Friday, July 30, 2004


 It is clear that one of the factors facilitating the work of terrorists and kidnappers in the present time is the existence of  “safe havens” or bases from which such acts can be planned and staged with relative ease. These bases are more or less known and are situated in some of the traditional “Sunni” areas, mainly in the West and also in other quite well known places. That is not to say that all the Iraqi Sunnis are party to these acts, and this is clear even from the composition of the present Iraqi Government. But I believe that the actual operatives of these subversives are a minority, but a minority that has succeeded in intimidating the majority in these areas, and also exploiting the sectarian passions of the provincials of these regions.  And of course many of the elements of the former regime, including members of the defunct security forces, the same who are responsible for the atrocities and torture chambers of the baathists, have sought refuge in these areas after the fall of the regime.  Add to that the influx of foreign terrorists who have been welcomed and integrated within these groups and are being used for suicide missions, which I am absolutely convinced, are entirely carried out by these foreigners.  

We know that many people from these regions have actually left to settle elsewhere in Iraq, out of fear and frustration with the present situation prevailing in their hometowns. Some of the “religious preachers” have become the instruments of incitement and uncompromising extremism, and an atmosphere of Taliban-like terror reigns in some parts, such as Fallujah and Sammara and is spilling over to other parts of the country. You all remember that during the siege of Falluja and the closure of the highway from Baghdad to the Western province, the terrorist operations in Baghdad almost stopped. This clearly demonstrates where most of these operations are coming from.  

The conclusion is that the situation can no longer be ignored and that military scale operations are necessary to regain control of these regions (and liberate the moderate elements thereof) or at least isolate them and put them in quarantine, until an effective cure can be found.  



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