Saturday, July 10, 2004

Hi Everybody

Just one hurried word before I am off on my daily chores. People of the U.S. and Allied nations, I hope you realize the full import of this great enterprise. For you have not only helped us to get rid of an awful dictatorship, but you are now helping us to be liberated of our own shortcomings, superstitions and the rust and dust of centuries. And what help! By the blood and sweat of your own young men and women; and there are those of us who can appreciate. And what America is really doing now is conquering hearts and minds, for the first time, in this part of the world. And this will be one of the greatest conquests and the key to solving the problems of the region and consequently the cause of peace in the World.

I wish I could explain myself better, for I realize these words will meet much skepticism; yet this is one of those feelings from the guts that I have talked to you about before.


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