Friday, February 01, 2008



Another sad day: the Al-Gazle pet market and another pet market have been hit today, see this. This particular place has been attacked several times before and still it happens. It is heartbreaking really. The people who frequent these traditional and very lovable places are usually amongst the poorest and are mostly young animal loving hobbyists. This kind of savagery and brutality defies reason and fills the heart with pain and despondency. But that is exactly the aim of the cruel and inhuman enemy. They want to saw despair and doom and haven’t yet learnt the futility of their crimes; their hatred and lust for blood is only equaled by their stupidity. What can be the justification for killing these most innocent of civilians engaged in these most innocent kinds of activities? Worst still, they say that two mentally retarded women were used in the suicide attack, in which case most likely these poor creatures probably had no idea of what is being done to them. Can anybody imagine such cruelty, it boggles the mind. It is said that Al-Qaeda et al are increasingly using children and women for their dastardly homicidal attacks.

The so-called human rights groups never seem to be unduly perturbed by such things. We seldom read or hear a word from them about such horrors. They are mostly concerned with the rights of imprisoned terrorists and apprehended criminals who perpetrate such acts. Is this unfair to them? I would like to hear from anybody to prove to me otherwise.

And what about the hypocritical Media? Al Jazeera, for instance downplays such incidents, they can no longer insinuate that it is the Americans or the Jews or something like that, so they prefer just to downplay the thing. But you still find those who throw their accusations left and right against anybody but the real culprits whom everybody knows by the way, but it is the culture of lying that has become the very basis of the thinking and feeling of some people. To keep lying and lying to yourself and others until you end up finally by believing your own lies. This reminds me of a folkloric story about the famous “Juha” who himself started a false rumor that something dramatic was happening the other side of the town, then when he saw people rushing towards the place, started himself running with them. Another satellite station called Al-Rafidain that is hosted by the Egyptians in Cairo openly extols the heroic acts of the “Resistance” (the very terrorist acts such as these), although, now and then, they hypocritically issue some denunciation of particularly heinous acts such those of today always trying their best to lay the blame on someone else other than the obvious culprits. This station is run by the so-called “Council of Muslim Ulama” headed by Harith Al-Dhari, who openly supports Al-Qaeda and has always refused to condemn them. This individual and his group are receiving open support and financing from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and others. This group and this individual have been denunciated even by the Sunnis in Iraq, such as the denouncement of the head of the “Sunni Wakf”, the Anbar Salvation Council and others; yet still they receive support financial and otherwise from Arab regimes who claim to care for the Sunnis in Iraq and to be against terrorism. These are the very regimes, by the way, who are said to be moderates and friends of the U.S. Egypt, for instance, is receiving enormous annual financial aid from the American taxpayer money second only to that given to Israel, yet it has no compunction about hosting an MSM outlet that glorifies the murder of U.S. servicemen day and night, without even so much as a protest from the American government. Perhaps it is this weak-kneed American attitude that has contributed to the aggravation of the terrorist phenomenon.

In any case, such crimes are not going to delay the ignominious and inevitable end of the criminals of Al-Qaeda et al at the hands of the heroic Iraqi people and their friends.