Monday, October 24, 2005


Today a particularly heinous crime has been committed. I am referring to the slaying of building laborers slain near the accursed village of Jurf Al Sakhar, south of Baghdad. 12 men mostly belonging to same two families were slain for no reason other than pure sectarian and racist hate. These poor laborers were slain as they were toiling for their daily bread. This abominable village mentioned above has been the source of many of such acts and is inhabited by certain well known murderous and callous Sunni tribes. These are thieves and criminals by tradition and a place from which many of the actual thugs and torturers of Saddam torture chambers used to be recruited.

May God forgive me for saying this, but if ever a case for collective punishment can be made it is for this kind of zombies and animals. And quite frankly I just cannot understand why this particular village has been allowed to continue its genocidal atrocities for so long. It is not a large place, and it seems to me absolutely clear that the perpetrators can be found amongst the miserable peasants living there. And moreover the identity of these criminals is sure to be known to every villager in the location. And yet nothing seems to have been done, and no response and no action of any sort to find the culprits. This is the tragedy, and until we have security forces that would not allow things like this and can take immediate action, we are far from achieving our goals.

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