Monday, April 25, 2005


Just to correct the impression that I might have created in the last post.

When we say the terrorists are Sunnis, it must not be overlooked that the Sunni areas themselves are the worst hit by these terrorists. The murders and atrocities going on in such places as the Anbar province, Mosul, Takrit, Sammara etc. are not against Shiaa or Kurdish or any such similar groups, but against Sunni Arabs of the purest stock. In fact most of these areas are held hostage by these groups, and good people there are living in the worst possible state of terror and intimidation.

This is a real fact, and I have definite inside information regarding the situation. I can affirm, definitely that most people there are longing for the day when they can get out of this nightmare. This was so evident, for instance in the Mosul area when the “Wolf Battalion” belonging to the Ministry of Interior more or less liberated the region, and the population, basically Sunni, were extremely relieved, and fully cooperated with that great security formation which included elements from all Iraqi sects.

Until the central government is strong enough to send forces to fully control areas such as the Western Anbar, and even parts of Baghdad and elsewhere, there will be no real peace. Let us hope that the soon to be formed government will have sufficient backbone to accomplish what is required.


Friday, April 22, 2005


Here is the translation I promised you of the Arabic post before last:

How can we thank the Americans?

By Hashim Al-Sudani,

Time may be passing and we may forget the calamity in which we were living. And this is what happened to us, we Iraqis. After two years since our delivery from the regime of Saddam the criminal, who was slaughtering us, torturing us and driving us like a herd of cattle to the arenas of his loosing battles, with execution squads behind us; we have forgotten how we used to live in constant terror and how we were afraid to say any word that might lead us to dark torture chambers in the “Department of General Security” or the “Governorate”, or the “Fifth Branch”. And how we have forgotten those who delivered us from the hell in which we were living and from which we did not even dare dream of getting out. Nay, but more than that; we see today Muqtada Al-Sadr and his followers coming out in demonstrations to demand the exit of what they call “occupation”, and burning images of President Bush; when they were meek and humiliated during Saddam time, not daring to utter a single word. And when Muqtada himself received a sum of money from Mohammed Hamza Al Zubaidi during the funeral reception of his father who was murdered by Saddam and his followers; and there was Muqtada receiving money from the killers of his father !!!!

What prompted me to write about this subject today is watching the film that was shown on the “Iraqiya” on the anniversary of the fall of Saddam, that showed the cutting of tongues and heads, the breaking of arms and other fearful tortures in the prisons of Saddam the “Haddam” [the wrecker-translator]. These things would have continued to our present day had the Americans not intervened to depose this savage animal and his criminal Baathist regime.

I asked myself there and then: How can I thank the American liberators who have avenged us and avenged all the victims of Saddam’s regime? How can I avoid being ungrateful like Muqtada and his followers, who are enjoying now the freedom that America brought while at the same time shouting insults at this same America ? I could find nothing in my possession to thank these liberating soldiers except these words:

Thank you, soldiers of the United States of America and soldiers of her allies. Thank you our true friends. Thanks to all your sacrifices that delivered us from the darkness of Saddam to the light of freedom, elections and democracy.

We shall never ever, forget what you have given us, liberators

That was as literal a translation of the piece as possible. Truly, gratitude is one of the greatest marks of noble souls. And remeber that the piece was written entirely for Iraqi and arab audiences. The writer's name and Email are for all to see.

Hi Everybody,

This is a hurried post to update you on the latest developments.

The enemy is escalating his attacks. He is trying very hard to spark the sectarian war that he desperately needs. Rwandan Style genocidal atrocities seem to be the order of the day. Bodies are floating down the river. There are mutilated bodies of women and children to be found, not to mention the daily car bombs and assassinations and killings that have increased markedly. What is needed is firm response. Self defense of the majority of the Iraqi people justify preemptive measures. Diplomatic and soft talk and measures are not going to get us anywhere. The elected political entities are doing their utmost to form a “national unity government”. I fear this is only taken advantage of by the personalities who in fact represent the overt political face of the terrorists. Of course, not all Sunni people are terrorists, but all terrorists at the moment happen to be Sunnis. The Zarqawis of this world are feverishly attempting to implement their diabolical plans. They are exposing their incredible callousness and cruelty and suicidal frame of mind to the whole world. The question that all sane people everywhere must ask themselves: What if these people really do get hold of some terrible WMD and find the means to deliver it to some American or any other target, and it seems that the entire humanity is their enemy and target?

Vetting and thorough security screening of all the areas infected, and those locations are quite well known, is absolutely necessary. This should be done in the manner that I have recommended more than a year ago. Some of the criticisms leveled by the people against the existing Iraqi security forces are not without some foundation and validity. Although these forces are fighting heroically and braving death all the time, yet there are definitely bad apples and infiltrators, and especially in the police force. The U.S. should not oppose too strongly attempts to clean up and purge these forces which are expected when the new government is finally in place.

In any case the situation is quite tense and the enemy is getting desperate and let us hope that an effective counter attack is initiated soon.


Monday, April 11, 2005



Followers of Muqtada Al-Sadr organized some demonstrations on the occasion of the liberation of Baghdad by the Allied Forces. Anti-American slogans were raised in these demonstrations. I am not going to comment on that except by quoting from a well know arabic site the following in Arabic ( may be I shall translate it later when I have time) :

"كيف نستطيع أن نشكر الأمريكان
هاشم السوداني
قد يمر الزمان علينا وننسى المصيبة التي كنا نعيش فيها، وهذا ماحدث لنا نحن العراقيين, فبعد سنتين من خلاصنا من نظام صدام المجرم الذي كان يذبحنا ويعذبنا ويسوقنا الى ساحات معاركه الخائبة ومن خلفنا فرق الأعدامات, نسينا كيف كنا نعيش في خوف مستمر, نسينا كيف كنا نخاف من قول اي كلمة قد تؤدي بنا الى غرف التعذيب المظلمة في الأمن العامة او الحاكمية أو الشعبة الخامسة ونسينا من خلصنا من ذلك الجحيم الذي كنا نعيش فيه ولانحلم بالخلاص منه لا بل الأكثر من هذا نرى اليوم مقتدى الصدر وأتباعه يخرجون في مضاهرات للمطالبة بخروج مايسمونه بالأحتلال ويحرقون صور الرئيس بوش بعد أن كانوا أذلاء في زمن صدام لايجرؤون على النطق بأي كلمة وبعد أن استلم مقتدى الصدر نفسه مبلغ من المال من محمد حمزة الزبيدي اثناء مجلس فاتحة ابيه محمد صادق الصدر الذي قتله صدام واتباعه ومقتدى يستلم الأموال من قتلة ابيه!!!!!!!!!!!! .
إن الذي دعاني للكتابة عن هذا الموضوع هو مشاهدتي للفلم الذي عرضته العراقية في ذكرى سقوط صدام والذي أظهر عمليات قطع الألسن والرؤوس وكسر الأيدي وغيرها من عمليات التعذيب الرهيبة في سجون صدام الهدام والتي كانت ستستمر الى يومنا هذا لولا تدخل الأمريكان لأسقاط الحيوان المتوحش صدام ونظامه البعثي المجرم, سألت نفسي عندها كيف أستطيع شكر المحررين الأمريكان الذين أخذوا بثأرنا وثأر جميع ضحايا نظام صدام وكيف يمكنني ان لا أكون ناكرا للجميل كمقتدى الصدر واتباعه الذين ينعمون الآن بالحرية التي جلبتها أمريكا وهم يذمون أمريكا في الوقت نفسه, ولم أجد عندي شيء أشكر به هؤلاء الجنود المحررين غير هذه الكلمات:
شكرا لكم ياجنود الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وياجنود قوات التحالف, شكرا لكم ياأصدقائنا الحقيقيين , شكرا لكل تضحياتكم التي أخرجتنا من ظلام صدام الى نور الحرية والأنتخابات والديمقراطية, سوف لن ننسى لكم أبدا ماقدمتموه لنا ياأيها المحررين

Friday, April 08, 2005

Hi Everybody,

It is amusing to see my comments section inundated with some long-winded outpourings from some of my old friends. I don’t really mind. Because regarding these particular friends, despite their verbal excesses, I know that their hearts are in the right place, basically. And Indeed, some of their sentiments and words do strike some sympathetic cords.

For instance, Paul Edwards, is an old friend on this blog, and he is very outspoken and impulsive and excruciatingly profuse; and I can’t say that I condone all that he says; yet at times I cannot help being touched by some of his statements. For instance this:

the left-wing wankers who thought that Saddam was the legitimate representative of the Iraqi people. He didn't care about the atrocities Saddam was committing against his own people, including institutionalized rape.” , or this:

The free world has a massive advantage at the moment, and it is time to press home that advantage” – Priceless.

However, I regret that he dragged the name of the late Pope into it. The late Pope was definitely a good man, and his opposition to the War was understandable from his purely sincere humanitarian position. We can forgive him that. And, certainly we must not put him in the same league as the Leftist Anti-war hypocritical crowd.

And then this: “Or was it because the Iraqi people were in an out-group for him? See my message to you over at "Free Iraqi". It is insidious that some people believe in protection of the rights of animals in their own country, while human beings in Iraq and other places in the Middle East are in an out-group that can be slaughtered like cattle as a "cultural nuance".
……Would now be a good time to ask that the status of Iranian girls get raised somewhere between American cats and American dogs, so that the institutionalized rape of them can be ended? Please? It is bizarre that the world can stand idly by and let governments like that stand. Am I living in a parallel universe or something? Does no-one protect women anymore? Rapists are ignored instead of fought

What is said above does not apply really to the Pope “God rest his soul”; but to quite a lot of other people.

Yes indeed, the war toppled a monstrous regime of a bestial clan, and freed a hostage majority. Whatever other motive lay behind the intervention, this was a valiant act of chivalry. And when the American people ( as proved by their vote) and their president are willing to spill the blood of their children and the treasure of their land to help the Iraqi people regain their freedom and build their democracy, this comes from their respect and belief in the humanity of their fellow humans, regardless of distance and racial differences. Racism consists of ignoring the plight of your fellow humans. “We must not mess about with the problems of the third world, withdraw immediately and leave them to their own resources.” they say. That mayhem and genocide can ensue does not seem to bother these “do-gooders”.

Make not mistake, my friends, this infant democracy that is just beginning in our country will grow and become strong but it needs the helping hand and protection of its powerful friends who were the basic instrument of God’s mercy to bring it into being; especially at these times when it is still too weak and fragile. And make no mistake either, that if it were not for the powerful presence of the Friend, the monsters and wolves infesting the place would loose no time in completely dismembering, deavouring and interring the remains of the new born.

To change the subject some friends would like to know my thoughts regarding the election of the new presidential team and the recent political developments. Well, I think it is well that the Kurds have insisted on the selection of Jallal Talabani to the post of president. To start with, it is a very good antidote to emotional separatist sentiments amongst the Kurds; although I am convinced that those sentiments are of impulsive rather than serious nature. It has been extremely wise that the Iraqi Alliance insisted on reaching agreement with the Kurdish faction rather than any other. Numerically, it would have been possible to get the required majority by different alignments. Any alliance against the wishes of our Iraqi Kurds would have had disastrous consequences. I suspect the wisdom of Sistani behind this. Besides, Talabani or Mam Talabani (Uncle Talabani) as he is called in Iraqi Kurdistan, is an old veteran politician of high degree of political skill and famous maneuvering ability. And, above all he has his heart absolutely in the right place. Symbolically, it is very valuable. It signals equality between all Iraqis and that any Iraqi can reach the highest office regardless of creed or race. Therefore, overall we are very pleased with this outcome and hoping that the new government (the first democratically elected one in our history) will achieve success.

Regards to all my friends.


Saturday, April 02, 2005


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

كل من عليها فان ويبقى وجه ربك ذو الجلال والاكرام . صدق الله العظيم

With these words of the holy Koran; our holy book, we say farewell on this earth to the great man John Paul II, the Pope of the Catholic church, who has just passed away. Our sincere condolences to all the Catholic people in the world and to all humanity in general.

This Pope was quite an exceptional man, a true lover of humanity; a man who had the courage of conviction and great character to put aside all scruples of quite a strict faith historically and visit mosque and synagogue and extend his hand of peace to all men regardless of race and religion. He was an activist who did not hesitate to speak out on political and social issues of relevance and urgency in his time. His voice was always heard and presence felt everywhere in the world. We the Iraqis have a special sadness and regret on this solemn occasion: that the express wish of his holiness to visit the birth place of the prophet Abraham here in the land of Mesopotamia; the greatest of all pilgrimages was not to be realized. Yet for believers, as you all know; death is not the end, but rather the beginning of eternal life in the hereafter.

On this occasion, I recall some of the verses of one our greatest Iraqi poets, Al Jawahiri, and don’t ask me to translate, hoping that one of our friends might volunteer a respectable translation:

لغز الحياة وحيرة الالباب أن يستحيل الفكر محض تراب
أنا ابغض الموت اللئيم وطيفه بغضي طيوف مخاتل نصاب
يهب الردى شيخوختي ويقيتها بكهولتي ويقيتها بشبابي
ذئب تربصني وفوق نيوبه دم اخوتي وأقاربي وصحابي

Inspired by the courage of the late Pope who did not hesitate to walk into our mosque, we should not hesitate as Moslems to pray for the peace of his soul. And as our prophet Mohammed (ص ) said on the occasion of the death of his son : “Although we are fully resigned to the will of God, yet still the heart grieves and the eye moistens for your departure”


Friday, April 01, 2005

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Congratulations to all our Christian brothers and peoples around the world on Easter Holiday. I have recently discovered a saying attributed to the prophet Mohammed (PBU) that may surprise some of you quite understandably, in view of the present day practices of our contemporary “Khawarij” heretics. “What is religion but love”, the prophet is reported to have said. What a revelation! This is a statement of a prophet, i.e. a tenet and precept of the faith. It follows that any act of hatred and violence inspired by vengeance or spite is against religious faith. Even an act of War must not be inspired by hatred but by quite opposite sentiments; hence “Love thy enemy”, the famous concept of Christianity, can be understood in this context. One incident comes to mind here. It is reported that in one of the battles of early Islam, the Imam Ali (PBU) overcame an enemy in a battle, and sat on his chest with the intention of finishing him off. The beaten man lay there in total helplessness and looked at the Imam with burning hatred in his eyes; and suddenly seeing that the Imam’s face was quite close to his he spat in the face of the Imam. The Imam wiped his face and suddenly stood up and let the man go. The people were amazed and asked him what was the reason for sparing the man’s life. The Imam’s response was: “I let him go; for fear that my motivations might be tinted by personal vengeance”.

Thus, the message of religion whether Christian or Moslem is essentially the same. In this, I am firmly convinced regardless of all the theological quibbling and disputes. And this is the final conclusion that I have come to after a long life full of all kinds of trials including the present one.

Yes, “Religion is Love”, and in this we are in perfect agreement with all the true Christians and it is the final and irrevocable position that nothing can shake.

Happy Easter to all.