Monday, April 25, 2005


Just to correct the impression that I might have created in the last post.

When we say the terrorists are Sunnis, it must not be overlooked that the Sunni areas themselves are the worst hit by these terrorists. The murders and atrocities going on in such places as the Anbar province, Mosul, Takrit, Sammara etc. are not against Shiaa or Kurdish or any such similar groups, but against Sunni Arabs of the purest stock. In fact most of these areas are held hostage by these groups, and good people there are living in the worst possible state of terror and intimidation.

This is a real fact, and I have definite inside information regarding the situation. I can affirm, definitely that most people there are longing for the day when they can get out of this nightmare. This was so evident, for instance in the Mosul area when the “Wolf Battalion” belonging to the Ministry of Interior more or less liberated the region, and the population, basically Sunni, were extremely relieved, and fully cooperated with that great security formation which included elements from all Iraqi sects.

Until the central government is strong enough to send forces to fully control areas such as the Western Anbar, and even parts of Baghdad and elsewhere, there will be no real peace. Let us hope that the soon to be formed government will have sufficient backbone to accomplish what is required.


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