Friday, May 14, 2004


I am deeply suspicious, regarding this affair of prison abuse and the photographs. Not being particularly one who sees conspiracies everywhere, but this one does smell strangely. The nature of the abuses, the photography and the timing: all that cannot be just coincidental. The objectives seem clear and need not be explained. Discrediting and attacking the moral position of the Allies in the most sensitive area of human rights, which they champion, and which constitutes the main moral justification for overthrowing the Saddam regime is clearly the purpose and the intent of this affair.

Apart from the obvious parties who may be interested in achieving the above objective, there may be other quite subterranean and unsuspected quarters. I don’t know exactly who these may be, but like good detectives we should consider all those who may have interest in aborting the mission. Perhaps the emergence of a moderate, democratic and decent system in the middle east, and particularly in an “Arab” country; a system which is allied to the U.S. and commands respect and consequently has some influence; perhaps this proposition is not particularly attractive to certain currents of thinking in the most unexpected places.

In the lax situation and the “failure of leadership”, and the practice of employing “contractors” of dubious nature; have you not considered that bribes and money might have been used to “stage” these events?

Yes, I am profoundly, deeply suspicious.


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