Monday, July 26, 2004


Thank you for your flattering opinion regarding my literary knowledge. As recommended by a friend (I think it was Thinker), I should be careful not to let it go to my head and inflate my ego too much. I must however, in all honesty, disclaim any such distinction, and admit reluctantly, that much of my reading consisted of cursory leafing through volumes, often in the bathroom, or in happier times, in well-stocked bookshops. Like most people, I suppose, my reading was mostly done for entertainment, and I don’t think that I ever really bothered to study seriously any abstruse work, apart from technical literature for purely professional reasons. Nowadays I have almost completely stopped reading anything apart from engineering literature, and your comments here.

For these reasons, this blogging has been such a rejuvenating experience. It is so refreshing to exchange views with my friends. I realize, of course, that much of the interest stems from the topical subject of our country and the war and the dramatic events taking place at the moment. But I really hope that the friendships that have been made at these difficult and painful times, would continue to more tranquil days when we could talk of other subjects of mutual interest.

But I must tell you quite sincerely, that your acquaintance and warmth has been a real consolation and a refuge from the pain and sadness of these troubled times. 

It is for this reason mainly, that I continue this blogging; because it pleases me; because it uplifts my heart – all purely selfish reasons. And I owe my friends, gratitude, because the main interest for me is their participation and their interaction; and you have all been so generous.

I say without any abashment whatsoever that it has been wonderful knowing you all.



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