Friday, October 28, 2005


Ziad - has spoken again, very briefly. The Iraqi blogosphere has missed his voice for a long time. To Ziad: Your voice is more needed now than ever. It doesn't matter what you want to say, we all know that whatever you say is sincere conviction. I join my voice to the multitude of your fans to return to blogging and illuminate us with your informative and enjoyable writing. And I am very happy to know that your are still there safe and sound.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005



Rather, Hurricane force “Winds of Change”; that is what we are experiencing. Do you realize the significance of the results of the constitution referendum? To start with you have the percentages and figures. Of registered voters about 63% turned out to vote. Of these voters 78% voted "Yes" and 22% voted "No". Most of those who voted No were Sunnis. Some of the Sunnis have voted in favor, especially in Mosul. Therefore the percentages really reflect the percentage of Sunnis in Iraq. It is interesting that in Baghdad, roughly the same proportions of Yes & No’s as the overall figures, which goes to show that Baghdad has a sectarian mix almost representative of the whole country.

Not all those who voted No are terrorist sympathizers. The terrorists would rather have people boycott the referendum. For instance you could see the confusion in the ranks of the “Nay” people, in the vague statements from the Council of Muslim Scholars (representing the extreme Sunni position), regarding participation or boycott of the referendum.

In any case the results dealt a painful blow to the enemy. Most people in Iraq sighed with relief. At last the “transitional phase” will be over and we shall have a regular government and a permanent constitution. The losers however are not known for their sporting spirit and are feeling very sour, as witnessed by their hysterical statements and ridiculous and lying claims, which of course will translate into the kind of crimes against the people that have become so customary. This is not resistance to occupation (an occupation that does not exist), as some like to call it, nor is it an “insurgency” with any clear objective except some vague and false slogans; it is essentially racist and sectarian hate crimes. That’s what it is without doubt. But you see, with the success of this referendum and balloting, things are moving forward fine, really fine. The Sunnis have only two alternatives politically: One is to participate strongly in the coming elections and therefore to start being seriously involved in the political process, an option that should be highly encouraged and there are indications that many of the Sunnis are leaning that way. Another course is to continue in an attitude of apathy, sulkiness and submission to the intimidation of the terrorist and extremist elements, and the propaganda of the hate mongers of the MSM lead by pople like Al Jazeera; in which case their representation in the coming parliament will be as poor as it is at the moment which is not in their interest. In other words the progress of the political process has placed the disgruntled Sunnis in a check mate situation.

But the progress towards democracy is unstoppable and inexorable and total victory is in sight. The enemy is now counting on one and only one forlorn hope, and that is to wear down the resolve of the American and western people, with the help of the MSM, which explains the latest explosions near the Meridien/Palestine hotel, a show staged entirely for the benefit of the MSM cameras that obliged and did their part admirably. The terrorist game is at least 90% TV and Internet phenomenon, deprive them of these and you will deal them a blow far more fatal than any kind of military action. The terrorists know very well that the Iraqi people are not going to give up or submit; therefore their hopes are pinned on influencing the peoples of the free world, encouraged by reports in the MSM. In any case it is becoming clear that their senseless crimes are not going to help them achieve anything, and it seems that they don’t even have any clear ideas or objectives to speak of apart from destruction and hate.

The American and Iraqi military campaigns have achieved considerable success, and it is more essential than ever to persevere and stand firm at these critical times, I mean from now until the coming elections in December, at least. Firmness must be accompanied by no less determined efforts to draw in the reasonable elements from the Sunnis to the political process and full participation in the coming elections. This includes reinforcing and helping the local leaders and tribal communities who wish to maintain the peace in their areas and combat the extremists and terrorists, and there are quite a number of these, from my own personal knowledge.

Both Iraqi, American and allied sacrifices have been painful and costly. The blood of those falling in the cause of freedom must not be in vain. Some people in America ask the question: “what’s in it for us?” I think it would be more appropriate for the question to be: “What will be the consequences of retreat and defeat?” Yet the fruits of success and victory are shiningly apparent too, and we should have no need to explain these.

As has been frequently said “defeat and retreat is no option”; and this is truer now than ever with victory in sight, and with a bit of good planning it should not take long, Gods Willing. Personally I haven’t the slightest doubt about it and I am one in the midst of events and one who should know.


Monday, October 24, 2005


Today a particularly heinous crime has been committed. I am referring to the slaying of building laborers slain near the accursed village of Jurf Al Sakhar, south of Baghdad. 12 men mostly belonging to same two families were slain for no reason other than pure sectarian and racist hate. These poor laborers were slain as they were toiling for their daily bread. This abominable village mentioned above has been the source of many of such acts and is inhabited by certain well known murderous and callous Sunni tribes. These are thieves and criminals by tradition and a place from which many of the actual thugs and torturers of Saddam torture chambers used to be recruited.

May God forgive me for saying this, but if ever a case for collective punishment can be made it is for this kind of zombies and animals. And quite frankly I just cannot understand why this particular village has been allowed to continue its genocidal atrocities for so long. It is not a large place, and it seems to me absolutely clear that the perpetrators can be found amongst the miserable peasants living there. And moreover the identity of these criminals is sure to be known to every villager in the location. And yet nothing seems to have been done, and no response and no action of any sort to find the culprits. This is the tragedy, and until we have security forces that would not allow things like this and can take immediate action, we are far from achieving our goals.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hi everybody,

I am very touched by the fine sentiments expressed by many of my friends, but I must say that

it is the kind of response that I expected which reinforces my belief in the goodness of heart of

my friends.

Rick wrote:


Any comment on the above survey? Would you say this is true? 20051...iraq_britain_dc

The link


My response to this survey is simply that it cannot be accurate. And why believe this kind of poll when you have the results of the referendum and elections to go by.

A simple fact: Regardless of what you think of the new constitution and regardless of what those voting in the referendum think concerning this document, it is a fact that each person voting is opting for the political process rather than any form of violent action. This is especially true for those voting yes. Now, out of 15 million registered voters approximately 10 million turned out to vote. This is despite the threats and intimidation. This turnout is very respectable by any standard and is more so owing to the security situation and the intimidation.

The enemy has done everthing in his power to discourage people, and you must have heard of the relentless violence and killings that preceded the referendum. Nevertheless, the Iraqi people have demonstrated again that they will not be intimidated and that they are prepared to risk their lives to go to the polling stations.

What the "insurgents" have always insisted is that everybody boycot any form of political and even civic participation, and in that they have been repeatedly rebuffed and repudiated by the people. How can you reconcile all these facts on the ground with contentions such as those which this poll is trying to suggest?


Thursday, October 20, 2005


Hearty greetings to all my friends – actually I have been away for a few days. Guess where? To the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! That was to perform Al Umra, a religious tradition which is less demanding than Hajj, which I had been fortunate enough to perform a couple of years back, Wa Alhamdu lillah (Praise be to God). It is quite an interesting subject, as a ritual, which I might talk to you about sometime.

Now I know that some of my friends may not be particularly fond of Islamic rituals nor especially well inclined towards the Islamic religion itself. You must know that personally, I don't blame them at all and find their attitude perfectly understandable in view of the great damage done to the reputation of our religion by the Takfiris and the terrorists and the like. We ourselves are extremely dismayed by the actions and attitudes of many of our fellow Muslims, so how can we blame others for quite rightful indignation in the face of the atrocities and abominations of the so-called "islamist" extremists and "fundamentalists". Yet I have a very difficult request which I would like to submit to my friends; and that is for them to try to overcome their just anger and look at the thing from a broader perspective and understand that the present day phenomena are but ephemeral aberrations, and that years away from now they will only be remembered as historical curiosities. But the great religions will still be there, the Islamic faith, the Christian faith and the Jewish and other great religions of humanity. Each one of these great faiths is valid and is a particular way to communicate with the same eternal truth. That is my view and it is a big subject that requires much more explanation, perhaps in future posts.

But what I wanted to tell you today is that facing the holy Kaaba, which to us is being in the direct presence of God, I remembered my friends on this blog and prayed for them too. I prayed that you may be blessed with happiness and prosperity and spared from evil. Honest to God I did. I just wanted you to know.


Sunday, October 09, 2005


It is about half an hour to Iftar time. This is the most difficult part of the day. I don't know about others but I tend to get very irritated and easily provoked about this time. So I have these difficult minutes to kill, so I thought I kill them with you.

So here is my nasty thought of the day (So much for Ramadan bringing you tranquility and peace of mind; and may God forgive me for saying this): Here we have the U.S.A. and Great Britain and their smaller friends, an alliance that has defeated Nazi Germany and the mighty Reich, and have had the stomach to obliterate Japanese cities with atomic bombs. Here we have the Americans, the descendants of those who wrested a whole continent by shear obstinacy and fought for every inch of land with blood and sweat. Here we have nations that have waded through rivers of blood and mud and marched through entire continents to become symbols of human perseverance and enterprise. Yes all this history and yet we have some who think that our miserable "Sunni Triangle" poses an insurmountable problem and that one should "cut and run" and "bring home troops immediately" etc. etc.

I salute President Bush who does not care much for this kind of defeatism and treats it with the contempt it deserves.


Thursday, October 06, 2005



The holy month of Ramadan is upon us again. The rhythm of daily life changes dramatically during this month and one is more prone to contemplation and a general slowing down of the daily materialistic side of life. And of course there is the gastronomic side of the thing, for households compete in preparing the best and showing off their culinary skills at the iftar table (i.e. the dinner feast that is prepared for breaking the fast at sunset time), and happy are those families who can sit in whole number at this table, but alas many in Iraq have lost loved ones, and many may not have the peace and means to do just that. Nevertheless life goes on and there is still happiness and thrill in these times despite the death and misery surrounding us.

So on this occasion I wish to extend best wishes and congratulations to all Moslem people and also strangely enough this year's Ramadan coincides with the Jewish "Rash Al Shanah" ( Ras Al Sannah, in Arabic), so congratulations are also due to the Jewish people and a prayer for peace and reconciliation for the whole of mankind.

Wa Al Salam Alaykum Wa Rahmatu'llahi Wa barakatuh

(Peace be upon you and the mercy of God and his blessings)