Sunday, October 29, 2006



There is a popular Iraqi proverb known by everybody around here. Roughly translated it goes like this: “She neither got to keep her man nor managed to get Seyid Ali” (لا حظت برجيلها ولا خدت سيدعلي). The meaning should be obvious but still we explain it. It is about a woman who tried to get another man “Seyid Ali”; but the result of her flirtations was that she lost her husband and did not manage to get the other man who was only fooling around with her. The moral of this proverb should be clear.

At a time when the Sodomo-Ladinists proclaim the establishment of the "Islamic Republic of Iraq" which includes Baghdad (!!), and when large chunks of the capital (especially in the west) have virtually fallen to the terrorists where normal life has virtually come to a standstill, and innocent citizen are murdered in their own houses, and where shops are closed and street vendors are murdered on side pavements, and where corpses strewn in the streets and on pavements including men, women and even children have become daily sight; and when all this is taking place under the noses of the American and Iraqi forces; at this time it is concluded by some, that the problem is in areas outside the control of the abovementioned gentlemen, and we find the American forces surrounding the neighborhoods of Karadah and Sadr city, although it is only in such areas that any semblance of normal life goes on. And it seems that the problem is only the Mahdi army and that the Qaeda, the Mujahideen Shura Council, the Isalmic Army, Jaysh Muhammad, Ansar Al-Sunna, etc. etc. are harmless charity organizations that pose no danger and whose “human rights” are the main concern.

Of course, in a normal society, you don’t have armed groups running around outside the official law enforcement forces that alone have the right to carry arms and the duty to protect citizens and uphold Law and order. You only have to dial 999 and the police will come to your door. But do we have something like that here? A friend of mine had his son kidnapped for ransom last year, when the situation in Baghdad was much better by comparison with the present time. He went to the police asking for help. Do you know what they told him? They told him that they could do nothing about it and cheerfully reassured him not to worry as the gang was bound to contact him for ransom, and that he would do better to learn good bargaining technique to reduce his losses. The neighborhoods of Ghazaliya, Amiryah, Al-Jihad and others look like ghost towns at the moment. Many of the inhabitants have fled leaving their houses and all their belongings at the mercy of terror gangs to save their lives. Now that the death gangs (who do not all belong to the Mehdi army, by the way) ran out of Shiaas to murder in places like Amiriyah, they have turned against even the Sunnis. I can recount many horrific stories that I personally know for sure, but I would rather spare you the sordid details. I don’t mean to deny that the Shiaas are also guilty of retaliation and violent acts, but you have to remember who started this vicious cycle, and you have to remember that this was a premeditated plan that Al-Qaeda has been planning and implementing for a long time, as was explicitly described in that famous letter by the accursed defunct Zarqawi.

For the past year or so the Americans have been the main champions of Sunni rights and Sunni participation and all that. Of course it is right to uphold the rights of all communities and minorities, and it is right that the U.S. should not be seen to favor any particular group, sect or community. Everybody should have equal rights and equal opportunities. However, equal rights do not include license to terrorize and murder others and to insist on imposing the will of a minority over the majority, including demands to annul the political process altogether and cancel the results of the elections and the constitution which was approved by nationwide referendum. It got so far that there are secret negotiations between the Americans and “the resistance” in certain neighboring countries. The negotiations are mainly with the Baathists. There are reports that the U.S. has asked certain Arab regimes to intercede with the “insurrectionists” to beg them to lay down arms in return for God knows what kind of promises. And what kind of gratitude did the Americans get for their pains: the highest casualty rate since the end of major operations in 2003; and these casualties were not inflicted by the Mehdi army nor any other Shiite group for sure. In fact the Sodomo-Ladinists see all this as a sign of weakness and admission of defeat and are elated and are proclaiming their success and the soon to be achieved “final victory”, at the top of their voices in their propaganda organs whether on the internet or through their thinly disguised sympathizers and sponsors in certain Arab and non-Arab capitals. And the din of propaganda is getting more and more deafening from all sides. The objective of all this is so obvious. It is to break the will and morale of the American people above all, and to confuse the American leadership and lead them astray to policies and positions that are self defeating and counterproductive to say the least. And please don’t get me wrong, I still have the highest esteem, admiration and even affection for President Bush whom I think to be the most sober and clear minded of the lot. Yet the President is being subjected to terrible pressures from all sides and maybe some bad counsel too.

It is always important not to forget the fundamentals of any particular situation. And the fundamentals of the Iraqi issue consist of remembering which elements of the population have interest in the success of the new order and which other have lost privileges and interests and are trying with all their might to subvert and wreck the new system, with the hope of restoring their previous hegemony over society. They cannot seem to understand or accept that the previous state of affairs are quite impossible to bring back; that their stranglehold has been broken once and for all, by the American action; that not even America, which has been the main agent of the change cannot turn the clock back, even if we assume, for argument sake, that it wants to do that, which is highly unlikely. It is important not to lose sight of the essential facts on the ground; not to be so confused by the fog as to cease to distinguish who the real enemy is. Just ask yourselves the following questions:

- Who is responsible for most of the casualties that were suffered by the coalition forces.
- Who is responsible for beheadings, kidnappings, car bombs, attacks in market places etc. etc. ever since liberation in 2003.
- Who is responsible for sabotaging the essential services, electricity, water etc. etc.
- Etc. etc. etc.

Ask yourselves honestly and earnestly, and do not let propaganda and misinformation confuse you. I am sure the answers to the above questions are amply clear. The nature of the “insurgency” and its main perpetrators have been known and perfectly understood for a long time. President Bush himself has explained very clearly this matter on several occasions, not to mention other American and Iraqi officials. So let us not be like the soccer player who turns back to score in his own goal. But I am glad to see that there is at least one sober and wise person who understands this more than anybody else, and that is President Bush himself.


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