Saturday, July 31, 2004


Hi Friends,

A new Iraqi Satellite T.V. station by the name AL FAYHAA  " الفيحاء" (which is one of the complimentary names of the city of Basra) has started experimental limited hours of transmission in Arabic (6 hours daily) from the United Arab Emirates. This station seems to be an answer to our prayers with a clear patriotic message, which can be understood by the simple people. This is the first attempt at talking plainly to the people with a direct anti terrorist message reassuring and encouraging the ordinary man and spreading the ideas of hope and democracy.

I call upon all our well-wishers in the West to support this new effort to counterbalance the poisonous propaganda beamed by certain other media.

The UAE telephone No. Of this new station is 00971 6001664; Fax: 00971 67467727. These numbers appear on their screen. I have no details yet of any related web site.



Friday, July 30, 2004


To understand better the situation in Faluja I recommend the following link ( a site referred to by Wilky in the comments): 



 It is clear that one of the factors facilitating the work of terrorists and kidnappers in the present time is the existence of  “safe havens” or bases from which such acts can be planned and staged with relative ease. These bases are more or less known and are situated in some of the traditional “Sunni” areas, mainly in the West and also in other quite well known places. That is not to say that all the Iraqi Sunnis are party to these acts, and this is clear even from the composition of the present Iraqi Government. But I believe that the actual operatives of these subversives are a minority, but a minority that has succeeded in intimidating the majority in these areas, and also exploiting the sectarian passions of the provincials of these regions.  And of course many of the elements of the former regime, including members of the defunct security forces, the same who are responsible for the atrocities and torture chambers of the baathists, have sought refuge in these areas after the fall of the regime.  Add to that the influx of foreign terrorists who have been welcomed and integrated within these groups and are being used for suicide missions, which I am absolutely convinced, are entirely carried out by these foreigners.  

We know that many people from these regions have actually left to settle elsewhere in Iraq, out of fear and frustration with the present situation prevailing in their hometowns. Some of the “religious preachers” have become the instruments of incitement and uncompromising extremism, and an atmosphere of Taliban-like terror reigns in some parts, such as Fallujah and Sammara and is spilling over to other parts of the country. You all remember that during the siege of Falluja and the closure of the highway from Baghdad to the Western province, the terrorist operations in Baghdad almost stopped. This clearly demonstrates where most of these operations are coming from.  

The conclusion is that the situation can no longer be ignored and that military scale operations are necessary to regain control of these regions (and liberate the moderate elements thereof) or at least isolate them and put them in quarantine, until an effective cure can be found.  



Tuesday, July 27, 2004

USA Granny,

I am too overwhelmed to comment on your Geese poem right now. I suppose there are very few emotions more sublime than that of comradeship in a common noble cause - the cause of the slain of 9/11; the cause of the murder of the Dr. of Mahmoudia Hospital this morning while on his way to work to heal the sick and tend to the wounded; the cause of the sacred fight against evil. For Right and Wrong here are as clear as daylight. But there are those with eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear (The Holy Quraan).

Bless you.


Monday, July 26, 2004


Thank you for your flattering opinion regarding my literary knowledge. As recommended by a friend (I think it was Thinker), I should be careful not to let it go to my head and inflate my ego too much. I must however, in all honesty, disclaim any such distinction, and admit reluctantly, that much of my reading consisted of cursory leafing through volumes, often in the bathroom, or in happier times, in well-stocked bookshops. Like most people, I suppose, my reading was mostly done for entertainment, and I don’t think that I ever really bothered to study seriously any abstruse work, apart from technical literature for purely professional reasons. Nowadays I have almost completely stopped reading anything apart from engineering literature, and your comments here.

For these reasons, this blogging has been such a rejuvenating experience. It is so refreshing to exchange views with my friends. I realize, of course, that much of the interest stems from the topical subject of our country and the war and the dramatic events taking place at the moment. But I really hope that the friendships that have been made at these difficult and painful times, would continue to more tranquil days when we could talk of other subjects of mutual interest.

But I must tell you quite sincerely, that your acquaintance and warmth has been a real consolation and a refuge from the pain and sadness of these troubled times. 

It is for this reason mainly, that I continue this blogging; because it pleases me; because it uplifts my heart – all purely selfish reasons. And I owe my friends, gratitude, because the main interest for me is their participation and their interaction; and you have all been so generous.

I say without any abashment whatsoever that it has been wonderful knowing you all.



I am glad some important people have noticed my blog. And that not simply out of vanity, but for quite another reason, which should be obvious: We want them to hear us and listen to what we say.
Now I would like to draw attention to the latest post by Sam (Hamorabi), see the link on the side. There is much to think about his analysis and recommendations about the military situation. I think they should be considered seriously.
The way forward is obvious, throw everthing behind the new government and security forces and be on the offensive always.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

You are indeed falling prey to the Media as noted by another friend. You may be interested to know that we, who are in the middle of it all, see a definite improvement in the overall security situation already, believe it or not. As for the terrorism and the "insurgency", nobody was expecting that it will just disappear suddenly. In fact, we expected much worse. The enemy has no agenda, no clear political objective, he is just desperately striking left and right and committing more and more terrible atrocities that will only increase the hatred and repulsion against him; while the offensive against him by the patriotic Iraqis is gaining momentum. The majority are going to get stronger and stronger, and this is already observable in the new security formations. We are in the  thick of it and don't feel discouraged at all.
As the Russian general said in "War and Peace" : Patience and Time, Time and Patience.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Good Morning Friends,
I have a very busy day ahead of me, but I must drop a word. While reading your very interesting comments, I would like to draw attention to the comments by Kat of Missouri. Before elaborating my own position I must say he is saying something quite close to my thinking:
So...we need more rationality and science (true science) to invade the rest of the world along with some black market jeans, CDs, movies, etc to get the message out that it's ok to believe in God and actually want to live.Kat-Missouri/USA

I was intending to talk about this question of the understanding of religion and interpretation of religious scriptures. Kat expresses the problem well. “Inshsallah” we shall have to discuss the question at more depth; it is important.
Also some friends ask my permission to print some of these posts. Please feel free to do whatever you like with them, this effort is directed towards you, and definitely with the recognition of the importance of American and Western public opinion for the success of this project which is a matter of life and death to us. Of course I shall be very happy for increased circulation of all positive ideas including my own.
Salaam (this is a greeting and not my name, as some people seem to think !)

Sunday, July 18, 2004

I have been reading the latest comments about my latest post and I must say that I feel flattered by the reception it received from my friends and the many words of praise; for who is not pleased by eulogy? Anybody telling you otherwise cannot be but a hypocrite. Also I am pleased that my friends of Iraq the Model (that most remarkable Iraqi blog) have also noticed it.
So we keep coming back to this question of religion; a thorny subject indeed. It seems to me that there are many kinds of attitudes towards religious beliefs, and I hope to find time to clarify my own position concerning this important subject, which seems so much linked to the present troubles in the World.
Best Regards to all.

Thursday, July 15, 2004



Well, of course the Arabs are our brothers in so far as we are an Arabic speaking people. And of course we don’t wish them harm. And how many sacrifices have the Iraqis made for their sake? So, we wish them well, generally speaking. However, how we wish they could be less stupid, less cruel and more understanding. Also it would be nice if they could become less selfish, less hypocritical, less addicted to lying, treachery and jealousy. That would be nice. And perhaps they could show a little more concern about the murder of our people, the destruction of our livelihood, the sabotage of our national assets and infrastructure. It would be even nicer if they could actually stop perpetrating these rather unfriendly acts.

Also, somewhat it seems to us that cutting the heads of hostages is not a particularly good way of illustrating the Arab and Islamic nobility of spirit; especially if it is done in the name of Allah. I mean we are puzzled, because we thought that Allah was The Merciful; the Compassionate. But hard as we try to understand our brothers, we don’t seem to be able to comprehend the merciful nature of their actions. Perhaps we are not sufficiently well trained philosophically and too ignorant to appreciate the finer points of theology and the relationship between beheadings and various forms of murder to monotheism and Jihad in the name of The Merciful, the Compassionate.

Also we thought that our religion preached tolerance and kindness towards others, but it seems that our lamentable ignorance of theology led us to these erroneous misconceptions. But then this is your fault, venerable Sheikhs. You have not made sufficient effort to enlighten and train us in the true precepts and ways of piety. We have yet to appreciate that the true way of the Lord calls for drenching the earth with human blood. We seem to remember that the Gods of paganism craved for human sacrifice; “The Gods are thirsty – Les Dieux Ont Soif ”. Do we have sneaking suspicions that these ancient creeds have crept back into your system of belief?

Oh, yes; Oh brothers and venerable Sheiks with the correct size of beards, we are in dire need of explanation from you to save us from our utter disbelief and bewilderment concerning your ways. We are in state of shock that threatens the very foundation of our own faith.


Wednesday, July 14, 2004


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Good Morning Friends,

I am about to start work in my office, and I feel the need to say something to you.

Yesterday they struck again, one car bombing and two assassinations of Government officials. This is the only thing they can do. They had hoped that they could develop their fight to control areas and confront the Iraqis in open warfare. But they are being defeated and forced to fall back to earlier tactics, and with much difficulty. The ROUNDUP has started. To be sure, they will be able to deliver some more sabotage and terror but the price they are going to pay is going to go up and up. We have always thought that the Iraqis are better able to take care of internal security. You could see that so clearly in recent days. The police raids on crime dens were such a graphic illustration of the difference. The intelligent recognition by the policemen of who is criminal and who is innocent was so apparent. The people in the street, mostly vendors and shopkeepers, were happy even as bullets were flying all over the place.

Oh yes, this new government is achieving amazing success in even such a short period. This is going to drive the enemy to desperation, and this is becoming clear in the increasingly venomous tone of his vituperations on Al Jazeera terrorist station and such similar media. Imagine this, a station run by Wahabis (nicknamed Filthy Beards henceforth), staffed with Baathist Palestinians and financed by a mini state, which is supposed to be an ally of the U.S. and enjoys the full patronage and protection of the West, without which protection it had no chance in hell at survival; a strange situation indeed!

If there are Iraqis amongst these people they had better come to their senses and stop destroying their country. Otherwise they will find the determination of the people getting more and more firm, and with each terrorist act more and more people alienated and determined at confronting and defying them. The GREAT CLEANUP is coming and the HOUSE shall be in ORDER sooner and later, with the vermin TOTALLY EXTERMINATED, God’s willing.


Sunday, July 11, 2004


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hi Friends,

Regarding “hearts and minds”; have you ever stopped to consider why the attack against the Iraqi people, their livelihood, and their infrastructure is by far more ferocious and spiteful than the assault on American and allied forces. Why is that necessary, if the population was really seething with hatred and animosity against the “occupiers”. Why indeed are they attacking the Iraqi people with such cruelty? Just think about that. Such thing has precedence neither in Vietnam nor any other conflict, including the WWII. I mean the Germans were never known to attack their own people, nor did that happen in Japan or Vietnam. The naïve blockheads of the antiwar movement, the well meaning ones, I mean, and not those with hidden motives, just don’t see this. The attack on the Iraqi majority is simply an attack on their intrinsic underlying support for this thing. That is the simple truth. As one simple tribesman once put it: “had it not been for this thesis of liberation, the Americans would have found it impossible just to stay on the ground”. Yes indeed, the hatred of the Zarqawis of this world is much more poisonous towards the Iraqis as it is towards the Americans. And if you read again his famous letter you will see this explicitly expressed. The U.S. policy makers and forces on the ground themselves underestimated this crucial factor and have acted in many instances with foolishness that contributed a great deal to the present troubles.

Nevertheless, the basic underlying grass root support is still there despite all the suffering and troubles; for the heart of a people is a profound phenomenon. Just look at the failure of Muqtada Al-Sadr movement to ignite the kind of conflagration amongst the Shiaa population that many were expecting, despite the fierce confrontation between his supporters and the American forces.

American and Allied strategists, should understand this clearly and appreciate that it is the main asset and essential strength of this campaign, and that success hinges on rectifying the errors and restoring this popular current to its initial strength and enthusiasm. And that is doable and possible. And it will be the people who are going to defend their gains against both internal and external enemies.



Al Salaam Alaykum

As I have told you so many times before, in this epic struggle, victory is certain “Gods Willing – Inshallah”. And why is it so? : Because it is an historical necessity. I shall not even bother to explain this. All I can tell you is to remember this ordinary Iraqi who said this at this time. And another thing; this fight is as crucial for the Western World and the future role of America in the World this century, as it is a matter of life and death to us.

In many ways it is comparable to the turmoil and trouble that shook Europe some half a millennium ago, during the “Reformation” and "Sectarian Wars". It is interesting to note that the age of the Islamic religion is now almost the same as was the age of Christianity then. That painful period of European history inaugurated the age of Renaissance and the triumph of humanism that followed. And so it will be here.


Saturday, July 10, 2004

Hi Everybody

Just one hurried word before I am off on my daily chores. People of the U.S. and Allied nations, I hope you realize the full import of this great enterprise. For you have not only helped us to get rid of an awful dictatorship, but you are now helping us to be liberated of our own shortcomings, superstitions and the rust and dust of centuries. And what help! By the blood and sweat of your own young men and women; and there are those of us who can appreciate. And what America is really doing now is conquering hearts and minds, for the first time, in this part of the world. And this will be one of the greatest conquests and the key to solving the problems of the region and consequently the cause of peace in the World.

I wish I could explain myself better, for I realize these words will meet much skepticism; yet this is one of those feelings from the guts that I have talked to you about before.


Hi Everybody,

I suppose it is useless to appologize for the delays in my posting these days. The thing is that I am simply too busy.

You may be interested to know that there has been a definite improvement of the security situation in Baghdad, which has been felt by everybody. This has come as a result of increased deployment of police and national guards thro'out the city, together with other tough measures against crime gangs mainly.

Despite all the bad news you may hear in the media, things have not turned out as bad as was expected. Keeps fingers crossed.

I hope to find time for more detailed posting soon "Inshallah".

Regards to All