Monday, August 02, 2004

أتق شر الحليم اذا غضب

“Beware the wrath of the patient when finally aroused”


The atrocity has backfired. If the intent of the criminals was to incite sectarian violence between Moslems and Christians; then they have achieved exactly the opposite. In my living memory I have never witnessed such upsurge of sympathy for the Christian community as what is happening right now. The people are really aroused now. The new Iraqi TV stations (including Al Sharqiya) are doing non-stop coverage of the event. Everybody has to proclaim his denunciation in no uncertain terms, even the hypocrites perhaps with some shy and stammering insinuations of the usual charges that perhaps it was the Americans or the Jews etc., sounding unconvinced themselves of these slanders; because even an absolute imbecile can easily guess who is behind this – and in fact, I don’t think anybody has any serious doubt about the identity of the perpetrators.

These hate creatures are beyond redemption. We can perhaps talk about dealing with the root causes of terrorism etc. etc., but this will apply to preventing future growth of the cancer, but the present cancerous cells are incurable. The only fitting solution for these is amputation.

Perhaps the most fitting solution is to prepare a great big pond of  “Ordure", to put it genteelly, and drown them all in it – Bullshit to Bullshit and Excrement to Excrement, and Good Riddance for ever, brothers - beards, turbans and all; and we don't think we are going to miss you much. And please Lord don't let them send video tapes to Al Jazeera from Hell.

And then, we shall all live happily ever after.



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