Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Hi Friends,

My latest post should not be misunderstood. But I am trying to sound the alarm bell. If you want to know, we can tell you exactly who are the terrorists and how they operate, and where they are based. The Baath party should not be underestimated. They were stunned by the American “Blitz” and collapsed as a government, but now they are reorganized and operating as a terrorist organization, after getting emboldened by the lax security situation and the lukewarm response to their outrages. This kind of role is more congenial to the nature of this party than running the state and responsible government. The party was basically evicted and expelled from most of the southern area and of course they have no presence in the Kurdish region. So they are concentrated in the “triangle” and certain neighborhoods of the capital. As for the foreigners, they had before the war several thousands of these and they were going to be used as the suicide weapon. The ex- information minister Al-Sahaf frequently boasted this. Well, if only one thousand of these remain they are sufficient for a couple of years at the present rate of suicide operations. These people are hosted and financed by the Party and by the Elders of sectarianism. An alliance has now been formed between the Sectarians and the Party and outside moral and financial aid is available to both.

The Sectarian system in Iraq has always relied on one main method to control the population, and that is the intimidation and murder weapon. In Saddam times this was pushed to infernal extremes, and we hardly need to explain this as many details have come to light to the whole world. And now they resort to the same old practice. They are issuing all kinds of threats and following words with action. The targets: All those cooperating with the CPA; all those working for Western companies with exceptions (their own people), and of course all their natural enemies from the Majority of Iraqis. The intimidation campaign against those who work for western concerns has been quite effective and is extremely harmful to the effort of reconstruction.

The balance of forces is quite worrying. If the Coalition forces were not there, I would say that the forces of the New Iraq would be in trouble, especially in the Center. The important point though, is to think of the necessary course of action, especially in the next few months before the hand over of authority.

Personally, I think there is no alternative but to serious beefing up and strengthening of the Civil Defense Corps in particular, which should be done on an urgent basis. Then this force should go on the offensive, particularly in the areas where subversives are known to be concentrated. The objective should be to turn the balance of intimidation the other way. This may have a chance of success while the Coalition forces are still there for support and backup. At the same time, political moves should be considered to isolate the die hard subversives within the Baath party whose use of intimidation is not confined to their enemies only but extends to others previously affiliated to the Party but who may not be now very enthusiastic about the old regime if given the chance and not harassed by the new order. Thus, for instance, a general amnesty may be considered provided that those willing to benefit come forward within a time limit.

In any case, all these thoughts and suggestions should not be taken advantage of by those who just have their own agenda and vendetta against the U.S. and allies and just want to pick on the negative things for their endless polemics. No, what we say is motivated by zeal and concern that the mission should succeed, because our life, future and the good of the whole of humanity depend on that.



Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Hi Friends,

A quick word,

I am amazed at some of my friends. They consider simple measures, such as identity cards and car registration as a call for a Saddam like despotic system; well in this case, most of the World, especially in the civilized regions must be living under terrible dictatorship. But some other friends have correctly answered for me.

Now, still the terrorists are operating at will and quite happily striking wherever they like and at their own timing. Up to this very moment there has not been a single trial or public concrete disclosure of any information regarding the saboteurs and criminals who have murdered so many Iraqis and non-Iraqis. It is maddening to keep hearing the same phrases again and again: unknown assailants, unknown gunmen, may be this, may be that etc. etc. Is it conceivable that of all the arrests that were made not a single solid case could be made? That must be very encouraging for the terrorists. One of the golden rules of deterrence is to make sure that culprits are caught and punished. Justice must been done and seen to be done, isn’t that one the very well known basic laws. What about trials? Since this is an emergency situation and a state of war, there is every justification for special courts. We can’t keep hiding our heads in the sand and pretending that the situation is normal and that if we ignore the enemy he will just feel ashamed of himself and go away. If the risk for the saboteurs and terrorists who are committing the most heinous crimes and murders, is at most, arrests and indefinite detention, with guaranteed three meals a day and correct treatment supervised by the red cross and all the “human rights” groups (which is of course the right way, no argument), with no foreseen possibility of trial and punishment, why for the hardened callous types we have around here, this is a picnic.

So; Ease of movement, No serious risks, Easy targets, Good financing and backing, Solid hatred and jealousy, Nothing else to do; add all these together, and you will wonder that there is so little going on compared with what could be. Right at the beginning, the CPA announced the dissolution of the Army and Police, and the Eradication of the Baath Party. Now, these entities were thoroughly rotten and absolutely corrupt, and the last one certainly deserved to be liquidated. The problem however, was that the people belonging to these institutions, numbering hundreds of thousands were expected to go home and be good boys and wait patiently until one gets round to “eradicating” them. Worst; they were left without any means of subsistence, fully armed and quite free to move about. The party structures and organization remained practically intact; and they were allowed to destroy most incriminating evidence under cover of looting and chaos, which they exploited and in many cases actually organized.

I was previously very reluctant to mention the above facts, in order not to be negative and discouraging. I do appreciate that much honest effort and many sacrifices were made, not least by the Coalition and their forces; however it is my firm conviction that the strategy needs to be fundamentally reviewed. Above all, the position concerning the Baathists must be profoundly reconsidered. The hopeless cases must be really and physically eradicated, and as for the majority who are salvageable, rehabilitation and return to normality. And what about the foreign terrorists? If we know that there are so many of them, as has been repeatedly asserted by the highest officials, what measures were taken to check out the foreigners in the country? Before; every foreigner had to have a visa or a special identity card (for the Arabs), and those who wished to reside had to have residence permits etc. All these normal and customary measures used by almost all countries have completely disappeared now together with many other services normally provided by the state.

We could go on and on about the dismal security situation or rather lack of it, but we should not, because we can end up by getting thoroughly discouraged. All we can do is pray that things get better, Inshallah.



Saturday, February 21, 2004

Hi Friends,

I am trying to find time to share with you my thoughts about the economic situation in Iraq. It is a very important part of the solution and I do have some definite views about the matter. So I hope to post soon about the subject.

It is really very frustrating for me to have so little time for this blogging which I enjoy most and think to be important. Immagine that I could'nt find time yet to look at the Email since my return from abroad.

I have to tell you that it is very likely that my work will take me abroad for a prolonged period of time, so it is likely that I shall be blogging from another country soon.



Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Hi Friends,

Again my daily drudgery keeps me away from the keyboard and you. So just a quick message but dealing with a thorny subject.

You know, I don’t think any country has ever faced such a massive terrorist campaign. Almost daily a major suicide bombing; not to mentions scores of incidents. Is this acceptable? It is not: Neither the losses of our people, nor those of the Coalition soldiers. Is it not time to admit that we are facing an emergency situation and that emergency measures are required? Imagine this happening in the U.S. or any other country for that matter. There have been wars and terrible disorders in history, to be sure, but a deliberate and sustained terrorist action of this order has never been known. Well what is to be done? I am still firmly convinced that there is no alternative to the painstaking security approach. Terrorism cannot be completely stopped but it can sure be reduced and made too risky and dangerous for the perpetrators.

So I repeat:

- Building a comprehensive database of information about the population. And with the current popular demand for elections, there is every justification for conducting a thorough check up of everybody. This will not bother the vast majority, but on the contrary will reassure them.
- Identity papers for people and registration of vehicles. At least you can check people on the roads and not merely gaze at them dreamily wondering who they may be, and at least there may be a way to check on a vehicle that is used for terrorist acts. And how about some technology, cameras and the like. That surely is no too difficult.
- Neighborhood security control and presence.
- Tight and real control of entries and exits from cities, especially Baghdad.
- Trying to catch the criminals through intelligence and tips is of course right and important and is being done, but it is not sufficient when faced with such massive campaign.
- When we talk about security measures, we mean that they should be carried out by Iraqis, may be with help and backup from the Coalition.

In the old days I remember we used to study what was termed “behavioral psychology” and “motivational theory”. I remember that they used to talk about a ladder of motivational needs. Basic needs have to be satisfied before higher ones come into play as important requirements of people. That is simple enough and common sense. So it is clear what are our needs at the moment: Security first, material improvement next, and then if these are satisfied, the higher needs of political freedom etc. etc., is that really so difficult to understand?

The U.S. and her allies, have done a great job in ridding us of Saddam and his regime, there is no doubt that the majority will never forget this; nor will the orphans and friends of that regime. And it is for this reason that the “insurrection” is still quite limited and localized. It is for this reason that the terrorists are attacking the Iraqi people mainly now. They are attacking the hopes of the people, their acceptance of the U.S. and allies, their aspirations for a future of friendship and cooperation with the U.S., in short the very desire of the people to go on with life.

So we are waiting, waiting for the great Counter Offensive.



P.S. the new satelite station "Al Hurrah" is O.K. congradulations.

Saturday, February 14, 2004



This morning attack in Falujah is serious and is very disturbing. Also it is new of its kind and shows that saboteurs are getting emboldened. Especially after the test attack on the convoy with General Abizaid, which was largely publicized, and which did not seem to bring any reaction from the IP or the Coalition forces. Prisoners were freed and the attackers actually entered the buildings and shot police officers in their rooms. It shows that the town has gone out of control. Unless energetic countermeasures are immediately taken this could escalate into something bad. However the situation is still localized and I believe can be countered with the correct kind of strategy.

First of all, it may well be that most of the attackers are non-Iraqis as we are hearing, but collusion by locals is certain especially amongst the tribesmen of certain tribes. Some local religious mosque preachers of the Wahabi and Salafi persuasion are almost certainly involved if only through agitation, instigation and aiding and abetting. It is also noteworthy that an anti-American demonstration near Abu Ghraib was almost timed to coincide with the event, many religious characters were noticeable in this demonstration; the timing could not have been coincidental. I say that there is clear indications here of a deliberate and premeditated plan to escalate the situation. I doubt that most the town dwellers in Faluja are actively involved but everybody is intimidated by these groups and are probably trying to keep out of the way. Firm and swift counteraction is essential: strike first, negotiate later when you have the upper hand. This action should be of sufficient magnitude appropriate to the threat. The worst thing would be inaction.

Here are some of the measures, which to my mind may be considered:

1- Surround the area including the town and adjoining countryside.
2- Impose a curfew for the appropriate length of time.
3- Deploy a meaningful force of Iraqi Defense Force and I.P., even bringing them from other areas if necessary, and back them up with powerful Coalition support.
4- Conduct “Courteous” (as much as possible) house to house searches and enquiries, mainly by the Iraqis with backup, aimed at finding the culprits or information about them. Some people in the town are bound to know something. Most important is to try to find the foreign “volunteers” hiding here and there.
5- Convene a meeting with all tribal leaders and Sheiks especially of the quite well known rebellious tribal groups and by using pressure, persuasion or whatever methods they must be brought to the realization that this kind of thing is not going to be tolerated and that it will cost them a heavy price.
6- Be careful not to engage in indiscriminate reprisals.
7- Remember that the enemy is testing, inaction will cause him to be emboldened and he will escalate to the next phase of his plan. He must be contained and isolated.
8- From a wider political viewpoint, it was a mistake to lump all the ex-baathists with these fanatical Al-Qaeda like groups, many of them were secular opportunists or forced to join the party. The time has come for some kind of official General Amnesty and to try to bring them back to side of the people.

Well these are some of the ideas and I hope they reach those concerned.



Thursday, February 12, 2004

Hi Friends

I received this Email from a Kurdish Iraqi who now lives in exile. I post this without any editing on my part. This has moved me :

For the love of our nation.

I am a big fan of Iraq
I love it inch by inch from Zakho to al-Fao.
I love Iraq's mountains,
I love Iraq's desert,
I love Iraq's big cities and small villages,
I love Iraq's old and new music,
I love Iraq's poetry,
I love Iraqis' sarcastic sense of humor,
I love Iraq's teashops,
In short, without Iraq, there is no me!

Born a Kurd in the breathtakingly beautiful North, I was taught as a child to speak, read and write both of Iraq's main languages, Kurdish and Arabic. Oh what a feeling it would be when one day I learn how to speak Assyrian and Turkish so that I could communicate with my Assyrian,Chaldean and Turkman brothers and sisters in their native language!

I love the sound of the speakers at dawn when Iraqis are called to Prayer not because of my religious passion but because it is the practice of my people.

I love the bells of the Iraqi churches on Sundays not because of my Christian views or lack thereof but simply because of my Iraqiness.

You see comrades, I would like to ask of you a small favor, I want you to please look at the word IRAQ, look at it, now picture it on Ahmad Radhi's jersey, picture at on the Atlas, picture it in the index of every book where civilization is mentioned, picture it at the United Nations, picture it on your passport. The secret is very simple; to love Iraq and Iraqis without exception is to not think of Iraq as Saddam Hussein, as those in favor of the occupation and those opposed to it, it is not to think of it as to whom Kerkuk belongs. But what's really beautiful about Iraq is the fact that it predates all of these things not as a piece of land through which two rivers flow, but as a civilization where the setting of the stage for all that human beings have accomplished began. That is Iraq and we are blessed to be members of this land that has fascinated the world in its entirety.

Why am I writing this? I am writing this because I see among us a bigger sense of division than unity, I see among us more feelings of resentment than those of joy, I see among us more anger than soberness, I see among us people like fanatic Kurds and people who instead of trying to understand them or convince them otherwise, they attack their people as if they have a mandate from the Kurds of Iraq.

In Kerkuk, Kurdish flags (the Muhabad Republic flag, red, green and the sun in the middle) virtually crisscross city.
In response to the Kurdish obsession with their flag, the Turkmans
have done the same with their flag (the party flag of the Turkman Front).
The Arabs of Kerkuk are virtually trapped in the middle of too much ethnic tensions.
They have every right to Kerkuk just as the people of Dohuk have every right to Najaf AS LONG AS their desire for residency is on the basis of their Iraqiness rather than their Kurdishness or Arabness or Shiaism or Turkomanism (yes, I am inventing these terms because they should not exist).

Am I boring you? Well read on, there are one million Kurds living in Baghdad, that number is larger than the Kurds of Kerkuk, Sulaimania, Arbil and Dohuk, not combined but individually.What does that mean? Well in a democratic Iraq, that means one
million votes.

We are often deceived of hearing "the Sunni center" without considering the number of Kurds and Shi'a, not to mention Christian and Yezidi Iraqis that live in Baghdad and around Baghdad. We hear the "Kurdish North" without looking at Musil, the second
largest Arab city in Iraq after Baghdad. We hear of the "Shi'a South" without considering the Sunni (Kurds and Arabs) that live all around the South from Basra to Hilla to Najaf to Karbala.

The bottom line is, Iraq is the land of the Iraqis, the groups that constitute our beautiful mosaic should be Iraqis before they are Kurdish, Arabic, Assyrian etc... Once an Iraqi government is established and the various Iraqi groups are given something to lose, they will naturally feel more Iraqi.

Once we are sober and awakened, things will be different, have faith in Iraq because there is no land on earth that is more beautiful than Iraq.

Behold, one little beautiful flower of new Mesopotamian Nationalism blossoms, more will follow.


Hi Friends

You know, the fact that I am doing this blog site does not mean I am not doing anything else. My regular friends should know better. In fact I have a problem to find the time to settle down my poor old “ass” in front of the keyboard for the purpose of addressing you. So the friends who accuse me of pontificating rather than doing something practical have no way to know what I am actually engaged in most of the time. But seriously, my ideas and thoughts are not always directed towards the western public who are sitting at home. I have cause to believe that this blog site may have been noticed and is being read by some responsible people much closer home. The practical suggestions and analyses are meant for these. I believe that this is as good a way as any to get these ideas across to people who may benefit from them, knowing that there are no ulterior or profit motives behind them, which I fear may be quite prevalent in the circles surrounding them. If they think that I can be of more help I shall consider it a privilege, they know my Email.

On the other hand the importance of public opinion in America and the West cannot be underestimated. I made it clear from the start that one of the main objectives of this blog site is to inform and interact with ordinary English speaking men and women. As for writing in papers and the like I am not sure these can be more effective than this medium for an ordinary person like myself. At least I can say here what I like with no editorial censorship and you can comment what you think. In any case I am happy to have quite a number of regular friends who are interested to know what I think and whose comments and thoughts are equally interesting to me.



Greetings Friends,

I have read your latest comments attentively. The matter is too important and requires a comprehensive restatement of my views and suggestions, which were previously stated in one form or another. I am reserving time today and tomorrow for this. We are at a cross road, and the vile enemy is attacking ferociously. Counteroffensive is called for. There must be no complacency, and above all no underestimation of the evil we are facing. God’s willing, The Good will be triumphant, and I am firmly convinced with every fiber of my being, and as a devout Muslim that we are on the side of the Good and the Virtuous and that the enemy is Evil. The fundamental strength of the U.S. position is that, this time, she is on the side of the majority of the downtrodden people, and as long as that remains she will be invincible and unstoppable. Retreat is unthinkable, both for us and for the U.S. and allied peoples. The enemy must be brought to the realization of this absolute resolve at total, final and complete victory in this epic fight of Love and the Will of Life against the dark forces of Death, Hate, Bloody Mindedness, Obscurantism, Prejudice and Selfishness. How many people do really understand the true importance of this fight?

Yes, they have become hysterical and above all because of the expansion and consolidation of the new Iraqi Security Forces. To their mentality political power is based on the armed forces, consequently they think that success in establishing such forces will spell their end. That is why they are attacking with such ferocity.

I shall post soon trying to consider a practical plan of action and also making use of some of your suggestions, which I found appropriate.



Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Before anything else we must reconsider the problem of security for obvious reasons and the urgency of the matter. Unfortunately, what is happening only confirms my previously expressed views about what I consider inadequate security precautions. This I would like to investigate in more detail in the next post (Inshallah). The way to combat this kind of terrorism is prevention rather than cure. It is a security and not a military threat. There is need to cast a finely meshed net to catch the venomous reptiles. The sad situation is that they are still quite free to move around, pack their vehicles with explosives and drive around at will. They have their spies roving in the cities and they pick and choose their targets at their leisure. This anonymity of the street is one of the main factors facilitating the work of the terrorists, not to mention the quite well known safe havens and the locales where they may be found. I have stressed before the necessity for identification of people and vehicles. Such necessary steps are yet to be enforced and I don’t know what is the reason for that. Security measures have prevented any incident in the US since 9/11, so the U.S. authorities know very well how to deal with this kind of problem. The safety and security of our people are no less important than the security of anybody else.

I am sorry but I am not going to say nice things. I mean how can you explain the negligence of allowing poor young people queuing innocently in their hundreds in a highly vulnerable and exposed way without any kind of protection whatsoever to apply for army jobs when the very day before a similar crowd was torn to pieces in the way everybody knows? Was there nobody with a little bit of sense to prevent this situation and take the elementary precaution of at least protecting the place? Are there no other slightly less primitive methods of recruitment that allowing people to queue in the early morning in hundreds exposed to the attack of the criminals? And there is more and more. This is no time for niceties so I plan to speak out my mind. But since I am too upset at the moment it is better to wait until I cool down a bit, for words uttered in anger are often cause for regret.


Hi Friends,

I have been frequently urged by friends to address our people in our own language. Well I have decided to try to do that in this blog site with the objective of making it increasingly bilingual. I am always hampered by my technical ignorance in using the Internet, basically for lack of time to learn properly. However I must make do with the little that I know. Please let me know if the previous message has been received correctly. If you have some advice how to improve processing Arabic text, I should be grateful to listen.



السلام عليكم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

منذ بدات هذا الموقع استعملت اللغه الانكليزيه حيث كان الهدف الاساسي هو مخاطبة المجتمع الغربي عموما والمتكلمين بهذه اللغه من العراقيين والعرب . وانا لا أعلم كم من قرائي هم من العراقيين او العرب . الا ان هنالك حاجة ماسه بالنسبة لي كانسان عادي عراقي لايصال صوتي الى اخواني العراقيين بالدرجه الاساسيه وحيث ان مهارتي باستخدام الانترنت ضعيفة جدا فان هنالك مشاكل فنيه لاستخدام العربيه في هذه الواسطة. وانا احاول الان تجربة الارسال بالعربيه لارى ان كان ذلك ممكنا وعسى الله يوفقني لايصال صوتي الى ابناء بلدي

والسلام عليكم


Hellow again

Hi Friends,

I am back again, I have missed you and thought about you. There is so much to talk about. I am greeted by tragic massacres of many poor people. The enemy is baring his true intention, a genocidal hatred of our people. I would have liked to greet you again with something pleasant, but it is not to be.

Hope to be able to post later today.

All the best