Friday, April 22, 2005

Hi Everybody,

This is a hurried post to update you on the latest developments.

The enemy is escalating his attacks. He is trying very hard to spark the sectarian war that he desperately needs. Rwandan Style genocidal atrocities seem to be the order of the day. Bodies are floating down the river. There are mutilated bodies of women and children to be found, not to mention the daily car bombs and assassinations and killings that have increased markedly. What is needed is firm response. Self defense of the majority of the Iraqi people justify preemptive measures. Diplomatic and soft talk and measures are not going to get us anywhere. The elected political entities are doing their utmost to form a “national unity government”. I fear this is only taken advantage of by the personalities who in fact represent the overt political face of the terrorists. Of course, not all Sunni people are terrorists, but all terrorists at the moment happen to be Sunnis. The Zarqawis of this world are feverishly attempting to implement their diabolical plans. They are exposing their incredible callousness and cruelty and suicidal frame of mind to the whole world. The question that all sane people everywhere must ask themselves: What if these people really do get hold of some terrible WMD and find the means to deliver it to some American or any other target, and it seems that the entire humanity is their enemy and target?

Vetting and thorough security screening of all the areas infected, and those locations are quite well known, is absolutely necessary. This should be done in the manner that I have recommended more than a year ago. Some of the criticisms leveled by the people against the existing Iraqi security forces are not without some foundation and validity. Although these forces are fighting heroically and braving death all the time, yet there are definitely bad apples and infiltrators, and especially in the police force. The U.S. should not oppose too strongly attempts to clean up and purge these forces which are expected when the new government is finally in place.

In any case the situation is quite tense and the enemy is getting desperate and let us hope that an effective counter attack is initiated soon.


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