Monday, January 31, 2005

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Greetings friends,

What we have witnessed is something amazing. I am an Iraqi and a Baghdadi and should know, and deep down in my heart I knew; yet I must admit that I did not expect all this. The common Iraqi citizen has taken all by surprise, including those of us who are indigenous to this land.

It was expected that relatively secure areas in the South and North were going to see heavy turnout. Yet Baghdad; subjected to a terrorist and intimidation campaign of unprecedented scale and cruelty; Baghdad, deprived of electricity, fuel and lately even water( which is more dangerous than anything else); Baghdad, that lacks security, where the citizens face mortal danger every moment of their daily life; Baghdad, where life has almost ground to a standstill; that citizens of this Baghdad should line up at polling stations braving very real dangers, with mortars raining down and scores of suicide bombers sent out to blow up people, and moreover that many even brought their children: this Baghdad was a revelation even to Baghdadis.

There were amazing scenes; not very likely to seen anywhere else. There were acts of heroism. Abdul Amir Kadhim, saw a man whom he suspected to be a suicide bomber, he threw himself on the man before he could get to the waiting line of people; and sure there was an explosion and this young man gave his life to save the others. Prime Minister Allawi paid tribute to this heroism. At one station there was a suicide attack and several people fell; when people of the neighborhood heard of this, the waiting line suddenly swelled to three times in size; people rushed out of their homes and came running to wait in line; it was their way to express their defiance and anger at this crime. The examples of bravery and courage are too numerous to recount. People took courage from each other, as people came out others watched and did not want to be left out. It was something incredible to watch. Yes this was a historic day, a day to remember until our dying day. With one stroke, in a single day, the silent majority spoke and answered all the pundits and doubters, and those who spoke on their behalf. Yet we have been telling you this all along; we have been telling you ever since this blogging movement started. Do you now see that we were not representing minority views, that we were not some CIA agents trying to make propaganda?

I find it difficult right know to write coherently; I just want to convey to you some of the tremendous feelings overwhelming my soul now.

As for some of the Arab scum and other detractors, they are appearing on TV screens looking like they have just swallowed a cockroach, or perhaps had some awful lizard creeping up their backsides; They fidget, they try hard to find some words, some way to get round this, to belittle, twist to distort facts; but it is not easy, not easy when the entire world, the entire humanity are watching intently this incredible event.

Finally, we heard the speech of President Bush Loud and clear. He, and the American people and their British and other valiant allies have much to do with this event. All I can say is that this man has all the essential traits of character that distinguishes the great men of history; the insistence and utter conviction and the perseverance and steadfastness in the face of all doubters and detractors. This was no ordinary election, and it was not simply to elect a constituent assembly. It was the answer of the people, what they really thought about the liberation, what they really thought of the ideas preached by the president. This was a message by the Iraqi people to the American people and their great president. It was the heart of Iraq answering the heart of America that voted to give the President the mandate to finish the task; it was the answer that the common people of Iraq gave by braving danger and exposing their life and that of their children and families to death, this was their way to make their voice heard.

Well, thank you Mr. President, we heard you; and I am sure you also heard us.

Peace be upon you all and the mercy of Allah and his blessings.

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Greetings Friends,

I bow in respect and awe to the men and women of our people who, armed only with faith and hope are going to the polls under the very real threats of being blown to pieces. These are the real braves; not the miserable creatures of hate who are attacking one of the noblest things that has ever happened to us. Have you ever seen anything like this? Iraq will be O.K. with so many brave people, it will certainly O.K.; I can say no more just now; I am just filled with pride and moved beyond words. People are turning up not only under the present threat to polling stations but also under future threats to themselves and their families; yet they are coming, and keep coming. Behold the Iraqi people; now you know their true metal. We shall never forget the meanness of these bas…s. After this is over there will be no let up, they must be wiped out. It is our duty and the duty of every decent human to make sure this vermin is no more and that no more innocent decent people are victimized.

My condolences to the Great American people for the tragic recent losses of soldiers. The blood of Iraqis and Americans is being shed on the soil of Mesopotamia; a baptism with blood. A baptism of a lasting friendship and alliance, for many years to come, through thick and thin, we shall never forget the brave soldiers fallen while defending our freedom and future.

This is a very hurried message, while we are witnessing something quite extraordinary. I myself have voted and so did members of my family. Thank God for giving us the chance.

Salaam for now

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


With all due respect to Human Rights Watch and such similar organizations; we find the timing of the report about abuses by the Iraqi security forces against captured terrorist suspects, highly suspicious coming at this particular time. Of course, all acts of brutality against innocents are highly reprehensible and quite unacceptable; however, if it is certain that the suspects in question are some of the be-headers, mass murderers and perpetrators of the daily atrocities and flagrant aggression against a whole people, they deserve to be skinned alive. Moreover, really, to ask for perfect behavior of the security forces in the present circumstances, is like asking for immaculate English eating manners and bow ties at a cannibal feast in the heart of the jungle.

In fact, most of the recent successes in capturing and rounding up terrorists can be attributed to the toughening of interrogation methods used by the Iraqi security forces. That; unfortunately, is the grim reality of the situation. It is a dilemma difficult to resolve.


Saturday, January 22, 2005

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


To start with, I wish to congratulate all Muslim people on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha.

As I said right at the beginning (of my blogging), the battle with the stubborn peasants opposing change in our country was going to depend on the balance of intimidation as I called it then. The basic error was in allowing this balance to tip in favor of the enemy through inadequate security measures coupled with underestimation of his ability to subvert and cripple civil life. The enemy should be well known by now as being an alliance of former regime elements with the Bin-Ladenists, if we may coin this new term; not to mention the motley assortment of petty criminals and mercenaries. The basic ideas and strategies of this enemy are broadly laid out in that famous Zarqawi document. Unfortunately, his plan has been implemented more or less successfully so far. I have always insisted on the paramount importance of that document, which I believe to be authentic. Careful reading of it could shed much light on what has been going up to the present time. He clearly states that one of the most important elements of his plan is to gain control of the Sunni areas and incite the people therein against the rest and majority of the population namely the Shiaa, the Kurds, Christians etc., thereby creating the conditions that would lead to civil war of the worst kind: religious and sectarian conflict. Thus and in pursuit of this vile scheme, the most heinous barbaric crimes have been committed, especially against the Iraqi people, and I do not think we need to enumerate these.

There is also very little doubt that regional powers are playing an important role in financing and aiding the terrorist campaign in Iraq, as a means of thwarting U.S. and Allied strategies. All what the U.S. is expounding is anathema to these neighboring regimes (and others more far away): Democracy, freedom, standing up for the oppressed, the promotion of more enlightened and open political systems. Moreover; the hostility against these ideas are perfectly understandable from their point of view, since they spell death and doom to social systems based on tyranny, despotism , blind bias, arrogance and prejudice.

Regarding the elections, it is almost evident what is going to happen. Voting will take place mostly in those places that are more or less out of reach of the intimidators, namely, the South and Kurdish North. Unfortunately, much of Baghdad is on the wrong side of line. In fact, this intimidation is working against the interests of secular and moderate political forces, and in favor of the more religiously inclined and intransigent parties, since those likely to favor the former are largely to be found in Baghdad and the major cities. And; if the latter parties gain power, they are not likely to treat the “insurgents” very kindly; so, probably, the intimidators are stupidly digging their own graves.

Moreover, no one should expect that the security situation and strife would somehow improve after the elections; it is more likely to intensify. This is an unfinished war; the Saddamists and their allies have fully regrouped and rearmed and are being very well financed and supported. The brave American people have given President Bush the mandate to finish this war despite the painful sacrifices and material cost. The Iraqi people are up in arms through the political groupings, new army, N.G. and various security forces and are suffering the greater part of the sacrifice. Despite all the snags and faltering, these forces are getting bigger and stronger and should be supported and nurtured until they can bear the full responsibility; this is the only viable “exit strategy” available. In fact, we do not like this phrase, for what is required is a “victory strategy”. This war must be fought to the bitter end, and there is only one outcome acceptable both to us and to you: Total and Complete Victory. Anything else is completely unthinkable.


Friday, January 14, 2005

Hi Michael Cosyns,

How are you old friend.

Answering your query about Truth's comment ( Truth is either arab speaking or an arabist ) Here is the translation of the words:

Salb = Highway robbery, brigandage

Nahb = Looting

Katl = Killing, murder

There is some truth in there about the Bedouine way of life.



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Greetings to all my friends,

So; this is a new year, time is flying by, and we are getting older. It has been a long break and it is time to talk to you again. I have been thinking all this time to change the usual subjects that we talk about, for we are getting tired, however the events develop so fast that it is difficult to ignore them and think about anything else. During the time that I took off, I lost some acquaintances and distant relatives. Two very fine young men were shot in front of the shop they owned as they were closing down to go home, they were distantly related to me. The Assistant Dean of the medical college of Baghdad, a relative of a close friend of mine was gunned down as he drove his daughters back from college. This was a fine and brilliant man and only 45 years old, and besides he was the only man in a house full of old and young women and girls. The women are now left without anybody to look after them and horribly traumatized. Another old friend of mine, a prosperous and successful engineer and contractor was murdered near Abu Ghraib leaving a big family behind.

Thus, the daily massacre of completely innocent people goes on. The very best people in society are targeted. The hardest hit is the professional middle class. Many Doctors and professionals are closing down their very profitable businesses and escaping outside the country.

These zombies are at it again. As if all the murders and mass graves of the past are not enough they continue their orgy of killing and torture under the very nose of the MNF and the Iraqi security forces who are themselves victims of the most atrocious massacres. Any assumption that we are dealing with human beings is completely wrong. These are monsters and must be dealt with as such.

As for the elections, they are doing their best to intimidate and threaten people. What can be more abominable than this; openly intimidating people from participating in the first truly free elections in the history of not only Iraq but also probably the entire region. And what lame excuses they give! The security situation? But it is you gentlemen who are responsible for the havoc. And; what guarantee can there be if the elections are postponed that the situation will not get worse? In fact, we all know that you will do your damn best to aggravate it further in the vane hope that you might achieve your vile objectives. Fair elections cannot be held under occupation! : As if we ever saw any fair elections when there was no “occupation” for almost a whole century when your minority clan was lording over the people. Besides, Palestinian elections were recently held under Israeli occupation, and we did not see anybody objecting. You are not telling us that the Israeli occupation is better than the presence of the MNF who have liberated the country from your tyranny. Oh, and they want a precise timetable for the MNF to leave. That, we assure you does not stem from any patriotic sentiment. You can be certain that within few hours from the departure of the last American soldier, the old Saddam military and security apparatus will reemerge from their holes, reinforced this time with the vampires of the Bin Laden clan and their likes. The pogrom that would ensue then would be a horror unparalleled in the entire history of genocide and mass murder. In fact, it would be merciful, if our American friends “nuke” the whole place before leaving (to use the cute expression I have read somewhere). That would eliminate the scum while giving the rest of the population a quick death, which is better than the horrible torture that could await them; a kind of mercy killing, you might say: Euthanasia.

Well, I am sorry, but these are horrible thoughts for the New Year. Nevertheless, do not go thinking that we have weakened. This time America is right, and the Iraqi people will never allow the clock to be turned back. No matter what sacrifices are required: We Shall Overcome.

Love to all our friends in America and elsewhere: You shall be proud of the Iraqi people, your grateful friends.


Sunday, January 09, 2005



Belated new year greetings. Your friend Alaa is back. I wish everybody a happy new year. And may this year bring victory and triumph to the Iraqi people and please all their friends and bring despair and defeat to all their enemies.


I have recovered the comments and the archives are there, thanks god. Will soon be starting to Blog properly and eagerly await your comments, and miss all my old friends.

Regards all.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Hi Friends,

I am still around, safe and sound. Will be back soon "Inshallah". I was a bit demoralised for the corruption of my site. Been really busy lately, no time even to scractch my head. But I miss you all and must come back "God's Willing". And I still say that "We Shall Overcome". Obscurantism and brutal medievalism will be defeated, must be defeated. All Glory to the Great Alliance of blood and sacrifice between the People of the USA and the Majority of Iraqis. The blood of American and allied men and women and that of our people shall not be in vain.

My Love to all my friends.