Saturday, August 07, 2004

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful


I remember that in western musical tradition there is something called Grand Beggar Opera. As I watch the poor misguided young men, many of them delinquents and ex convicts stupidly and carelessly roaming the streets of certain slums of Baghdad brandishing their Kalashnikovs and RPG’s, I am reminded of this term. You might call it the Grand Beggar Army. The way that these fools expose themselves to certain death and extermination with complete lack of any kind of skill in combat and a kind of wanton destructive and blind passion, cannot but inspire a kind of disdainful pity and disgust. The terrorists of other places are quite different; sneaking, treacherous, skillful, clearly with military training and combat experience. Just look at the casualty figures, 300-400 against a handful amongst the forces of Law and Order.

However, what must be done must be done. These people just do not understand the meaning of freedom. Freedom to them is anarchy and a kind of license to engage in an orgy of wanton destruction and abandon to every base instinct. They want to impose their degenerate retarded confused hallucinations on everybody; not to mention the profound complexes of inferiority and hatred born of decades, nay, centuries of depravation and downtrodden living. They are indeed a minority, but a dangerous, lunatic and murderous minority; serpents and blind scorpions let loose; the menace cannot be underestimated.

Their leader has announced on Friday that If the President Ghazi Al Yawer, says that America is a friend, He, “this leader”, says that America is the Enemy! And why is America the enemy, pray? Because she is the only Power in history that has allowed you to practice your religious rites in total freedom and abandon after not only decades, but centuries of oppression and bloody persecution; in fact since the seventh century A.C.! America has done you a favor that would not be repaid if you spend the next thirteen centuries in faithful friendship and alliance with her. Such incredible ingratitude is beyond belief. It seems that this freedom hitherto unknown to you has driven you mad and completely bereft of any rhyme or reason.

But no, the vast majority of the Shiaa people are not with you. In fact those fighting you in Najaf today are the true sons of the holy city. All these policemen, joined by the tribesmen of surrounding countryside (a fact little known by many) are the indigenous real people of the region. You are going to be wiped out and defeated, not by the might of the MNF but by the hostility and rejection of the ordinary majority who are only now beginning to find the way and the means.

But it is nevertheless, tragic and depressing how profoundly misled and confused are these people.


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