Saturday, January 22, 2005

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


To start with, I wish to congratulate all Muslim people on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha.

As I said right at the beginning (of my blogging), the battle with the stubborn peasants opposing change in our country was going to depend on the balance of intimidation as I called it then. The basic error was in allowing this balance to tip in favor of the enemy through inadequate security measures coupled with underestimation of his ability to subvert and cripple civil life. The enemy should be well known by now as being an alliance of former regime elements with the Bin-Ladenists, if we may coin this new term; not to mention the motley assortment of petty criminals and mercenaries. The basic ideas and strategies of this enemy are broadly laid out in that famous Zarqawi document. Unfortunately, his plan has been implemented more or less successfully so far. I have always insisted on the paramount importance of that document, which I believe to be authentic. Careful reading of it could shed much light on what has been going up to the present time. He clearly states that one of the most important elements of his plan is to gain control of the Sunni areas and incite the people therein against the rest and majority of the population namely the Shiaa, the Kurds, Christians etc., thereby creating the conditions that would lead to civil war of the worst kind: religious and sectarian conflict. Thus and in pursuit of this vile scheme, the most heinous barbaric crimes have been committed, especially against the Iraqi people, and I do not think we need to enumerate these.

There is also very little doubt that regional powers are playing an important role in financing and aiding the terrorist campaign in Iraq, as a means of thwarting U.S. and Allied strategies. All what the U.S. is expounding is anathema to these neighboring regimes (and others more far away): Democracy, freedom, standing up for the oppressed, the promotion of more enlightened and open political systems. Moreover; the hostility against these ideas are perfectly understandable from their point of view, since they spell death and doom to social systems based on tyranny, despotism , blind bias, arrogance and prejudice.

Regarding the elections, it is almost evident what is going to happen. Voting will take place mostly in those places that are more or less out of reach of the intimidators, namely, the South and Kurdish North. Unfortunately, much of Baghdad is on the wrong side of line. In fact, this intimidation is working against the interests of secular and moderate political forces, and in favor of the more religiously inclined and intransigent parties, since those likely to favor the former are largely to be found in Baghdad and the major cities. And; if the latter parties gain power, they are not likely to treat the “insurgents” very kindly; so, probably, the intimidators are stupidly digging their own graves.

Moreover, no one should expect that the security situation and strife would somehow improve after the elections; it is more likely to intensify. This is an unfinished war; the Saddamists and their allies have fully regrouped and rearmed and are being very well financed and supported. The brave American people have given President Bush the mandate to finish this war despite the painful sacrifices and material cost. The Iraqi people are up in arms through the political groupings, new army, N.G. and various security forces and are suffering the greater part of the sacrifice. Despite all the snags and faltering, these forces are getting bigger and stronger and should be supported and nurtured until they can bear the full responsibility; this is the only viable “exit strategy” available. In fact, we do not like this phrase, for what is required is a “victory strategy”. This war must be fought to the bitter end, and there is only one outcome acceptable both to us and to you: Total and Complete Victory. Anything else is completely unthinkable.


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