Sunday, November 30, 2003

Hi friends,

A most interesting debate in the latest comments; today I have been kept busy by my own little despot (the wife) and all sorts of shopping errands. I shall have to read very carefully your comments before contributing my opinion. Actually this kind of debate is very useful for us to understand better the mind of our allies. For now I would like to recommend the following rather well informed report:

Who are the Insurgents? TIME / ONLINE EDITION

By BRIAN BENNETT,9171,1101031124-543740,00.html

Till tommorow,



Saturday, November 29, 2003

geniejunkie, friends,

But the CPA knows exactly whom to trust, I am talking about the leadership and the directing people. Of course the enemy will try to penetrate the IP, this is to be expected, but they must be a small minority. And the kind of security measures envisaged does not affect the Coalition forces, it is mainly concerned with protecting the Iraqis, and the IP has already proved effective. Creating a secure environment is essential to all concerned with this enterprise.



You must understand the rank and file Baathists have become emboldened and are rearing their ugly head in the streets again. They have started an intimidation campaign. The kind of security measures that I have proposed before have become urgent - reduction of attacks against the troops and concentrating on the defenseless Iraqis, this is a kind of tactic. They are desperate: new ruse everyday, new experiment. This must be dealt with without delay, and the only way to do it is through the measures referred to above. I’ll bet my shirt, that local party cells are instructed and financed to take every opportunity to make such scenes, as we saw today, especially when reporters are at hand. They have been very generous. I tell you this is absolutely well known in Baghdad.

This is our dirt and we know how to deal with it. Hand over the security issue, no more delay.

Lisa, geniejunkie, friends,

The Iraqis are willing and have proved that. They have been clamouring to take over the security file ( c.f. Condolisa R.). The Mob who did this can be easily found, we have their photos! We have proposed required measures again and again. It must be shown to the mob, whoever they may be, that this is intolerable. It is an affront to all decent Iraqis. It is tolerance of this kind of mob behaviour that has brought about much of this trouble right from the start.

I am sorry, but firmness is required in these situations and to hell with Aljazeera,Al Arabiya,etc.etc.



Dear friends,

I have just watched disturbing images, Iraqis or no Iraqis, teenagers or no teenagers, these scum must be punished and scenes like that cannot be allowed any more. Surround the area and find them and arrest them without delay. These are the very elements that looted, robbed and mobbed. Teach them a lesson, Iraqi Police, CPA.



I would like to say EED MUBARAK to my dear Ziad and to all my brothers the Iraqi bloggers. Please note that, like the writings on the walls, these bloggers reflect more accurately real public opinion here, and you have to believe me on that.

I was just checking Ziad's blog and was amazed at the debate that is going on there. There is this charming enthusiast Christiane from Switzerland, who seems to know all about our Shiaas and Sunnis etc., and seems desperate to find any solution to avoid a modern liberal democracy. Regarding this sectarian Shiaa-Sunni question, I regret to say that people are way off-mark here. Suffice it to say that Ziad has already told you he is a Sunni by family. Also I may tell you now that I am, myself of mixed Sunni-Shiaa birth. Despite the troubles in the so-called "Triangle", matters are far from being as simple as you think.

With all due respect, being myself religious (but not reactionary) as you probably know by now, I think the Ulama (theological scholars), and pseudo-Ulama, are having their golden age right now; they have never been taken so seriously here, mostly by anxious westerners.

I was intrigued by this little Christiane, which for some reason I imagined as a young Swiss girl with a brain saturated with "Fondu" cheese (no offense); Horror; that she may turn out to be some Baathist plant! I hope not. Anyway I checked out her Homepage and found only some photos and the like; strange! I did intend, some blogs ago, to devote a posting to answer some of her contentions, then I decided it was not really worth the effort.

Anyway, chere amie, leave these matters to the tough people on the ground and go take a stroll around lovely lake Geneva. There are no weak hearted people here.



Friday, November 28, 2003



Hi every body,

Once upon a time a poor illiterate Bedouin wished to be given an audience by a well-known Aalim (Savant and doctor of theology), so he went to town to the house of the great scholar and asked to be admitted. He was told however that His Grace was busy with his studying and asked to return next day. Next day, it was the same, and so on for one whole week. Finally after much waiting the Bedouin got his audience and was ushered to the study room of the great savant. The man looked around and saw raw upon raw of thousands of books and volumes. On The table of the venerable Aalem were enormous piles of bound and unbound volumes. The poor Bedouin was amazed; he had never seen anything like this. The Aalem looked down on the man: “ Well, my man what can I do for you ? The poor man answered: “ Your Grace, before I tell you about my problem, I wish to ask you a question”. “Well?”, the Savant enquired . “Sir, can you tell me what all these books say?” The scholar looked at the man with a condescending smile: “My son, these books say that God tells the Son of Adam to be good”. “If that is all what they say, then why do you have to study so hard and why did you have to keep me waiting at your door for one whole week?” retorted the poor uncomprehending Bedouin.

Well I find myself in sympathy with that poor old illiterate Bedouin. The essence of religion is belief in God and that God is good and wants us to be good and kind. And that surely does not need all that fuss they are making.





Ahalan (= Kinsmen: it means you have come amongst kinsmen)

Wa = and

Sahlan (= Plateau or plain easy land: meaning you have trodden welcoming land)

These are the traditional words of welcome in the Arabic language.

Yes GWB, though the visit was brief, it was very meaningful. We know that you have come, not as the President of an invading nation, but as the friend who wishes to renew commitment to our people, and as long as your intentions are what you have repeatedly said (and we don't doubt your sincerity), the land and the hearts welcome you.

It gives us pain that the visit is so short and that the masses cannot in the present circumstances come out to give you the welcome that you deserve, but the day will come, the day will come (God's Willing). Yes the day will come when the millions will come out to welcome the best friend that the Mesopotamian people have ever had, and he will be amongst the most devoted and allied people that America will ever have.

The bones in the mass graves salute you, Avenger of the Bones.

Hail, Friend and Ally, Hail, Sheikh of Sheikhs, GWB; Descendant of the Noble Ancient Celt.



Not having mentioned all the nationalities contributing to this great effort, does not mean that we do not value their valiant stand.

Hail all nations coming to aid and help our people.


Thursday, November 27, 2003

Hi Everybody,

Very quick note before I turn in for the night.

The visit of the President has produced quite an effect. I am personally very moved by it. Also I notice the effect on those around me.

Dear Ubique,

Thank you for your interaction with my blog site. I must apologize for having forgotten to pay tribute to the great contribution and sacrifices of the British forces. I suppose you probably realize that many of us owe our knowledge and experience of the West from our contact with the British mainly. Intuitively I think you are genuine and probably situated in the South right now. I consider this link important and I have detailed thinking about the security situation, which I shall pass to you as soon as possible.

All the Best to you and to all the gallant British soldiers.



Hi friends,

I have just come back from an exhausting trip. I didn’t know about the Thanks Giving Holiday until I heard on my way back on the car radio the news of the President’s landing in Baghdad Airport. The news stirred very strong emotions in me. I will be telling you something about it tomorrow (Inshalla). Thanks to all of you for your Eed congratulations.

Happy Thanks Giving to you all.

God Bless


P.S. I remember that the Thanks Giving occasion has a very moving origin of persecuted people thanking God for their delivery.


Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Hi Friends,

Like Ziad, I have to take leave of you for a couple of days on the occasion of our Festival the "EED". And "EED MUBARAK", to all the Moslem people, and Peace and Love to all humanity on this occasion. We insist to celebrate despite all the terror and trouble.

Peace Be Upon you.





Hi Everybody,

I see that each post brings in comments and ideas, which are really quite serious and require careful consideration. The urgency of the situation makes it important to devote more and more time to this effort, which it seems to me, is drawing the attention of quite serious and important people, what I mean by important is that they are not reading or commenting merely for the fun of it, but really to arrive at some conclusions. I wish I can devote myself to this work, but that, unfortunately is not possible due to the exigencies of life and our difficult material situation.

In the last post I talked about the problem of house searches, which has touched lately my immediate family. If you look back at some of my previous posts you will find that I am not against these kinds of measures, in principle. In fact I proposed a much more extensive and rigorous program, which probably I failed to explain sufficiently. I will have to organize a more coherent exposition of my ideas and personal views, which I know are shared by many of my compatriots, especially of the literate and professional class. For this, it will not do to just jot down thoughts in the easy and free manner hitherto employed. No, the matter is too serious and must be dealt with more scientifically, so to say. However for now I'll just put in few remarks.

Really, it is not a matter of being offended personally. If some search was conducted in my own house and I was myself roughed up, that would not change any of my views and positions. But for most people, they do not have the vision to see beyond the present time and the present circumstance. The problem is more profound than what might at first appear. It is very rare to hear of any incident of soldiers being actually attacked during these searches, which goes to show that the dangers are not as great as you might think. Charles mentioned a very important point. The British in the South have a rather different approach, more like what I am suggesting, and it has proved very useful, and contributes to some extent to the calm in those areas. Meaning no disrespect to the American Military, who of course are the main forces and do the more difficult job, and it is in the USA that we have the greatest hope for a successful conclusion to this affair. But the British methods deserve to be looked at.

If you knew the type of people we have here, you would perhaps understand better. I have personally known and worked in the western area near Fallujah in the Dulaim region where there has been so much trouble. These people cannot forgive even a harsh word. Terrible vendettas and feuds with much blood letting, which might take years to resolve, may result from what you might consider a slight loss of face or some simple altercation. When it comes to throwing them down on the ground or invading their houses in the middle of the night etc. etc. of the kind which undoubtedly you have seen on TV screens, this spells trouble. Now you must distinguish the people in this particular region from the others in the "triangle", they are quite distinct. Beside their pride, they are actually softhearted people and can be easily won by some kind word or deed. Most importantly they hate to feel slighted. In fact, this is the area where the Olive Branch, may prove more useful. I am glad to see some movement in this direction from the Coalition, and would encourage them to intensify the effort. This is not to advocate a weakling attitude, firmness must always be there; the trick is to discover the right mix of the two approaches, the right Cocktail, so to speak. It is perhaps relevant to add that many from this particular region were not really Saddam supporters, although on the other hand, we must admit, that many of the Security and Special Forces of the regime do come from here. Still I feel these people can be won back. And do not go thinking that I have myself some family link with these people, for I do not have; I am a pure Baghdadi.

Some friend asks me why don't I approach the CPA here with these ideas; but the CPA are not easily approachable. They might just as well be sitting in New York or some other US location. A certain circle of Iraqi elite shields them, good people mostly, to be sure, but nevertheless very impervious, from the point of view of reaching the concerned by the ordinary men of the people. So why do you think I started this blog? One of the main reasons is the hope that these ideas may reach the CPA indirectly through you.

This post is getting too long; so Bye for now and much more to follow "Inshallah".



Monday, November 24, 2003

Hi everybody,

A sentence by Lisa of New York struck me. It is the sentence that was always in the back of my mind : It's interesting... taking down tyrants used to be a liberal ideal. Funny how the tables have turned. I still am a liberal, and I believe I am championing a profoundly liberal cause in Iraq.

The main problem regarding the perception that you have out there is the concept of Iraqis. You notice that I always use the term, the majority of Iraqis. The two concepts are two quite different things. Don't forget that Mosul is part of the so called "triangle".

However there is a lot of explaining just to give you even a simplified idea of who is who round here. The CPA is just beginning to get an idea about the complexity of the situation. Don't forget this is a 6 thousands years old society.

There are several objectives which the enemy is trying desperately to achieve. I will just enumerate some quickly as I am not really in the mood today:

1-Driving a wedge of mistrust and mutual fear between the people and the troops.
2-Doing his damn best to disillusion and disgust Public Opinion in the US and the west. If we try to look upon this atrocity in a detached way (if that is possible), it seems to me highly suspect of deliberate design to produce exactly the kind of effect that it has produced.
3-He is desperate to try every dirty trick to try to get the Coalition out (which may be to his sick desperate mind is possible), encouraged by the kind of activity that we have seen in London lately (carefully relayed to him from the inside) : Note the timing. He is hard pressed before the IP, New Defense Corps and Army gain strength.

Wait! I have just heard that the house of the brother of my son in law has just been searched; they threw him on the ground in the now usual gesture, told the family to get out and then searched the house. However, they did apologize afterwards and leave. This is exactly what I have been saying. I am all for thorough searches, but they must be done in an absolutely correct and courteous way, and there should be Iraqi Police or representatives involved. Now this man who was searched is an employee of the Ministry of Oil and goes everyday to his work and is absolutely of the good type of Iraqis.

I can assure you that this is one of the causes of trouble and plays very well into the hand of the enemy. Much of the problem, especially in the Western area is because of this.

I would ask all friends to press the concerned to revise this kind of clumsiness. And this is from someone whom you know very well, I hope, where he stands.

More to follow.




Sorry about the mistake of the Email, I corrected it, hope it is O.K. now.



Greetings friends,

The Pain in my heart is greater than anybody else. We shall not close our eyes. I told you before that reality is far more complex than what kind-hearted people like it to be. I shall talk about it in depth. I shall dissect and wade through it in revolting detail. I promised you that before. I promised to tell you all. It is painful for me even to read your comments, beloved friends. This matter is of the utmost seriousness; it must not be allowed to pass. Any leniency will only produce more of the like. You underestimate the enemy. You are not anywhere near understanding the full extent of his evil and wickedness.

I cannot continue now, my heart is bleeding too much and will not be able to say anything coherent. When I come back, I will devote my effort to a dissection of this horror, we must look the devil in the face.

For now I am too sick to talk.



# posted by Alaa : 3:44 AM

Sunday, November 23, 2003



Greetings all friends,

As posted in several of our patriotic Iraqi sites, Anti Terrorist Demonstrations are planned on 10th Dec. in Iraq. The people will be taking great risk and the probability of the murderers attempting to massacre and sabotage is very real.

I know that decent law abiding people have little love for street politics, but make this one an exception. The voice of the REAL majority must be heard.

Our friends are requested to start organizing and start action. We don't want small crowds. Unless huge numbers are assured the date may be put off.

Those who came out in protest against America, the Allies and the President, what do they want ?

They want the Coalition to abandon our people after liberating them and leave them at the mercy of the Saddamists and Al Qaeda thugs and killers. A sea of blood would drown the country if that happened (Heaven forbids), and they know it. Darkness would descend not only on our country, but would engulf the whole world. The fiends of obscurantism and hatred will dance over the ashes and the mass graves their satanic rites of vengeance. The blood of your soldiers and our countrymen would have been shed in vain. Heaven forbids, Heaven forbids.

We the majority of the people in Iraq, do not have any reason to doubt the great principles announced by President Bush; to bring Democracy, Freedom and Prosperity and make an example that will reverberate throughout the region and the world. It was beyond our power to break the chains of terror and intimidation that bound us. The Lord God has willed that mighty help should come our way. This was the Will of Almighty God. We believe the President, not only because his project is the right and noble course, but also because it is in the SELF INTEREST of his country and the Democratic World. And this happens to coincide with our SELF INTEREST. You see, it makes sense, great sense.

Vermin love the Slime, and they will hate any attempt to clean up the mess. Our house had become terribly infested with horrible filth. It is to be expected that the creatures living on dirt would resist and fight back. But that is all the more reason to bring to successful completion the cleanup process.

So you must answer back the friends of Vermin and filth. These are wicked people who would rather see the world plunged in darkness and terror. They are hypocrites who support the forces of destruction and hate, in the name of humanitarian principles and high ideals.

Above all remember that this is not a battle between religions and ethnicities. It is a battle between all the decent people of the world of all religions and races and the forces of Evil.

So :




Salaam ( Peace Be Upon You )


Saturday, November 22, 2003


Hi everybody,

Thanks God the site is back in order. So it doesn’t seem to have been an attack. But you see, this is our psychology; the psychology of fear and persecution. I have been looking at Omar’s site. This is a very plain talking youth giving you a down to earth picture of the situation. I was amazed at some of the comments and debate. Forgive my saying so, but some people are incredibly naïve. It seems that some think that it is the fault of the people, somehow, and that they should have done more to rid themselves of the defunct regime (not completely dead I will admit, still some venom in its death convulsions). Well they forget that the people did try, many times too. But the terror sometimes can reach such proportions that it mesmerizes and paralyses. Historical precedence there is – Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, etc. etc. And apart from that the Iraqi people are just another people, I mean there is the good and the bad, the saintly and the criminal; just like any other people. The Baathist regime also contributed in creating a wild traumatized and dehumanized generation. Imagine hundreds of thousands of young men, having to join the army at the age of 18 as conscripts and then for the next twenty years in one war after another, one terrible ordeal after another, depravation of the most cruel kind, no chance to build a future; get married; live a little. Imagine what would happen if, for instance, you keep your Coalition soldiers for the next twenty years without a break in the present situation. What kind of men would they become?

But more, much more than that; I don’t want to depress you with details of the terror and pray to God that no one, no people should ever endure this. Suffice it to say that personal death was not the worse thing, not even in the top league of “Worst Things�. I mean, you can see this even now from the kind of terror campaign that “He� is conducting even from his dying bed. The main concern of prison cell “designers� was not to have anything in the cell, which could be used for suicide purposes. This was quite a serious problem for them. A suicide was considered a very serious negligence and could incur cruel punishment. It was not even torture that was the worst thing.

You may think this is some kind of dramatization and exaggeration, but believe me death is nothing compared to having your wife or sister raped in front of your eyes, in seeing your children brought in and tortured in your presence. And so many things like that, I don’t like to go on. Even to this very day, many of the incredible crimes, some of which innovations that were never heard of before, are either directly perpetrated or instigated or financed by the organized cells of former security and private army officers, belonging mostly to these very clans confronting your soldiers.

What really gives us pain is the habit of referring to these people as “the Iraqis�. Well if they are Iraqi on paper, then the majority of ordinary Iraqis do not feel any kinship with them. It is for this reason as you can see, that the real target of their terror and crime is not really the Coalition, but rather the Iraqi people. In the last couple of days only, two or three school children died amongst many others, one deliberate attack at a primary school in Kabala. This deliberate attacking of children, who else has done, even amongst the worst hardened terrorists and criminals. In fact, their wrath and fury against the foreign troops does not stem from any patriotism or xenophobia. Oh no; you have interfered with their stranglehold on the population, they can no longer loot, torture, extort, rape and generally do as they����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Hi Everybody,

Mitch Townsend seems to have solved the problem.

Thanks Mitch and thanks everybody.

Hi everybody,

In some way this is symbolic. I mean this corruption of the site. But the Voice will be heard. Despite all disruption and choas it will be heard. And as we say in Iraq : "Nothing is right accept what is right".

I contiunue trying to fix the problem. Thanks for the many tips.

Please let me know if you read this.



Friday, November 21, 2003

Hi everybody,

Thanks for the advice on fixing the site. I will try some of the measures like resetting the template. I am an absolute beginner as you know. So as a precaution if the thing gets absolutetly mucked up, I will make a new site same name but with single s : mesopotmian.


Hi Everybody,

I see that the sight has been corrupted, I don't know what happened. Some kind of attack.

Can anybody help.



Alsalam Alaykum,

This terrorism in Iraq must be stopped and can be stopped. Effective security measures must be put in place without further delay. As I promissed you, I publish below a letter which I had written quite a while back. I hesitated to make this public, but seeing no real action in the direction which I think may really make difference I now do.

I realise the abhorence that free people have against too much control and interference with the privacy and freedom of citizen, but this is an emergency, and the people of Iraq will not object, but rather welcome any measures which can bring back security and peace.

I may add to what I say in the letter, that the previous regime, used the technique of the "Courteous House Searches" very effectively. The present method of house searching should not be used unless there is absolute certainty regarding the presence of subversive and enemy elements in the location. Otherwise orderly and courteous routine searches with Iraqis mainly carrying out the work can be organised and the population will not find them offensive.

Here is the letter:

On the Security Question:

The security of the city must be conceived in the same way as you would that of a building or military compound for instance: Identification and Information.

Thus new identity papers must be introduced. High tech. methods should be used to establish comprehensive database. This can be done in a variety of obtrusive and non-obtrusive ways, for example making use of existing identity papers such as the ration card and the like. Also re-registration of all vehicles must be immediately organized.

Forgery proof identification papers would be a great help in controlling the streets and it would make it more difficult for the subversives to move about.

Security control centers must be deployed at the residential quarter levels, and these should be basically Iraqi posts, sufficiently protected.

All entries and exits to the city must be controlled effectively, through proper identification of incoming and outgoing traffic. These check points must be fortified and designed in a way to protect the personnel from terrorist attacks.

The key is: careful “inventory” and identification of every person and vehicle in the capital.

Saddam may not have been very good as a military man. But when it comes to controlling the security situation, he was past master. He is still around, he is counterattacking, absolutely ruthless and merciless, and he must be faced. Some of his methods are well worth studying. Of course this is not advocate the use of some similar brutal means, but some of the other techniques are well worth studying.

The atmosphere of “freedom” and lack of surveillance has helped the Saddamists to regroup and now they are launching their counter attack. Unless they are stopped they will bring the country to a standstill and thwart the allied efforts at normalization and reconstruction.

It must be realized that there is an emergency situation. Just bracing oneself and hoping for the best will not do at all. The criminals are desperate and they will get bolder and bolder unless they are effectively stopped. Empower the people to defend themselves.

President Bush has said it; your best allies are the Iraqi people; that means the majority of the Iraqi people. They must be empowered without delay, and the allied forces can then supply the technology and support.

The American & allied forces are a valuable asset and should not be “squandered” in tasks which could easily be carried out by Iraqi forces. The losses of the allied forces are not only tragic and bad, but they also contribute in reducing the morale of the general public. This is one of the main reasons why the enemy is targeting them.

Note that identification papers are a powerful means of controlling people. For instance, many vital interests and day-to-day needs of the people could be conditional on producing these documents. This was the technique use by the Saddamists.

It should be remembered that controlling Baghdad is controlling the country. Stabilizing the capital is the key to stabilizing the country.

Another important matter concerns the information and media. The enemy is attacking fiercely through rumor, the Arab satellite channels etc. You may not be aware of the ferocity of the attack, being protected by the language barrier. The available official media are feeble, lukewarm and unconvincing. This problem must be solved without more delay.

Finally I would like you to convey this letter to the appropriate people. I don’t have channels and seize upon this opportunity to communicate what I consider to be very serious proposals. Also it seems to me that the allies are not aware of some of the concepts outlined above. It is time they listen.

Wish you all the best and God Bless.

Alaa, ( An Iraqi, with family living in Baghdad )

I might now add that despite all measures taken recently, I would still characterise the security precautions as lax, and it is quite easy for any saboteur to move about.

Please consider the above ideas, for may be they can help.



Thursday, November 20, 2003


(A slightly better translation of the awesome words )


(A slightly better translation of the awesome words )

Alsalam Alaykum,

Today, the terrorists in Istanbul answered the “peace” demonstrators in London. Those who have eyes can see, and those who have ears can hear, but there are those whom “God has sealed their hearts for them with a mask, so that they are deaf, dumb and blind and thus can hardly comprehend anything” (Verses to this effect recur frequently in the Holly Quran ) .

These London demonstrations, I know too well, Oh! Youth, and the Pint of Bitter later in the nearest Pub. All you peace lovers and humanitarians of trendy London town, spare a thought or two for the coalition soldier out there in the dark and wilderness guarding our hospitals, primary schools and orphanages from the bombers and assassins, and the Iraqi Police reporting everyday for duty under constant danger of death and mutilation with their poor equipment and meager $50 or so a month pay package. They number almost 100 000 by now and if enlistment is really opened up they would quadruple in number immediately. Why do you think they come? Saddamists pay anybody ten thousand dollars per explosion, and they are going around trying to recruit, and this is a fact that all people in Baghdad know. So why do they come, you think? But only those who have eyes can see, and ears can hear. Why do you think the crackle of celebratory gunfire ululated till dawn, on that sultry Baghdad summer night when the death of Uday and Qusay the monster brats of the tyrant was announced? This, the media did not dwell upon, although quite newsworthy and dramatic. That was the real Opinion Poll of the vast majority of the inhabitants of Baghdad. (P.S. I hope the word ululate exists in the English language, it means the sound that our women make in celebrations of marriages or when welcoming heroes and the like, if it doesn’t please add it to your dictionary)

But I see there were not as many of you as before. Yes, at that time, we all had our misgivings and fears about the surgery. Yes indeed, it was scary. But the surgeon had no doubt and he knew that he had to operate, and he did and it worked. So now what do you want? That he leaves the patient still in critical convalescence, to the mercy of the germs and microbes and goes home to watch TV and sleep in comfortable bed.

But enough of this and to cut a long story short. As long as America and her allies choose the side of the oppressed and downtrodden, as long as they remain on the side of the people, they will be invincible. When Might is coupled with Right, then expect great historical transformations.

Here below I paste parts of the speech by that Great descendant of the ancient Celt, who everyday grows bigger and bigger in the eyes of this poor Iraqi “Ordinary Man”. Note the parts in bold.

Remarks by the President at Whitehall Palace Nov. 19

Perhaps the most helpful change we can make is to change in our own thinking. In the West, there's been a certain skepticism about the capacity or even the desire of Middle Eastern peoples for self-government. We're told that Islam is somehow inconsistent with a democratic culture. Yet more than half of the world's Muslims are today contributing citizens in democratic societies. It is suggested that the poor, in their daily struggles, care little for self-government. Yet the poor, especially, need the power of democracy to defend themselves against corrupt elites.
Peoples of the Middle East share a high civilization, a religion of personal responsibility, and a need for freedom as deep as our own. It is not realism to suppose that one-fifth of humanity is unsuited to liberty; it is pessimism and condescension, and we should have none of it. (Applause.)
We must shake off decades of failed policy in the Middle East. Your nation and mine, in the past, have been willing to make a bargain, to tolerate oppression for the sake of stability. Longstanding ties often led us to overlook the faults of local elites. Yet this bargain did not bring stability or make us safe. It merely bought time, while problems festered and ideologies of violence took hold.
As recent history has shown, we cannot turn a blind eye to oppression just because the oppression is not in our own backyard. No longer should we think tyranny is benign because it is temporarily convenient. Tyranny is never benign to its victims, and our great democracies should oppose tyranny wherever it is found. (Applause.) ……………
The terrorists have a purpose, a strategy to their cruelty. They view the rise of democracy in Iraq as a powerful threat to their ambitions. In this, they are correct. They believe their acts of terror against our coalition, against international aid workers and against innocent Iraqis, will make us recoil and retreat. In this, they are mistaken. (Applause.)
We did not charge hundreds of miles into the heart of Iraq and pay a bitter cost of casualties, and liberate 25 million people, only to retreat before a band of thugs and assassins. (Applause.) We will help the Iraqi people establish a peaceful and democratic country in the heart of the Middle East. And by doing so, we will defend our people from danger.
Hail GWB, El-Bush the Great

Glory and Eternity for all the fallen Coalition soldiers and Iraqis in this historic fight.

Hail the American people and all allied peoples who are our true friends.

We Iraqis have the honour and the glory to be in the vanguard and front lines in this battle for human dignity.



Hi Everybody,

It is thursday, our friday night, this is the night I can most devote to you. So, "Inshalla", I shall be here all night. How I manage to keep this going, is a small miracle of sorts, "Alhamdu lillah - Praise be to God ". Just to lighten the atmosphere I paste below an interesting Email which I have received from Tanker Schreiber, thanks Tank, very interesting:,0,400255.story?coll=ny-worldnews-print

Voices of Baghdad Etched on Its Walls

By Samson Mulugeta

November 19, 2003

Baghdad, Iraq - As U.S. soldiers prowled this sprawling city hunting insurgents this week, they appeared unaware of another battle being waged under their noses: pro- and anti-Saddam Hussein graffiti artists duking it out in a battle for public opinion.

Thousands of slogans in the Arabic script snake across acres of gray walls that line city squares, apartments and office buildings, a perfect canvas for the outpourings of a population intoxicated by new freedoms.

Hussein loyalists shout their yearning for the deposed dictator - "Saddam will come again" - followed by the coda on the same line from a detractor: "Through my behind!"

"I walk around reading these writings, and some of them move me so much I don't know whether to laugh or to cry," said Amir Nayef Toma, 52, a retired radar operator in the Iraqi army. "You want to know what Iraqis are thinking? Read these walls."

In a place where reliable surveys of the public mood are difficult to gauge, the writings on the walls are one way to peer into Iraqis' minds. Hussein is naturally a lightning rod for all sides, but the other issues that preoccupy the nighttime scribblers are their daily struggles for survival, their Arab neighbors and the new men in charge of their lives.

"Some are ironic, some are funny, some are artistic," said Muhir Edan, a bookseller in the Old Baghdad section of the city whose friends teasingly say he is a Colin Powell look-alike. "Even now, some are afraid to say something in the newspapers. I am still afraid," he said. "But at night, in the cover of darkness, you can write what you want."

Edan's favorites are the back-and-forth graffiti repartee: "The masses are stronger than tyrants," one slogan declared. Next to it a skeptic asked: "When? Before or after liberation by the Americans?"

There are the occasional anti-American slogans, some in misspelled English - like "Dawn USA" - but mostly President George W. Bush is hailed as a liberator, especially in the neighborhoods of the Shia majority historically brutalized by Hussein.

Samplings of the Arabic slogans include: "Down Saddam the infidel and long live Bush the believer!" "A thousand Americans but not one Tikriti," referring to residents of Hussein's hometown.

Many taunt the deposed dictator: "Saddam the dirty, the son of the dirty, in which septic tank are you hiding now?"

Hussein's family also comes in for abuse: "Where are your wife and daughters, Saddam? Are you pimping them in Jordan?"

"I like what I read," said Karal Nadji, a Shia street vendor who sells shoes. "We appreciate Mr. Bush. We're all waiting for the fruits of change."

The walls are being used as campaign advertising for the dozens of political parties vying for a place in the new Iraq: "Workers of the world unite. Free people, happy homes - Workers Communist Party."

Critics of the Iraqi Governing Council and Ahmad Chalabi, founder of the Iraqi National Congress, are frequent targets of barbed witticisms.

A popular slogan comparing the politician with an Iraqi chickpea dish declares: "Neither Bush we want, nor Chalabi; we want beer and lablabee."

Toma, the former radar operator, predicted the writing would stop in another six months. "We Iraqis are so full of suffering and bitterness, these feelings are just pouring out of us," said Toma, who has carefully transcribed more than 100 slogans in a small notebook. "Soon we will realize we can speak out freely. We don't have to write on the walls."

Copyright © 2003, Newsday, Inc.

So until the next Post soon,


Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Christiane from Switzerland, I will answer you. God give me time and strength to answer you. Your raise questions most profound. By God I shall answer you.



Hi everybody,

Power has just come back. There has been a total blackout in Baghdad in the past two days or so. The reason is not clear. The electricity situation has improved lately, but these last two days something out of the ordinary happened, perhaps some big sabotage. But ofcourse we do have generators in the house and the street, otherwise life would have been really difficult.

A friend thinks that Baghdad is part of the "Saddam" loyalist areas, this is very far from the truth. It is the capital city with more than 5 million population. Ofcourse you will find elements of the "enemy". But I think most of the sabotage is done by infiltrators from other regions. Another friend inquires about the internet. Now the internet is quite available as well as satellite TV. This is something which was very restricted in the "ancien regime".

Another friend asks about the engineering profession. If it wasn't for the security situation there would have been a real boom by now, still there is work, risky, to be sure, but many are willing to take the risk. In the future, "Inshallah", this will be one the most active regions in the world from the engineering point of view. I would like to talk more about the subject in future postings "God's Willing".

You must all understand, that since the liberation, the "enemy" has been trying desperately to prevent normalistion of the situation attacking the very basic necessities of the people, encouraging crime and disruption of almost everything, killing, intimidating etc.

The new policy of the coalision forces of heavy military action against certain trargets is quite risky. Although, certainly, firmness in dealing with the terrorists and saboteurs is required, but care must be excercised not to hurt innocent people. For example, the house of the new employer of my son was dammaged, because the house next door was attacked. This man is absolutely a normal Baghdadi citizen and has no connection whatsoever to the "enemy".

I heard another report that the house of a member of "Aldawa" party in Baquba was also dammaged. This party participates in the Governing Council and everybody knows where it stands regarding the Saddamists and the like. In many ways this is quite depressingly a step backward and rather than "showing strength" it is more like "showing weakness", I am sorry to say. Firmeness can be excercised in different ways.

For the benefits of our Arab brothers, mainly, I was planning a long explanation why the majoriy of the Iraqi people are not against this action that has taken place in our country. But that will have to wait. We have an emergency situation and more important matters have to be addressed.

Although I am not an expert in the subject of security and counter sabotage, yet living in this country one is bound to learn one or two things about the subject. Quite sometime ago I wrote a letter expounding my own personal opinion how the security issue should be tackled. I did send the letter to one or two places, however, since now I feel I have quite a few friends on this site I will post this letter for your consideration in the next posting.



Monday, November 17, 2003


Hellow everybody,

I was very pleased to see an arab brother "Firas" joining the discussion. A brother who "understands" better. Iraq is, has been and will always be part of the Arab World. We are ofcourse very angry with terrorists sneaking across the borders to join the Saddamists in their terror campaign. They are misguided and wrong.

I have much to say but power is about to shut off so I must say goodbye now



Sunday, November 16, 2003


Hi everybody,

Zeyad of HealingIraq is doing a great job in inspiring many of his friends to start blogging. This is valuable in presenting many personal viewpoints seen from different angles. I don't personally know Zeayad, but my heart seems to know him. I include all these new links and recommend all friends to pay them visits.

I was struck by an entry in one of Zeyad's entries about his intention to translate an abreviated version of one of the late Prof. Ali Alwardy's works. This man was one of the greatest scholars of the Iraqi psyche that ever was. He is a most essential reading for anybody who wants to understand our people. I understand his works have been translated to several languages, and you will find them most fascinating.

I wish to appologise for mistakes of spelling and the like due mainly to hasty writing, please correct them as you please.



Saturday, November 15, 2003

"In the name of God the Most Merciful"

Hi everybody,

Your Comments! Your Comments! What can I say? Each one of them deserves so much consideration and thought; So much to say. I know not where to start and how to tackle this awesome task. So much passion, so much thought, so much wisdom. For eons of time we have been captive audiences to the Clever Man. For eons of time the Ordinary Man had to keep his thoughts to himself perhaps passing something to a friend or two; and when he dies, all these little secrets of his heart pass away unheard and unnoticed. Yet how many of us are there. I mean in pure numerical terms, where is the Clever Man compared to us. If only one wisdom, one inspired thought from each, what sea of human wisdom that would drown to insignificance all the achievements of the Clever Man.

But enough of this meditation; Jojo is a Good Man. Jojo, I have been to Africa, and not a brief visit either. I have lived, ate, drank and worked in Africa; One country of Africa, to be sure but very much the heart and reality of Africa. So much to say about the subject; may be God's Willing we shall talk about it someday. I am touched by your concern for the Iraqi suffering and death. But that's a long story of woe to be told someday.

Ladies and Gentlemen: I feel now that I awe you something. I awe you that you be told the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth as seen by this little Ordinary Iraqi Man, regarding this Iraqi situation. Reality is always much more complex and complicated than what might first appear. Oversimplification, even, if well intentioned and noble can be very misleading.

The problem is that I am a very busy professional working man. So I pray to God to find the time to do justice to this IMPORTANT work.

But I am happy I started this modest blog. I am happy and enlightened by reading your comments. It so much more informative and interesting than all this stuff we get from the traditional media. I am proud to have stimulated so much thought and passion that you actually take the time and effort to participate in this blog.

I look forward to come back to you soon.

God bless


Friday, November 14, 2003

( In the Name of God the Most Merciful )

Hi every body,

Have you seen this in the comments By Jojo:

Do you know what the image of Alaa going down on his knees in awe brought to my mind? Well, it's a slave my friends. We Africans know alot about going on one's knees in a "moment of awe". American slaves did as well.

There is NO need for him to go on his knees and kiss anyone's hands to show his appreciation for their help, support or sacrifice.

Quite frankly the whole notion highly disturbs me. Showing gratitude is one thing; crawling head-over-heels to debase oneself is another.

I hope I am not misunderstood.

Well Jojo, this merits an answer:

You see, If Doreen was some powerful master figure, or someone like your old plantation owners; your remarks might have been appropriate and just. But this is an ordinary mother, a citizen, and she is actually talking about her sons. She doesn’t have to say what she says. She is a free American lady and does not have to say anything she doesn’t sincerely believe and feel. I don’t know if you have kids. But we fathers and mothers can understand. Kissing this hand is no act servility. The hand that raised, fed, changed nappies, sweated and toiled for years. The mother that watched her babies grow from infants to toddlers to little lovely boys stammering with their first words, and then they grew and went to school and were teenagers and finally men tall and handsome. Do you know what it means for a mother to see her children in mortal danger? Do you? And yet and despite of the danger of the ultimate sacrifice she does not want to walk away and leave our country in chaos . This is not some general abstract and theoretical or ideological position, this is a mother with her son actually on the ground thousands of miles away. She is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of a people far away that most likely she has never known or seen. Believe me this is a position even superior to that of ours. I mean we are in this boat and we have to fight for our freedom and life. But Doreen is living out there in prosperity and safety and she can just shrug her shoulders and stand by preferring the safety of her children, and no one can blame her for that. How big is this heart that feels for others just as it feels for one’s own offspring !

Believe me, kissing this noble hand is no act of servility or debasement. It is a heartfelt greeting from one free man to a great Free Mother. This kneeling is not the gesture of a slave, but the salute of the free to the great nobility of the human spirit.



Thursday, November 13, 2003

Hi everybody,

I heard that General Abi Zaid estimates that no more than five thousands individuals oppose the coalision in Iraq. I agree with this estimate. The active elements can be no more than that. However, the security vacum and the narrow minded sectarianism of certain regions, in addtion to the fact that these individuals include many hardened professionals, not to mention the reinforcements sneaking in from abroad, tend to aggravate the situation.

However there are some more active moves now.

Regarding the Governing Council, it is wrong to upset the arrangement too drastically now. No matter what misgivings you may have about their performance, they still represent quite a wide spectrum of the Iraqi political scene, and what is more important, they are all for the new Iraq, that we all pray for. However fundamental changes are required, and I think now at last serious steps are underway.


Read this:

Dear Alaa;

Thank you for your wonderful weblog. I am a proud mother of two US soldiers. One was in Iraq to assist in the freedom of the Iraqi people; the other is in Iraq right now.

The soldiers know that the overwhelming majority of the Iraqi people are good people who are grateful for their efforts. My son received flowers and people lined up to shake his hand after the fall of Saddam. Please be aware that most American people understand how vital it is NOT to walk away and leave your country in chaos, for the Baathists and Jihadists to take over.

We also understand the value of the blood lost, not only of the US soldiers, but by the brave Iraqis who worked to bring true peace and democracy to their country, and were killed by those who want to stop it.

Doreen | 11.12.03 - 8:13 am | #

Doreen, mother of two, I don't want to say anything to spoil this moment of awe. I kneel and kiss your hand.


So now it is the turn of the gentle Italians.

This particular contingent is one of the most loved and kindest on the ground. They treat the people so kindly. They are doing a lot to help the local people. Everybody in Nassiryah will tell you this. And this town has been so peaceful. And it is this that drives the Misguided Demented mad. Targeting this particular target is not just another operation. It is premeditated and pregnant with meaning. They are infiltrating to the South to try to beak the tranquility and peace there. Every single attack or sabotage south of Baghdad is infiltration from other areas. The kind gentle folks of the south would never ever perpetrate such atrocity. Nor do I think any Iraqi, had any part in this. Suicide attacks are the hallmark of foreigners infiltrating into the country, to do Jihad at the expense of our blood, future, and the safety of our children and ordinary folk.

So now noble Roman blood is being shed on the ancient plains of Mesopotamia, as it had been more than two millenniums ago, near Ur, near Akad, near ancient Sumeria, near the birthplace of the great prophet Abraham ( PBU ), near the birthplace of western civilization.

And again what can we say to the Italian people, these gentle, cultured, cosmopolitan, kind people whom I have known and visited several times; Only the banal words of condolence to families, friends and entire nation.

Iraqis: Noble blood of the best of humanity is being shed in your cause, and one day, one day when the new enlightened civilization of Mesopotamia is reborn again, you will erect statues of Gold in you hearts and your boulevards for those now fallen.

We weep again.


( In the Name of God the Most Merciful)

Above all hear this:

My brother was an aid worker killed trying to help get clean water in Iraq. I miss him so much. I know not to be bitter, but sometimes it's just so frustrating...

keep writing
Mona | Email | Homepage | 11.11.03 - 11:42 am | #

So now what can we say to you Mona? What words of condolence or sympathy can be equal to your sorrow. What miserable mere expressions can be appropriate to this heartache, the memories, the departure of the beloved. Not to see him in real life anymore, not to have his living presence around the house. Not to expect anymore his homecoming, perhaps for Christmas, perhaps for Thanksgiving or whatever occasion in your culture. You and all the bereaved, what can we say to them really?

It is precisely at these moments that we can only fall back to Religion; the universal religion of all humanity. Those killed in a noble cause are martyrs and shall be resurrected amongst the saints and the holy and the pure, in paradise in the everlasting presence of the eternal Love – rejoice.



Hi everybody,

Lee C. welcome and I am glad to see you starting. Fayrouz I notice you sister. Brotherly love to you and your husband. I know the golden Basrawi hearts. God bless you.

There are amongst the commentators regulars whom I look for their words and await them as they await mine. Thats why I was thinking to invite them as members in this site. On the other side the main page might become cluttered. I am so ignorant how to improve the organisation of this site. Would it be better just to leave it as it is with the comments section for my friends ? I don't know, I want to know your opinion.


Well, finally the blogger got around to deleting the duplicate post from this morning. Unfortunately, it deleted the one with, I saw, 16 comments, 4 of them from me.

Please know that you are not being censored. I'm just new at this, and did not expect to be having to know anythig about how to work it just yet.

If I hear anything of Alaa and he cannot get to his blog I will certainly let people know.
I have received some advice from Dr. Zeyad Healing Iraq . He suggested that this would not be a good time to be filling up Alaa's mailbox with prayers for his safety and quick return. If Alaa is having connection problems, the most likely scenario, then putting a load on his wires is probably not a good idea right now.
I must go now; if I come up with any information I will certainly let people know.
The sun rises; light gathers in the east. Alaa is still offline. My e-mail does not show me what I want to see, which would be a note that he has his keyboard working again.

I have figured out how to delete the drafts. Or, so it tells me. I haven't figured out yet why or how it published the drafts. The site where one "publishes" these things was being extremely uncooperative and then it locked up. And then it gave me a notice that it was down for sheduled mainentance and would not let me back in.

Set the clock, take a nap, get some rest... Seemed to be the thing to do. Alarm goes off, I get up and wander into the computer room. No e-mail from Alaa. So, coffee's brewing and I'm wondering about him. The drafts do not seem to be going away--the delete button isn't working, or maybe not just working very rapidly. I just pulled up the site in another window, and still they're there.

I went to bed with the thought that the Blogger site had been acting up, was being extremely uncooperative; the buttons were not working as they were supposed to work. And also I had asked Alaa if he was taking the appropriate precautions against a cyber attack. He is a target for your not so random act of cyber violence. He didn't mention that in the next e-mail. So I didn't pursue the question any further. He is, after all, an engineer, as he has told us, a man with a technical bend, and I assumed the point was passed because it was not important (i.e. he had it handled). I his last post though, startled me to say the least, that he put up my handle, and that he told me I could post things, and, most startling, that he did it in public rather than by an e-mail.

This makes me wonder if his e-mail had gone bad before he lost his internet access completely, something was happening on his end that caused him to wonder about that. A cyber attack of some sort does not seem out of the question, not an unreasonable thing to consider happened. Electrical power or the being phone down are also reasonable theories. Actual physical violence against Alaa, his family, or his friends or neighbors is a possibility, too much a possibility from what I hear from Alaa's fellow bloggers, but not the most likely cause of this strange circumstance that finds me making entries to the log of a poet. Coffee brewed, sun is up now, and my work is not getting done, and I am here trying to assure myself, and Alaa's readers that this strange turn of events is most likely not a big deal, and Alaa will be back.
What I really want to do is get away from here, flick through the news sources on the internet, click the buttons on remote chasing the T.V. pictures through the news channels for word on what's happened today in Baghdad, and then pick up my tools and get some work done. But I can't get my mind to concentrate on the notion of work. Something has happened to a man I have come to address as my friend.
Something else has happened too. I have been exchanging e-mails with a man from Baghdad that I knew nothing about just a few weeks ago. This is real; these are real people dying that they're talking about on my news channels. The coalition soldiers now dead were real people, the Iraqi people now dead were real people; the Iraqis still living and struggling through this are real people. And it has come home to me that this is not some sort of intellectual excercise, not debate of political theories puncuated by pictures flashing across a cathode ray tube. These are real people with soldiers on their streets and fear in their minds and hearts of what the next moment may bring. And yet we find men like Alaa, and Zeyad, and A.Y.S. who want to tell us that in the midst of this mess they have hope, with chaos and uncertainty all around them, they still have hope; after 20 odd years of Ba'athi rule, still hope. We are told that Iraqis are lining up to join the IP and I can't bring myself to believe that they are doing it only because it's a paycheck in place where paychecks are too rare. No, I want to believe that it's because they have not surrendered to the chaos around them. They have hope.
If you will excuse me from here, I need to go turn some wood into sawdust, and consider my next letter to my congressman. I don't think he will actually read it, but surely somebody on his staff will log it in and make a summary, and it will wind up on a list somewhere that perhaps he will actually read. At least, I can hope.
'Til later...

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Ladies and Gentlemen:

It's been a few hours now, and Alaa is not back up. I am worried about him; I won't pretend otherwise. But, I was online and wandering around the blogger© site when it suddenly started reacting very poorly. Worried about a friend is not panicked just yet. I can still believe it's just a technical glitch or a power down.

You may well wonder what I am doing making posts here in Alaa's absence. I wonder the same thing. The last contact I had with Alaa is online and before you, and it looks to me like an e-mail gone bad, and you know the last thing I know for certain, so don't be asking me any questions, 'cause I don't know yet.

I did not expect Alaa to be telling me that I could post. I am, I felt, like the neighbor across the street. I was given the key to the house by a neighbor who trusted I would not abuse the access.

It is telling though that Alaa trusted me to tell you things in his absence, me, a man he's never met face to face. I'm not particurly religious, or at least that's what the holy men would tell me (whether I would agree with them is a different subject) and I'm not Muslim, and Alaa is both. He's educated too, or so I gather from hints from his postings. I would guess that he can handle the French language. I'm not an educated man myself, and certainly I cannot speak French; he and I are very different men.

It is amazing what I do not about Alaa, and yet I am also amazed about what I do know.

I know these things among other things I have learned about him just from reading his blog:

1) He looks to the future

2) He looks to the future

3) Need I go on?

Perhaps he and I are not so different after all.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
It appears Alaa has had a minor technical problem. I'm wondering if it was within the Blogger server, or perhaps just one of those all too frequent downages in Baghdad.
Nothing to worry about, except that I'd ask you to ignore my entry to your blogs--I don't know how to erase it now that it wound up on the net. And, more importantly, I don't want to know. Trying to erase what happens here would be wrong.
Alaa will be back; connections in Baghdad can be problematic sometimes. He's probably just offline just now. Power dropped or phone went down, something like that.
Testing, testing, 1,2,3
The problem is that I am such a novice technically in this business.

Dear Lee C.,

You may start posting, something wrong with my E-Mail. I hope I am not being attacked, I hope to start limited invitations for friends to members on the main page.



Tuesday, November 11, 2003

(In the Name of God the Most Mercifull)






Hi Everybody,

It will be too mundane, to simply say "thank you" to all the people who wrote me Emails. I only wish the ordinary people here, in Baghdad and Iraq, hear and know of this, this groundswell of support and good will from the american people and people all over the world. This is why I am so anxious about the information policy currently in place. If only there was a program on the local media which will translate and relay this to the public, what a heart lift and consolation it would be to the frightened and tortured populace.

The people need reassurance.

Today there were bombs in the streets, near a courthouse, near a bus stop in Basrah, here and there. They tried to murder an oil functionary in Mosul, and killed his son.

They are attacking the common people, they want to stop life. They want to paralyze everyday life. Check out Ays for a kind of log of everyday incident.

But you all must know this, directly from Baghdad. The people are not going to be intimidated and go about their business quite normally. My boy goes to school. The eldest who has just finished his college, has found a job and goes out in the morning and doesn't come back untill sunset to break the fast. He is now dreaming to finish his studies in the U.S. having heard the Fullbright Foundation has a program for young Iraqis. He is so exited about it.

This is important, the people must begin to see the benefits of partnership with the Great Power. Little things count, It's a bit like dealing with women. Little gestures count. Huge sums of money may be spent without the common people feeling quickly the benefits. Little things which may not cost much may be far more telling.

To come back to our friend "Layth" : Looks like welcomming the occupiers and calling the resistance fighters as 'enemy' is a first to go down in history.

Yes indeed it is a first to go down in history. The Iraqi people are no cowards, had there been any real resistance the country would not have been "taken" in six weeks. The level of support for the fallen regime can be measured exactly by the token resistance shown by the "Fedayeen" and party militia. When the Coalition forces entered Baghdad, you know what happened. Everybody just went home. That was not because they were afraid to confront. That was because they have had enough of Saddam and the Saddamists and couldn't wait for the thing to be over and done with.

However, he had special groups prepared for this, for he knew, he knew very well. He never trusted the regular army, and the regular army, tired and insulted and thrown into so many unequal and pointless wars, just went home.

What the Coalition did not realise was that this maniac and the close nit group of his clansmen were not going to give up easily. The first counterattack was the looting, crime and arson.
Then came the rest of the sad story which I ache to recount. Every day a new tactic of terror, a new experiment in intimidation and woe. Until now he has declared a total campaign against everyday life itself.

I heard that General Abi Zaid has been talking to the Elders and Community notables of the Western region. This is right, there are sensible people, they must be talked to, reasoned with and brought to their senses. This approach must be escalated at the same time as firmness against the terrorists increased. They are after all our compatriots and brothers, if they have grievances, let them air them. If they accept the New Iraq and equality, freedom, and democracy it is in their interests. There is plenty for everybody. This is destruction of their country too. And I tell you the majority are not for this wantonness, I mean the majority of these regions so called "the triangle". They are just being used and misled by people who have not the least interest in the future and wellbeing of the country. They must be won back.

So Olive branch in one hand, and Sharp Sword the other. That in my opinion is the best course.



Monday, November 10, 2003

(In the Name of God the Most Mercifull)

Hi friends,

Matt wrote this comment which I find interesting, what do you all think about it?

Thanks Mat :


Just a thought. I mentioned "Rolling Thunder" before. How about you write a post, let the world know what you want them to hear. And then, everybody who reads your blog, Copy and paste it into every newspaper, magazine, newscast there is in their letter to the editors section on their websites or even snail mail if it must.

The way I see it, you have an army of listners who would be willing to take a litle time out of our day to try to help get the message out. we just need you and your countrymen to let us know what that message is.

What do you think?

"Let The Rolling Thunder Begin"
Matt, New Jersey, USA | Email | 11.10.03 - 1:36 pm | #"

Also I would like to thank S.G. , whom I forgot to acknowledge as one the first really, in Additon to Ziad who encouraged me to start this blog site.

Salam Alaykum
(In the Name of God the Most Mercifull)بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hi everybody,

I was just getting a bit cheered up. Your warmth and good will, like the dewdrops on the parched lips of the lost man in the desert, were beginning to bring me a little back to life. I was gearing up to play with you a little, flirt with you a little, bask a little in the warmth of your humanity, and then I spotted this!! I could have ignored it, but no, it should not be ignored. This is the crux of the matter, the root of the catastrophe, the central theme of this forlorn Greek tragedy of which, sadly, we have to play the leading parts. You may have spotted this in the Comments but I put them to you again:

“ No wonder Iraq was chosen as a target for occupation when you have whiners like the people here who actually 'welcome' invasion!.

Not only is fighting an occupation a requirement in our religion (assuming Islam is your religion as well), but it is the natural human reaction throughout history and throughout cultures...Looks like welcomming the occupiers and calling the resistance fighters as 'enemy' is a first to go down in history.

Shame on you Iraqis...
Layth | Email | 11.08.03 - 7:12 am | #

In the name of God, the Almighty, the Merciful

“And fight in the cause of God against those who fight you, but do not transgress, God does not like the aggressors. And kill them wherever you find them, and expel them from where they expelled you, and know that persecution is worse than being killed. And do not fight them at the Temple of restriction unless they fight you in it; if they fight you then kill them, thus is the reward of the disbelievers. And if they cease, then God is Forgiving, Merciful. And fight them so there is no more persecution, and so that the system is God’s. If they cease, then there will be no aggression except against the wicked.� (2:190-193)

May God grant the Iraqi resistance the strength and courage to drive the occupiers out, humiliated and debased.

Layth | Email | Homepage | 11.1
0.03 - 4:08 am | # �

No respite in war! Back to the dismal reality of our nightmare!

This “brother�, who is obviously not Iraqi as witnessed by the “you Iraqis�, is typical of the kind of people who have brought all this misfortune on all of us.

Typically he uses quotes from the holy Quraan completely out of context to justify his lust for blood. These particular verses, refer very definitely to historical situations connected to the struggle between the prophet (PBU) and the heathen of Mecca, in the sixth century, as any “interpreter� of the holy Book can explain to you.

In the long history of Islam, many such fringe groups were known. The first of which called “Al Khawarij� (roughly translated means: those who opt out –I am a terrible translator). They spread havoc, murder, terrible atrocities, and fought against the very “founding fathers� of the Islamic faith. They fought, for instance against Imam Ali (PBU), the cousin of the Prophet (PBU) and the fourth Caliph, and one of the greatest philosophers and figures in Islamic history. They used to quote verses from the Quraan, to justify their murders, just as our friend does here. For instance, there is a famous verse where the prophet Noah (PBU) admonishes the Lord not to let any of the heathen live lest they beget children who will be as wicked and infidel as they are ( Surah of Noah). This particular verse was taken as an excuse to slaughter and disembowel any pregnant Moslem woman they could lay their hands on. In one of the many battles fought against them, the battle of “Nahrawan – a place that still exist today near Baghdad “, the Imam, exhausted all arguments to bring them to their senses, but they wouldn’t listen, and the Imam then ordered that they be annihilated and they were to the last man. Eventually one of them assassinated the Imam while he was praying in the mosque. They were bent on death and self-destruction.

These people that you have today, such as Al Qaida, the Jihadi Salafis etc. are but the modern equivalent of the old Khawarij. The model of their perfect Islamic State is the miserable “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan�, of the Taliban. Need we describe this entity so that the perfection of the utopia is properly appreciated?

Yes, come my “brother� Layth, let us wash our dirty linen in public, for that is the scandal that you and your like have brought on our head. The shame is not on us, but on you who have covered all of us and the name of our great and humanitarian religion with shame from head to toe. Shame on you who have made our name, our creed, and our existence even anathema to the whole of humanity. Shame on you murderers of children, women and welfare workers. You think you are on the side of God, but in reality you are nothing but the demented misguided lost tools of Satan. I pray to God for your salvation.

Just one of the examples of the exploits of the “valiant resistance� amongst many, which was reported in the news and can be easily checked out. A group of young American soldiers guarding a children’s hospital in Baquba, were attacked and three killed, nay I say martyred. Guarding a children’s hospital from what? From the looters, who loot the medicine of children. Just one typical incident. You cover us with shame from head to toe.

We declare before the whole world, your God is not our God, your religion is not our religion. You are the enemies of God, Humanity, Sanity & Decency. You are totally obsessed, unredeemable and hopeless. We have but to follow the decree of our Great Imam Ali ( PBU ) and you will be exterminated to the last man.

Salam to all who deserve peace.

Hi everybody,

You are sure more witty than I am, the pun is right, Mess is probably more appropriate.

What I meant really was clearing the mess in Iraq. Will be posting more of my "philosophising" soon.

Oh, sweet blogger revenge of the "Ordinary Man".


Sunday, November 09, 2003

Hi everybody,

People give me advice how to wriggle out of the linguistic Mess. I have corrected the site and "Inshllah" the Mess will be cleared too.


Oh, mispelt again, Mesopotamian !! What will all the english teachers think of me !! Sorry to foul your language.


Ed. has just rebuked me for my ingnorance in mispelling Mesopomian. ( Single S ). I stand rebuked. Thanks Ed.

(In the Name of God the Most Mercifull)بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hi Everybody,

The ranks are swelling. Welcome AYS new Cyber Soldier from Iraq.

This is crazy, you know I feel like a teenage girl falling in love for the first time. All day long I have been thinking about the blog site and all of you. I could hardly concentrate on my work. I was on pins and needles to get back home and see your comments. What did they think about this and about that? How did this phrase strike them? What will be their reaction to that thought ? etc. etc. etc.

And immediately as I get back; to the computer immediately before even going to the bathroom.

What !!! disaster !!! the phone line does't work !!! Oh, Horror . What happened ? The enemy found me out ? the telephone sabotaged ? Saboteurs lurking near the house ? Panic , sweat, apprehension, black thoughts. What to do? I will not get access, I will not see their comments? perhaps never ever ever!

Immagine, all this commotion because the telephone line broke down. I got dressed and went out to see about the phone line, but everybody at home before the break fast hour.

What relief, when the line suddenly warmed up. Thanks God and here I am again.

I love you all.



Saturday, November 08, 2003

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (In the Name of God the Most Mercifull)

Greetings all,

My God, the other Iraqi bloggers must have experienced this too. The deluge has started already. But I am overjoyed, I try hard to read every comment. Most of them so full of Love. Yeah, it is about Love after all. Each comment deserves to be answered and discussed in depth. Forgive me everybody. The task is simply impossible. People ask questions; serious questions; questions that need to be answered. It makes you wonder; what for these multi-billion media empires if the most elementary information so badly required by the people are not available?

Thanks Ziad ( Healing Iraq ), comrade in arms, it was your inspiration that started me on this.

( Allah Akbar Wal yakhsaa Al Khasioun - Good Old Saddam !!! ) - Iraqi joke friends.

So many things, I know not where to start.

But before everything else - a call to american and western people, before everything else:

An Iraqi american ( Sam ) writes in the comments section of Healing Iraq, that his house was recently attacked by somebody and an american neighbour came to his rescue.

You have amongst you in the US alone an estimated more that one million Iraqis, not to mention the other Iraqis elsewhere in Europe etc., These are christians, Moslems and etc. from all groups of the Iraqi population. The vast majority of these are patriotic and for a new Iraq.

But you also have the Mob, just like the dancing peasants of Fallujah, these are ignorant people who know nothing and can't see past their noses. We are disturbed by this level of ignorance which cannot distinguish friend from foe, and lumps everybody under generic classifications which bear no rhyme or logic behind them.

Please fight this ignorance, please be kind to our compatriots in your midst. Remember every body what President Bush has said : " Our greatest allies are the Iraqi people ".

Many people ask whether we have heard the President's speach. Yes we have. Immediately the Chorus of AlJazeera, Al Arabiya, etc. and amazingly, CNN, BBC etc, started their spoiling, doubt-semming, bitchy insinuations, interviewing, this character from egypt and that "analyst " from Syria etc. ( seldom an Iraqi is asked, or if they find one, a well known former close associate of the Saddam regime or someone like that ). Pretending to be objective, pretending to be "balanced", they try their best to kill the joy that the shining reassuring words bring to our frightened hearts.

Well, we should be starting to talk about the "Mistakes". There are two ways to consider these: The first is the destructive, biased, spitefull fault pointing of the "enemy". The other the constructive, corrective, anxious for cure advice of the "friend". I think you all know in which camp I stand.

We will take them one by one as the posts go:

A compatriot from Iraq writes:

"To our American friends, I would like to see the CPA doing more PR job and be more open with the Iraqis.
Once the CPA talk more to Iraqis about the dangers of bringing back the army and what they are afraid of might happen, Iraqis will understand and try to help the CPA in doing their job. Iraqis need openness and discussion.
Shokran Allaawy."

Yes friends, the information policy of the CPA and Governing Council, is simply a flop.

Immagine that the shining speach of President Bush ( El George El Bush, I would like to call him from now on - as is the tradition when we wish to honor great Sheiks to add El (the) before their names, "The George The Bush", El Bush the Lion-heart of the New World !), has hardly reached the masses here in Iraq. Perhaps few quotations interspersed with bitchy commets from Al Jazeera and the like.

The members of the Governing Council (GC) have to wait humbly, until Al-Arabiya, Al-Jazira or the like condescend to give them some time every once in a while, making sure to have some other "guest" on the show to refute and take the micky out of every word uttered by the venerable member of the G.C.

Yes, to be sure, there is the INN (Iraqi News Network ), and the Forces Radio. As for the former you have to ask the patriotic compatriot who returned from exile to direct it, and then resigned and left back to exile in disgust. Whereas the latter, is like presenting a dish of "english faggots" and cold potatoes to someone accustomed to "Kouzi", "Dolma", "Masgouf" and all the other flamboyant, "Roccoco style" fantasmagoria of Messopotamian cuisine with six thousand years of heritage behind it.

I advice the concerned to give Saddam a temporary safe conduct and a short contract to teach them one or two things about the art of propaganda. After the expiry of which temporay reprieve he may hide again and the Fox Hunt may resume.

They have not even succeeded in restarting the Iraqi Sattelite Station, which Saddam managed to Keep going under bombing until the very last moment.

There are so many brilliant iraqi orators and commentators who can pulverise and mobilise the people. If only the torrent of well wish and Love that I am getting on this site can be relayed and translated to the masses in Iraq, what help would that be! If only the speach of El Bush is translated and repeated several times to the iraqi people, what effect would that produce!

This is more important and vital than many people think. In general, although many iraqis know some english ( they learn it at school ), most however are not as proficient in it, like yours truly, Ziad or Salam. They are not proficient enough to follow news in a foreign language.

Al Jazira, Al Arabiya and the like are still, after six months of the fall of the idol, the main sources of information in the country. The G.C. members, all accomplished speakers and orators, hardly talk to the people. They might appear occasionaly on the arab channels.

This is far more dangerous than what you think. These channels are almost directing operations of "insurgency". For instance, as soon as some information is broadcast about oil being pumped on a certain line, you can be certain it is sabotaged the next day, not to mention showing tapes from Saddam, Bin Laden, and various "resistance groups" colorfully poising for the photo holding their RPJ's and threatening every body with death and damnation. Even their method of reporting is highly subversive. For example: When IP stations are attacked, the reporter never fails to add that this is done because these are "collaborators".

An Iraqi Sattelite Station must immediately be started, and all the talented well known Iraqis who are eminently capable to run it and counter attack this massive propaganda campaign by the enemy, recalled and recruited. The Station should beam long hours and compete effectively and present the information in the flamboyant and spicy style appropriate to the mass taste of the iraqi populace.

This is the first one. More will follow.


Friday, November 07, 2003

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (In the Name of God the Most Mercifull)

Hi everybody,

We the Iraqis, find ourselves in the midst of a great turning point in human history. This is no dramatisation, no exaggeration. But if you make even a cursory perusal of the 6000 years or so history of Messopotamia, you will find that this, strangely, is the fate of this particular spot on the earth. Let us not get bogged in the confusing and painful details at this particular time and look at the essence of the matter.

Jolted and shocked by the events of September 11, the United States of America, the greatest and most powerful politico-economic power that humanity has ever known has realised that the advanced and rich western world can no longer ignore the plight of the poorer and underdeveloped world. Those "nation states", who have totally failed the test of self determination and self goverment, and degenerated into obscurantism, sectarianism, tribalism, and all the other isms of hell, pose a mortal danger, both to the people unfortunate to live there and to the Western civilisation itself. More so since the technical complexity of the advanced world render it particularly vulnerable. The danger is real, oh so real! Anybody doubting this is living in a fools paradise.

So Action was decided upon. Action to change the situation in this twilight zone ( c.f. George Orwel - 1984 ), action to bring the values and standards enjoyed by the prosperous world to these places, by force if necessary, by example preferably. And action was taken. this in a nutshell. Let who may tear their hair off. Let them protest until their lungs puncture and shout until their throats bleed. This is it. It is like all great movements in history, characterised by singlemindedness and overpowering impulse. The old style of european imperialism, which aimed at exploitation, cheap raw materials, and keeping people backward and in a state of peasant low existance, has gone and is no longer suitable for the world. A globalised world where every body can enjoy the freedoms and benefits taken for granted by the "advanced" world. This is liberal neo-imperialism. Is it eutopean, is it unrealisable ? I don't know the answer. But the campaign is already under way.

Years ago, in my earlier youth, had I heard somebody talking like this, my hair would have stood on end, I would have been thrown into a fit of rage enough to give me heart attack. But years of suffering, years ground to dust and wasted living under a system which had hardly anything right in it, atavism which took us back to a moral state comparable to that that existed even before the reforms of Islam fifteen centuries ago, have finally brought me to this forlorn conclusion: that perhaps it is better this way - perhaps that really, salvation lies herein.

Caution to the wind. Consider this: if the U.S. tommorrow announces that anybody willing to come to its land would be given the "Green Card" immediately with no further question, how many people do you think would stand in line? Answer this question if you dare ? Why if Western values are so bad and so terrible would you find Muslim, Hindu, Buddist, and every colour and every breed standing in that hypothetical line, in their billions ?

But America cannot take in the entire humanity, so america decides to go to them instead.

Fool, romantic, freak, say what you may. Romantics have always shaped history.

Caution to the wind, caution to the wind.

"Thus Spake the Ordinary Man" - Long Live the Blogging Revolution.

Salam Alaykum

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (In the Name of God the Most Mercifull)

Greetings everybody,

One of the best advices I received about writing in this site was the following:

Write freely what comes to mind, even if its just a few sentences.

Believe me, if you think of blogging as a series of essays to be produced, if will feel more like a chore to be procrastinted than a love.

Just some advice to keep things flowing..

All the best for you and your country.

-Adam in USA
adam | Email | 11.05.03 - 8:29 pm | #

Thanks Adam, I already feel the importance of your advice. Thats just what I am going to do.

Anyway being too erudite is a betrayal of the ideals of the "Ordinary Man".


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (In the Name of God the Most Mercifull)

Greetings all,

You probably know that we are in Ramdhan. It is some few hours to breaking the fast at sunset. This fasting is so interesting. Food suddenly aquires new attraction. Today is Friday our weekend holiday. So, in general expect my postings mostly thursday and friday. The rest of the week I am quite busy trying to make a living.

So now we hear another Helicopter is brought down. Serious, yes. Disaster ? not necessarily. It only shows the enemy is not to be underestimated.

I note that most of my visitors are american. This is natural and welcom really. American public opinion is a matter of life and death to us here, at this particular time. The "enemy" ( let us call them that at the moment and they include some Iraqis too, to be absolutely honest ), is doing his damn best to influence american and western public opinion. He has people monitoring, watching, relaying back information. He has allies, especially amongst the other non-iraqi arabs. We don't really like to be too hard on our arab "brothers", but we are really angry with them now. The just don't seem to care one little bit about our safety and future.

This dancing, over wrecked vehicles, he discovers is most graphic and effective. Any ordinary american watching this on T.V. is likely to be very upset. The enemy is past master at this. I mean he may not be very briliant militarily, but when it comes to psychological torture, they are the greatest masters of the "art" in human history. I bet you anything that for each operation carried out in a certain well known area by now, a chorus is prepared and asked to go and dance for the benifit of photographers of the press, most likely notified of the show before hand.

Oherwise are some of these "spontaneous" ? - Probably.

But people: don't forget, the mob also danced as Jesus ( PBU ) bore the Cross. The mob is the mob. All we can say of any "spontaneous" manifestations is exactly what Jesus ( PBU)said : " Lord forgive them for they know not what they are doing "

Salam Alaykum

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
PBU stands for : Peace Be Upon Him, as we traditionly say when holy prophets are mentioned.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

(In the name of God the Most Merciful) بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Greetings all,

I have been reading the comments which keep coming in. There is so much good will, so much love I am touched. I decide to turn off the TV most of the time. It is so depressing. Always news of casualties, american and Iraqi and other coalision. Especially the arab chanells. They seem to be actually waging war rather than reporting. All sort of pundits and smart looking characters presented as analysts and experts explaining to you what the Iraqi people this and the Iraqi people that, predicting doom and damnation, insinuating, spewing out with word mongering skills how things are going to degenerate, how we don't stand a chance in hell. Then there are the "reports" and immages, carefully and skillfully manipulated to show arson, burning and injury. But, they keep protesting, this is honest journalism, this is news, they are heroes and great people doing a dangerous job to bring out "the reality" to the world. Even the western media seem to be part of it.

Sounds of explosions and gun fire are usual. But we the Iraqi people have become almost immune to it. I mean 25 year experience of this ever since the start of the Iraq-Iran war.

I am particularly touched by this comment:

On the personal side, my son ships out the end of Nov for his tour in Iraq. He'll be leaving behind his family and their little 9 month old daughter. I have alot at stake in your land now too.
Chuck T | Email | 11.06.03 - 3:48 pm | #

There is an american guard station just at the end of our backstreet to guard some important buildings, very often they drive past our front door in their humvees or even tanks sometimes. They have been there for months now. Sometimes my boys go and talk to them.

The buildings they are guarding are not military installations nor anything like that they are establishments vital to the life of ordinary people. Such young people. I have seen them during the cruel summer, standing in their full battle uniform in the scorching midnoon sun, which we Iraqis ourselves cannot bear and escape to the inside of our houses like running from the plague. Yet they stand there, as though in dreamy moonlight.

Dear Chuck: Your son and my sons will be in the same boat, may god preserve him and them from evil. My heart goes out to you and all the families of servicemen.

Each time I hear of a casualty, a hand squeezes my heart with pain. This has to stop. They were not bad these boys. We never saw anything bad from them. Perhaps some people had. The worst things happen when searches are carried out. I will have to make suggestions about that. Searches are important to be sure, but they could be carried out in quite different manner. The searches are carried out usually based on information received. Sometimes, and quite often, the information is false. This matter has to be discussed in greater detail.

I mean these casualties are not acceptable to us iraqis even more than the american public. These guys have to be more careful.

My son could not go to school for three days this past week because of threats to bomb school children. Can you immagine that? I ask this question above all to our arab "brothers" who glorify the "valiant resistance", from such T.V. channels as AlJazeera, as some well known character, talking from his comfortable and safe London office often entertain us to that effect.

People are afraid to drive or step over mines and improvised explosives and the like. A terror campaign, the like of which we have never seen is directed against the public. What do they want ? Is going about one's daily business called collaboration? Is a Doctor going to his job in a hospital a collaborator, because the CPA may send some medicine or help to the hospitals? They want us all dead, they want us to stop living. They can barely hide their spite and hatred. They send their suicide maniacs, so full of hatred, so full of spite that they are willing to blow themselves to smithereen against whom; against the Red Cross, the RED CROSS !! immagine that. No organisation has helped the iraqi people more than the Red Cross, throu'out the Iran-Iraq war, the 90 Gulf war, the years of Sanctions. Mr. Barri Attwan, Editor of Al-Kuds paper in London, is this your valiant resistance ?

Well we have news for you. We, the majority of the Iraqi people, are all going to be collaborators. Yes we will collaborate with the american people to rebuild our country. And not only the Shia people, not only the the Kurdish people, not only the christian people of Iraq, but even those misguided individuals of the "Sunni Triangle", whom you seem to count upon so much, we will win them back.

That is not to say the Coalition forces have not made mistakes, they have and big mistakes too. My own personal view is that this situation could have averted with wisdom. But it is not too late, it must not be too late, because we have to live, we have to rise from the ashes.

Great Messopotamia will never die.

Salam Alaykum