Tuesday, May 25, 2004

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Friday, May 21, 2004


Greetings Friends,

Despite the fact that I have had some health problems recently and I am still convalescing at the moment yet I find it necessary to drag myself out of bed to write these lines because of the general feeling of alarm at recent events and to air some views which I believe to be important to bring to your attention.

I remember from long ago, when there was widespread dissemination and consumption of Marxist and communist propaganda and literature in these parts, that one of the aberrations and accusations which the various factions of these movements used to employ in their polemics against each other was the sin of “empiricism”.

For engineers and scientists this term does not sound bad, since the very foundation of modern science is experiment and the laboratory. However, in politics the term has different meaning, at least in the way that the old Marxists understood it. For them “Empiricism” meant trial and error without solid theory and strategic thinking behind it. Indeed even in science, experiment is always designed to confirm or disprove some preconceived theory, and may lead to modifications, reformulations, or total change in those theories. In other words, there should exist between theory and practice a so-called “dialectical” relationship, to use Marxist jargon (loathsome as that may sound to many of my friends). The “Dialectics” of Hegel that exerted so much influence on the old Marxists conceived of the engine of change and evolution as being a triangle whose bottom two corners are “thesis” and “antithesis” and the top apex the “synthesis”. In other words every action or situation (thesis) spawns the seeds of its “negation” or opposite reaction (for every action there is reaction) “the antithesis”. The result of the interaction or conflict between these two opposites creates a new situation or reality, which is of higher order than the two original propositions: “the synthesis”.

As “educated” people we should not be afraid to learn wisdom from any source, even if we dislike the labels and names. There is truth and validity in this kind of thinking. Success and progress requires theory and strategy, which is based on an intellectual construction in an effort to understand the “laws” governing situations and phenomena whether these are physical or social or whatever. Our practice then will be governed by our theory, and in the light of actual results on the ground, the theory may evolve and be proven or disproved. The extent of our success or otherwise has a lot to do with the profundity, depth and correctness of our understanding and an intellectual grasp of the situation sufficiently comprehensive to take account of all the complexities of reality. The moral of all this is that mere “trial and error” if not coupled with theory and sound strategic schematization and direction can be futile and costly and may indeed lead to disaster and failure, and that is the sin of “empiricism” in politics.

Now, the men in charge of the CPA in Iraq are hardworking dedicated civil servants. They are patriots and we have no doubt about their good intentions regarding the success of the effort. But what is the objective? And why do we think it is worthy of our support and encouragement? The answers to these last two questions are not very difficult. I have indeed strived to explain that in my many posts ever since starting this blog. Simply stated the goal is as President Bush has frequently defined, it is a noble and just cause and very much in the interest of both the American and western people as it is in our interest as Iraqis, and for the entire region (if the people had any intelligence or sense to realize that). Unfortunately and very reluctantly, however, I must state that the CPA administration here in Iraq has been guilty of this sin of “Empiricism” that we talked about above, which has greatly contributed to the present difficulties. How that is so, will be the subject of the next post “Inshallah”. My objective, as you might have guessed, is not negative criticism but an attempt to learn from mistakes and to contribute a little towards avoiding present and future errors that seem very likely in these critical times.


Monday, May 17, 2004


And this was said to be a World War against Terrorism. Are we going to run away in the first battle of this war? In World Wars whole countries are occupied, the most effective and deadly weapons available are used and nothing is spared to win, since there are no options except Victory or Defeat. And defeat means ceasing to exist. Where is this from what we are seeing? Where is your World War?



Hi friends,

Let me remind you of that all-important Zarqawi document. Here are some excerpts that are pertinent to the situation these days:

This matter, with the anticipated awaking of the slumbered and rousing of the Sleeper, also includes neutralizing these [Shi`a] people and pulling out their teeth before the inevitable battle, along with the anticipated incitement of the wrath of the people against the Americans, who brought destruction and were the reason for this miasma. We must beware of allowing people to lick the honeycomb and enjoy some of the pleasures from which they were previously deprived (i.e prevent any progress towards peace and reconstruction- Alaa), lest they surrender to meekness, stay on the[ir] land, prefer safety,, and turn away from the rattle of swords and the neighing of horses.”

Another one:

If we are able to strike them[the Shi’a – Alaa] with one painful blow after another until they enter the battle, we will be able to [re]shuffle the cards. Then, no value or influence will remain to the Governing Council or even to the Americans, who will enter a second battle with the Shi`a. This is what we want,
and, whether they like it or not, many Sunni areas will stand with the
mujahidin. Then, the Mujahidin will have assured themselves land from which to set forth in striking the Shi`a in their heartland, along with a clear media orientation and the creation of strategic depth and reach among the brothers outside [Iraq] and the mujahidin within

And yet another:

Fourth: The Work Plan

After study and examination, we can narrow our enemy down to four groups.

1. The Americans

These, as you know, are the most cowardly of God’s creatures. They are an easy quarry, praise be to God. We ask God to enable us to kill and capture them to sow panic among those behind them and to trade them for our detained shaykhs and brothers
(in Quantanamo-Alaa).”

And another:

There is no doubt that the Americans’ losses are very heavy because they are deployed across a wide area and among the people and because it is easy to procure weapons, all of which makes them easy and mouth-watering targets for the believers.”

I have to remind you of all of this. This is the enemy, and this is his thinking, and his plan which he is implementing to the letter. I am not conceited or big headed, but it makes me sad that many of the things that I said were not listened to. If you recap my previous posts you will find that I foresaw most of this and even suggested proposals which only succeeded in attracting some simplistic remarks from some of my innocent friends, which only shows how difficult it is for the westerners to deal with such complicated problems. This is indeed one of the roots of the problem. The U.S. and coalition have simply underestimated the enemy and failed to counter him after a brilliant short campaign. Too many mistakes! All I can do is try to offer some more advice through this modest forum, may be someone somewhere will listen.

Today’s tragedy cannot be allowed to pass. If we are not careful, we are going to lose many more good people. The man fallen today was one of the great people who was very important for the future. Even Sistani’s house was attacked today. The attack was perpetrated exactly in the same manner that was done some weeks ago. It is incredible that the simplest precaution of having a VIP entrance for people such as the fallen leader was not even thought of. There are many things that I would like to say. “Gods Willing” they will be said.


Friday, May 14, 2004


I am deeply suspicious, regarding this affair of prison abuse and the photographs. Not being particularly one who sees conspiracies everywhere, but this one does smell strangely. The nature of the abuses, the photography and the timing: all that cannot be just coincidental. The objectives seem clear and need not be explained. Discrediting and attacking the moral position of the Allies in the most sensitive area of human rights, which they champion, and which constitutes the main moral justification for overthrowing the Saddam regime is clearly the purpose and the intent of this affair.

Apart from the obvious parties who may be interested in achieving the above objective, there may be other quite subterranean and unsuspected quarters. I don’t know exactly who these may be, but like good detectives we should consider all those who may have interest in aborting the mission. Perhaps the emergence of a moderate, democratic and decent system in the middle east, and particularly in an “Arab” country; a system which is allied to the U.S. and commands respect and consequently has some influence; perhaps this proposition is not particularly attractive to certain currents of thinking in the most unexpected places.

In the lax situation and the “failure of leadership”, and the practice of employing “contractors” of dubious nature; have you not considered that bribes and money might have been used to “stage” these events?

Yes, I am profoundly, deeply suspicious.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Regarding the last post, I would like to add that combatting this kind of bestiality requires that people understand that the matter should be regarded as fighting some infestation of most dangerous vermin. How do you sanitise a place from such infestation? Think about it. You ask people out and then use an appropriate pesticide that will pervade the whole place and exterminate all the vermin wherever they are hiding.

Hi Friends,

Regarding the horrible act of beheading the poor hostage Nicolas Berg, there is no use in expressions of horror and condemnation, but it is necessary to express sincere condolence and sympathy with the family of the victim.

But I would like to inform the American friends that beheading was known to be one of the techniques of the Fedayeen Saddam. The late Uday, the son of Saddam commanded that particular outfit. I think it was the summer of 1999 when we woke up some morning to be shocked by some horrible news. Before we tell you about that it is necessary to recount something that has some bearing on the subject. You might have heard that an assassination attempt against Uday had taken place in 1996, which left him with injuries that caused impotency. This made him even more cruel and sadistic than his usual self. It has been revealed after the fall of the regime that he shot the doctor who broke the news to him (c.f. interview with one of the close bodyguards of Uday at Al Arabia last year). This added one more complex to his extensive repertoire of psychological problems. He started to hate anything to do with other people having any kind of sexual pleasure.

Well, that horrible day we learnt that the night before the Fedayeen had attacked scores of houses and dragged women and young girls to streets and beheaded many with swords leaving the heads at the doorsteps of the victims houses. Some of these heads were left in place for more than twenty-four hours. The atrocities lasted for several weeks. The pretext for this behavior was a campaign against prostitution. The women who were beheaded were alleged to be prostitution madams and some of their young girls. I remember that my young boys came home suffering from shock as one of these houses was in our area and they knew the occupants quite well. The victims were taken by surprised and there was nothing to arouse their fears before that night. This was typical of the Baathists when they planned some atrocity to attack suddenly at some predetermined moment without any previous warning. Throughout the reign of the Baath party and particularly the Saddam era, it was customary to suffer periodic atrocities carefully planned and imaginatively variable to keep the people terrified all the time. It was considered necessary not to leave the people too long without some thing awful to keep them intimidated properly. The Baathists were masters of the “Terreur”, and it was the essential means of their hold on power. In fact what we see now is something rather similar. It is a similar technique; they are trying to intimidate both the Iraqi people first but mainly the western people. They will stop at nothing. You must understand that this is their only expertise; their sole training and method and way of thinking. They think they can inspire fear and terror into the Coalition forces and their people and leadership exactly in the same way that they did with the Iraqis. They think that they can intimidate the whole world exactly in the same way that they did with us.

So I just wanted to say the above to help people understand why these horrible things are happening: You are just being treated to a small sample of what we suffered for more than three decades.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

Hi Friends,

Just to say Hellow and to let you know that I am still around. This latest fiasco smells to me. It smells really bad. Abuses there seems to have been, but who took the photos, and the timing, isn't it too convenient? But you must know this: All this has not shaken my support for the liberation one little bit, nor my absolute conviction of the justice and nobility of the "Project". If some of you have seen fit to appologize to us about the behaviour of some of your "scum"; we must also appologize to you for the behaviour of so many of our "scum".


Saturday, May 01, 2004


No real proof, mostly just propaganda, though there have been some interviews of some ex-prisoners with all sorts of allegations (c.f. LBC, interview with Mohammed Al Zubaidi) - although LBC is one of the more moderate stations. How about countering by publishing some of the tons of evidence of Saddams abuses in Iraq, which the Arabs saw no reason to protest about for many years.


I see that the Arabic Media are concentrating now at trying to represent the outrages as typical and systematic practices by the American and Coalitions forces, there are interviews and feverish efforts to that end. These efforts need to be counteracted with great vigour.
Hi Friends,

Now a solution must be found to the Najaf problem. Things appear to be hopeful. To every region a force that is acceptable and respected by the people of that region, a fair enough solution, but rather difficult to achieve in mixed areas. In any case credible Iraqi forces representing Law and Order are absolutely essential, especially at this time when 30th of June is approaching. The Coalition are showing restraint and wisdom and are to be commended on that account. The political solution must also be based on as wide a spectrum as possible to be able to have the loyalty and acceptance of the armed forces and the people in general.

Regarding the uproar about the treatment of prisoners, I must admit that I was one of those who were highly surprised, I would never have believed it, had it not come out in this credible manner. This is high treason on the part of those who perpetrated these acts. What a gift to the enemies of the U.S. and her friends! These people might just as well have been in the pay of the likes of UBL. They have served him wonderfully.