and all allied peoples who are our true friends.

We Iraqis have the honour and the glory to be in the vanguard and front lines in this battle for human dignity.



Hi Everybody,

It is thursday, our friday night, this is the night I can most devote to you. So, "Inshalla", I shall be here all night. How I manage to keep this going, is a small miracle of sorts, "Alhamdu lillah - Praise be to God ". Just to lighten the atmosphere I paste below an interesting Email which I have received from Tanker Schreiber, thanks Tank, very interesting:,0,400255.story?coll=ny-worldnews-print

Voices of Baghdad Etched on Its Walls

By Samson Mulugeta

November 19, 2003

Baghdad, Iraq - As U.S. soldiers prowled this sprawling city hunting insurgents this week, they appeared unaware of another battle being waged under their noses: pro- and anti-Saddam Hussein graffiti artists duking it out in a battle for public opinion.

Thousands of slogans in the Arabic script snake across acres of gray walls that line city squares, apartments and office buildings, a perfect canvas for the outpourings of a population intoxicated by new freedoms.

Hussein loyalists shout their yearning for the deposed dictator - "Saddam will come again" - followed by the coda on the same line from a detractor: "Through my behind!"

"I walk around reading these writings, and some of them move me so much I don't know whether to laugh or to cry," said Amir Nayef Toma, 52, a retired radar operator in the Iraqi army. "You want to know what Iraqis are thinking? Read these walls."

In a place where reliable surveys of the public mood are difficult to gauge, the writings on the walls are one way to peer into Iraqis' minds. Hussein is naturally a lightning rod for all sides, but the other issues that preoccupy the nighttime scribblers are their daily struggles for survival, their Arab neighbors and the new men in charge of their lives.

"Some are ironic, some are funny, some are artistic," said Muhir Edan, a bookseller in the Old Baghdad section of the city whose friends teasingly say he is a Colin Powell look-alike. "Even now, some are afraid to say something in the newspapers. I am still afraid," he said. "But at night, in the cover of darkness, you can write what you want."

Edan's favorites are the back-and-forth graffiti repartee: "The masses are stronger than tyrants," one slogan declared. Next to it a skeptic asked: "When? Before or after liberation by the Americans?"

There are the occasional anti-American slogans, some in misspelled English - like "Dawn USA" - but mostly President George W. Bush is hailed as a liberator, especially in the neighborhoods of the Shia majority historically brutalized by Hussein.

Samplings of the Arabic slogans include: "Down Saddam the infidel and long live Bush the believer!" "A thousand Americans but not one Tikriti," referring to residents of Hussein's hometown.

Many taunt the deposed dictator: "Saddam the dirty, the son of the dirty, in which septic tank are you hiding now?"

Hussein's family also comes in for abuse: "Where are your wife and daughters, Saddam? Are you pimping them in Jordan?"

"I like what I read," said Karal Nadji, a Shia street vendor who sells shoes. "We appreciate Mr. Bush. We're all waiting for the fruits of change."

The walls are being used as campaign advertising for the dozens of political parties vying for a place in the new Iraq: "Workers of the world unite. Free people, happy homes - Workers Communist Party."

Critics of the Iraqi Governing Council and Ahmad Chalabi, founder of the Iraqi National Congress, are frequent targets of barbed witticisms.

A popular slogan comparing the politician with an Iraqi chickpea dish declares: "Neither Bush we want, nor Chalabi; we want beer and lablabee."

Toma, the former radar operator, predicted the writing would stop in another six months. "We Iraqis are so full of suffering and bitterness, these feelings are just pouring out of us," said Toma, who has carefully transcribed more than 100 slogans in a small notebook. "Soon we will realize we can speak out freely. We don't have to write on the walls."

Copyright © 2003, Newsday, Inc.

So until the next Post soon,