Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Hi Friends,

The Olympic Games are over, and when the counting is done it seems that the United States has won an astonishing number of the medals. It is almost like half of the achievements to the Americans and half to the rest of humanity. Well, that is impressive. In a way it explains a lot of the so called “anti-Americanism” that exists in the world; plain old jealousy.

Well for us who are grateful for what America has done to liberate our country; we are pleased and proud of the achievements of our friends. Heart felt congratulations to the American people on this yet another demonstration of excellence and superiority.

With friends like that who cares about enemies?


P.S. Thank you Feyroz for translating my Arabic post.

Friday, August 27, 2004

الفتنة اشد من القتل

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

لقد أتوا وأطاحوا بصدام وحكمه ولكن واسفاه الصداميه لا تزال هنا. ألصداميه لم تذهب بذهاب صدام فهذه العله ألعن وأعظم شرا من صاحبها ولايمكن ازالتها بنفس السهولة. هذا المرض العضال لايزال يسكن النفوس المريضة. والموضوع لا يتعلق بما قد يبدو من ظاهر الامور على تعقيدها وتعدداسبابها ومسبباتها. المشكلة لا تكمن فقط في وجود الجيوش الغربيه ولا بواقع الصراعات الطائفيه والعرقية ولا بالفقر والجهل ولا بالجريمه والطمع ولا بغير ذلك من الكثير من العوامل ومع اعترافنا بأهميتها وعلاقتها المباشره وغير المباشره بالواقع الاليم على ارض
الرافدين في يومنا هذا.
نعم مازلنا نصارع العقليه والنفسيه الصداميه والمنازله على اشدها اليوم.

وهذه العقليه لا تقتصر على شخص صدام او من كان معه بل قد تهيمن على الكثير وحتى من بين أعدائه ومن كانوا يتمنون زواله وقد تعشعش تحت عمامه او تختبئ تحت جبه او تحت أي واجهه او مظهر. فالصداميه هي الايمان بان المجتمع يجب ان يقوم على أساس الخوف والعنف وأن القتل والترهيب هما الاسلوب الوحيد الناجع في الحكم وأن الحكم هو التسلط والزجر وهيمنة الاقليه على مقدرات البلاد وان من حق الاقليه الحاكمه وحدها التمتع بالخيرات وان البلاد يجب ان تكون "ضيعة كبيره" للحاكم ومن يرضى عنهم والطائفة والعشيره وما الى ذلك وأن "سوء الظن من الفطنة" وان "الاخرين " يجب ان ينظر اليهم دائما بعين الكراهيه أما من يخالفون في الرأي فاولئك أعداء يجب سحقهم وقتلهم وأن "الغاية تبرر الواسطة" وأنه لاتوجد حدود للتنكيل والعدوان ولا خطوط حمراء لذلك. فالتعذيب مبرر وازهاق الارواح البريئه امر سهل وكذلك محاربة الناس باستخدام المشاعر الانسانيه كاستهداف الاهل والاقرباء كان لم يسن الشرع ان لا "تزر وازرة وز أخرى" . والان نرى التفجيرات في الشوارع والاختطاف وقطع الرؤوس والتهديد والارهاب للناس على ما يقولون وما يفكرون فماذا تغير في الامر. كان الارهاب تمارسه طغمة حاكمه فاصبح الان عصابات منظمه لها واجهات مختلفة وتحت شعارات براقة بل وباسم الجهاد ومقارعه الاستعمار وشتى المسميات المزيفة وهنالك من يطبل ويزمر لهذا وهناك من يمول من الداخل والخارج. وربما كان هذا الارهاب اشد وطأة من سابقه حيث ان السلطه كان واضحة للعيان مرئيه بينما الان يختبئون كالعقارب والافاعي ويلدغون ثم يعودون الى جحورهم لينقضوا على الامنين متى ما سنحت لهم الفرصة.

وباختصار فان هذه العقليه الصداميه مبنية على اساس الايمان بالشروالهها الحقيقي هو الشيطان الا انها دين الشيطان وكان كيد الشيطان ضعيفا والعاقبة لعباد الرحمن المؤمنين بالخير والمحبة, عباد الله اللذين يؤمنون باله رحمن رحيم.

وهكذا ايها العراقييون الصابرون ابشروا فان موعدكم الصبح اليس الصبح بقريب .

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
أخوكم علاء

Sunday, August 22, 2004


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Who are the desecrators of the holy shrine and who are the defenders? Who are the aggressors and who are the saviors? Who will hear the real voice of the people of Najaf? - The poor crucified people of Najaf. Does anybody really know what is happening in that ravaged city? Does anybody know that poor families, old men, women and children, are dying in their houses of thirst and hunger in that poor old city, not to mention the bombs and bullets? Does anybody know that the sickening stench of death is filling the air of the narrow side alleys and old antique quarters of that most ancient and venerable town of learning that has always been affluent and flourishing throughout the ages. Yes, friends, the poor people have nowhere to go, they simply die in their houses in the old city. A human tragedy of fearful proportion is taking place now and in these hours that I am writing these lines.

Those occupying and desecrating the holy shrine are almost all completely alien to the city and with faces unseen before by the real locals. Some are not even Iraqi and do not even speak the Arabic language. I tell you this is the truth. Vicious aliens, whether foreigners or criminals and thugs from other provinces, have invaded the great Imams’ resting place. Heinous crimes have been perpetrated against the Najaf people including murder, mutilation, kidnapping and arrest of ordinary people policemen and religious leaders; and please note that this was not done by the Americans, or by the IP or the IDC. That is the truth as God is my witness. Just today, a most venerable religious scholar “Sayed Mahdi Al Hakim” who had been a guest in Saddam Prisons for almost 12 years, has been beaten badly and led to un unknown location by a gang belonging to these occupiers of the shrine. They are surrounding all the venerable religious leaders of Najaf and threatening them. Contrary to the rumor that these leaders have left the old city, none has done so, except Al Sistani, who is receiving treatment in London.

While the politicians are maneuvering and uttering diplomatic niceties, the tragedy goes on. The valiant Marines and the IP and ICDC eager to save their city and evict the desecrators of the shrine, are being held in check, when the human and religious duty call for the immediate settling of this affair and ending of this tragedy. Who are the defenders of the faith? Who are the saviors? You may say what you say, but you must know that this great Imam has great favor with the Lord, and whoever comes to his rescue is blessed by heaven. They say the Americans are desecrating the holly place. No and a thousand times no. The Americans are helping the people of Najaf, they are now truly defending the shrine and attacking a murderous gang, attacking the desecrators and coming to the rescue of the holy shrine. Glory and blessings will descend on these valiant fighters, they may not know it but they are going to be blessed and aided by invisible forces. Now I think that the voices of the politicians and cowards should be completely ignored and the great alliance that has been forged between the people of Najaf and their American friends, which is one of most solid than anywhere else in Iraq, should be the basis of one great effort that will clean the town and liberate the shrine of our great Imam. This will raise them high in the eyes of the Lord and the Iraqi people and send the right message to all the terrorists and criminals.

May the mercy of the Lord and his blessings descend upon the Saviors of the Shrine and may his great invisible hand grant them victory and wisdom.



Friday, August 20, 2004

Hi Friends,

The War goes on. It was not President Bush or the West who started it really. It is just that the Cancer reached the stage when it had to explode and launch its deadly assault on the entire body of civilization, and civilization just had to counterattack and defend its very existence. And all those who think that this is just some local mess brought about by the War on Saddam, are very profoundly mistaken. Worst still, if they think that the solution is escape and abandon of the region to the mercy of the monstrous cancer, then I can assure them that the disease would not stop at the borders of the these parts. The dimension of the terror is global, and the disease is fighting back even more ferociously as serious surgery and cure are being applied.

Wake up people; wake up.


I would like to salute my young compatriots of Iraq the Model and their courage and dedication and wish them every success with this great idea of forming a political party. They are a shining example of what decent Iraqis are like. They certainly deserve all the support that we can give.

AAsh Al Iraq and death to savagery.


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Hi Brian,

Please excuse the spelling mistakes. I was too much in a hurry.



Please note this:

this explains a lot about the current situation in Iraq. We shall talk about it more.




To gain a little bit more insight into the situation see this:

Much of what is happening has to do with this. The neighbors are indeed fighting their wars at our expense. Note the candid admission of considering Iraq an open arena for the struggle against the U.S. for considerations that have nothing to do with our own national interest. Note the flagrant and impudent direct threats. Note the foul intent to creat chaos and promote terrorism openly expressed.



Sunday, August 15, 2004


Just a quick word: For those who consider that the Majority is too silent and too passive, what do you say about the National Conference that is going on now? More than 1000 delegates from all over the country representing almost everybody with the exception of two fringe groups with highly dubious credentials (Al -Sadr & the Association of Muslim Scholars) - men and women from every walk of life challenging the terrorists and meeting in broad daylight at a well-known location. Sure they tried to lob one or two mortar shells but does that intimidate the people? What better demonstration of the will and determination of the Iraqi people to forge ahead with the political process towards the democratic free society that we are all dreaming of?



Saturday, August 14, 2004

Hi Friends

One begins to realize in these days the profound wisdom of the Holy Koran where it is repeatedly emphasized that hypocrites are the worst kind of people. Muqtada Al Sadr claims that he is fighting against “Tyranny” and “Occupation”; but his main weapon consists in “terrorizing” all those his followers can reach who are mainly the poor ordinary people and government employees who have the misfortune to live in the slums and poor areas infested by his men. Kidnapping, intimidation, torture and murder are his favorite weapons. He frequently claims that he is the sole representative of the people and everybody else who disagrees with him is an agent and puppet and to be completely dismissed. Now this is the essence and substance of dictatorship. Who gave him this mandate we would like to know? what ballot box; what popular referendum? The same kind of claim we hear often from the other “Turbans”, such as the “Association of Islamic Scholars” who frequently declare that they represent all the Sunni people of Iraq, when again we don’t know who gave them this “sole and exclusive” representation rights? The first (Mr. Muqtada), nobody has ever heard of, apart from his direct circle, in the days before the fall of the regime, whereas many of the venerable members of the “Association”, were the same preachers appointed by Saddams’ “Mukhabarat” (Intelligence Agency) to the main mosques in Baghdad and elsewhere to replace the original less reliable clergy. Both these are entirely self-appointed. Both are a Godsend to those who wish to subvert the country and prevent stability and progress at any cost.

Now the role of the “Neighbors” and “Brothers” is becoming amply clear without even much pretence at dissimulation on their part. And if they claim that they speak for the people then they have been invited repeatedly and almost begged to participate in the political process, and there will be elections in a few months and the ballot boxes will be the judge. But they obstinately refuse and seem frightened and utterly terrified of the prospect of fair elections, and understand that for such elections and democratic process to succeed, peace and stability must be restored. It is for this reason that they are desperately anxious to subvert the peace and create chaos. The din of barking is becoming deafening these days. The head of the Iranian “Revolutionary Guards”, is calling upon all the “people” of Iraq to unite against the Americans. They have high hopes, these enemies. The only ones that are hardly heard are these very same “people” of Iraq. The murder and dismemberment is mainly directed against the ordinary “people” of Iraq; the victims of exploding cars and roadside bombs also mainly these “people’ of Iraq; in fact the entire campaign of terror is mainly directed against the citizen in the streets, in the markets, in their workplaces and their houses. And besides there is no “Occupation” in Iraq now, absolutely none; because the Iraqi Government has the right to ask the foreign troops to leave anytime which is absolutely explicit in the UN resolution which gave Iraq back its sovereignty. The Multinational forces lead by the United States are here to help the Iraqi Government to establish Law and Order and start the long awaited reconstruction effort and will leave at a moment’s notice if we say so.

The din is drowning the Voice of the Iraqi people. I appeal to people of the World; Please, Please, Please hear the true voice of the Iraqi people. We are facing a terrible conspiracy. The people of the South are being persecuted and massacred, not by the Americans, not by the Iraqi Army and Iraqi police. The gangs of the “Mehdi” army financed and recruited by the Iranian security forces and others, this has become amply clear, are massacring the people, right now as I am writing these lines. As one caller to the “Fayhaa” T.V. station is saying right now from Kut, for the first time in history the Wahabis, the Iranian hardliners and the Baathists have formed and alliance against the people of Iraq and particularly against the Shiaa people. Horrifying stories are emerging from the South.

In the name of the Iraqi people and the Shiaa people, as God is my witness, we appeal to our friends everywhere to come to the rescue of our people in the South in particular. The people of Kut are fighting the gangs with their bare hands at the moment. Don’t expect any coherent words from me now. Please do not listen to the lies. The vast overwhelming majority of the Shiaa people in particular are dead against these gangs. They don’t want them; please believe me, and may God strike me dead immediately if I tell you lies or my own personal feeling only.

The greatest danger is not in Najaf, but in Basrah where the main oil wealth of the country is being jeopardized (and so is the world economy and the security of the entire free world), and placed at the mercy of Gangs financed and employed by the Iranians, Al Qaeda and the Baathists. So much for the much-vaunted success of the British at controlling the region, they have allowed the thugs to gain control of the area. Basrah is in grave danger , Basrah, Basrah, Basrah; not only us but the whole free world is threatened. Can anybody understand, will anybody hear?

So what is to be done? Only one thing: to give full support to the Iraqi Government and Security forces, and allow the people to mobilize under their banner to fight the final battle - I mean real support and real arms and real capability.

No one, but no one, is going to rob us of our hopes and our future. No one can succeed in subduing the majority of the people of Iraq again, least of all gangs of thieves, thugs, robbers and kidnappers. It is better to die a thousand deaths than to submit to the forces of darkness and evil.

Aash Al Iraq



Sunday, August 08, 2004


As we have said before, patience is required to see this thing through. The Iraqi Government may not be perfect, but still if it succeeds in resolving the security issue this will be the key to subsequent positive developments. Now we are witnessing hopeful signs that this Government does not lack backbone, and it is struggling together with the fledgling new security forces who are beginning to demonstrate increasing determination and morale to impose Law and Order and combat criminals, terrorists and general lawlessness in the country. And due to the overriding urgency of the security issue, we are forced to relegate all other questions to secondary importance at the moment. That does not mean that the issue of democracy and human rights are to be somewhat forgotten in the heat of the battle, and we must always keep in mind the final objectives that we are all fighting for; i.e. a free democratic and peaceful country where the dignity of individuals and human rights are fully respected and guaranteed by Law and Constitution, and actively defended by capable and correct Law Enforcement.

But for the moment, the way to proceed seems quite clear. Full, generous and whole hearted support for this Government and rapid strengthening and upgrading of the New armed and security forces; for there are clear signs that this long and arduous task is finally beginning to bear fruit. Gradually the whole task of internal security can be transferred to the Iraqi forces and the gratefully acknowledged help of our allies can become less and less necessary. We are as concerned as the American and Allied people for the safety and security of the valiant men and women of the MNF and to phase out their direct involvement gradually. The Iraqi people must and will assume the entire responsibly for their security sooner or later.


Saturday, August 07, 2004

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful


I remember that in western musical tradition there is something called Grand Beggar Opera. As I watch the poor misguided young men, many of them delinquents and ex convicts stupidly and carelessly roaming the streets of certain slums of Baghdad brandishing their Kalashnikovs and RPG’s, I am reminded of this term. You might call it the Grand Beggar Army. The way that these fools expose themselves to certain death and extermination with complete lack of any kind of skill in combat and a kind of wanton destructive and blind passion, cannot but inspire a kind of disdainful pity and disgust. The terrorists of other places are quite different; sneaking, treacherous, skillful, clearly with military training and combat experience. Just look at the casualty figures, 300-400 against a handful amongst the forces of Law and Order.

However, what must be done must be done. These people just do not understand the meaning of freedom. Freedom to them is anarchy and a kind of license to engage in an orgy of wanton destruction and abandon to every base instinct. They want to impose their degenerate retarded confused hallucinations on everybody; not to mention the profound complexes of inferiority and hatred born of decades, nay, centuries of depravation and downtrodden living. They are indeed a minority, but a dangerous, lunatic and murderous minority; serpents and blind scorpions let loose; the menace cannot be underestimated.

Their leader has announced on Friday that If the President Ghazi Al Yawer, says that America is a friend, He, “this leader”, says that America is the Enemy! And why is America the enemy, pray? Because she is the only Power in history that has allowed you to practice your religious rites in total freedom and abandon after not only decades, but centuries of oppression and bloody persecution; in fact since the seventh century A.C.! America has done you a favor that would not be repaid if you spend the next thirteen centuries in faithful friendship and alliance with her. Such incredible ingratitude is beyond belief. It seems that this freedom hitherto unknown to you has driven you mad and completely bereft of any rhyme or reason.

But no, the vast majority of the Shiaa people are not with you. In fact those fighting you in Najaf today are the true sons of the holy city. All these policemen, joined by the tribesmen of surrounding countryside (a fact little known by many) are the indigenous real people of the region. You are going to be wiped out and defeated, not by the might of the MNF but by the hostility and rejection of the ordinary majority who are only now beginning to find the way and the means.

But it is nevertheless, tragic and depressing how profoundly misled and confused are these people.



The Office the Director General of the Iraqi Police Service

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Friday 6 August 2004 – Baghdad

Since Thursday night, armed militias and gangster terrorists (calling themselves the Mehdi Army) have been attacking Iraqi Police stations and other public property in the Holy City of Najaf.  The fighting and criminal violence continued over Thursday night and for much of Friday.  These enemies of a united and peaceful Iraq have been carrying out appalling acts against innocent Iraqis and their property.

It is clear that these people are not from the Holy City of Najaf. Interrogation, by Iraqi Police, of captured fighters is revealing that they are mostly criminals released from prison by the former regime immediately prior to the latest war. 

In the face of this attempt to destabilise the country, the Interim Government of Iraq ordered a combined operation involving Iraqi military forces and units from the Multinational Force with the task of regaining control of the city.  It is now clear that the operations have been a complete success.  Over 1200 criminals have surrendered to Iraqi forces.  The Holy City of Najaf is secured. 

Speaking this evening the Director General of the Iraqi Police Service said:

“This operation will continue until this illegal and cruel violence has been quelled.  Our police and military forces’ bravery is acknowledged by the Government of Dr. Ayad Allawi and by all Iraqis.  Their loyalty will be rewarded.  Most importantly, this incident has shown Iraqis, and the world, that peace-loving Iraqis will lead the way in restoring order and ensuring that these terrorists pay the price for their actions.”

The Director General added:

“Violence of any sort against the people of Iraq will not be tolerated.  The Iraqi Police Service will help ensure that Iraqis get the peace and stability they need to rebuild our country.”

For further information contact the Prime Minister’s Spokesman’s office:
(+ 964) (0)7901 91 06 42

Monday, August 02, 2004

أتق شر الحليم اذا غضب

“Beware the wrath of the patient when finally aroused”


The atrocity has backfired. If the intent of the criminals was to incite sectarian violence between Moslems and Christians; then they have achieved exactly the opposite. In my living memory I have never witnessed such upsurge of sympathy for the Christian community as what is happening right now. The people are really aroused now. The new Iraqi TV stations (including Al Sharqiya) are doing non-stop coverage of the event. Everybody has to proclaim his denunciation in no uncertain terms, even the hypocrites perhaps with some shy and stammering insinuations of the usual charges that perhaps it was the Americans or the Jews etc., sounding unconvinced themselves of these slanders; because even an absolute imbecile can easily guess who is behind this – and in fact, I don’t think anybody has any serious doubt about the identity of the perpetrators.

These hate creatures are beyond redemption. We can perhaps talk about dealing with the root causes of terrorism etc. etc., but this will apply to preventing future growth of the cancer, but the present cancerous cells are incurable. The only fitting solution for these is amputation.

Perhaps the most fitting solution is to prepare a great big pond of  “Ordure", to put it genteelly, and drown them all in it – Bullshit to Bullshit and Excrement to Excrement, and Good Riddance for ever, brothers - beards, turbans and all; and we don't think we are going to miss you much. And please Lord don't let them send video tapes to Al Jazeera from Hell.

And then, we shall all live happily ever after.



Sunday, August 01, 2004

بلغ السيل الزبى

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful
The God of All

This is the limit. Ever since Mesopotamia came into being from the very first birth of civilization, never has terror of this kind been known. A coordinated attack on six Christian churches at the time of Sunday prayers, to the horror of unsuspecting worshipers: unbelievable act of cowardice and treachery that is unprecedented in all our six thousand years of history. And what scenes! makes the blood boil and freeze at the same time. Elderly men and women and young ones of our dear Iraqi Christian community with bloodied faces coming out of their hour of peaceful worship; dazed and unbelieving; and deaths, and destruction of some of the most ancient and historical Christian churches in the World. Never in our whole history has there been such an attack on the Christian community in particular, for it is a peaceful and well beloved of all Iraqis; and besides, its members are the remaining descendants of the original ancient Mesopotamians; the Chaldeans, the Assyrians, the Babylonians etc. etc.

What can we say? One is speechless, numb, shocked, bleeding internally, and angry; oh, so angry, never been angrier in a whole lifetime.

Whoever did this and whoever organized and financed this; whoever remotely tries to find excuses and justification for this, whoever even keeps quiet or is indifferent to this here and everywhere, in the East or in the West; must be pronounced excommunicate from membership of the sensible human race. All those calling for retreat and submitting to the intimidation of these monstrous zombies are traitors and cowards and will not reap but their own destruction when horror comes to their own front doors. Those who think that turning their backs and escaping the confrontation to barricade themselves in their secluded islands, is going to save their skins, are in profound and fatal delusion.

The horror will come to your own cities and your own houses. The time to fight is now and here; and the security of the Iraqis and your own security is one and indivisible.

Humans of the World: Remember.