Sunday, December 27, 2009



Every time I sit to write about the Iraqi situation, something grave comes up that requires attention. It is now this abortive attempt to explode an American airplane by this Nigerian young man who apparently claims that he was doing it on the orders of Al-Qaida in Yemen. Now this is serious and therefore I would like to address this post directly to all Moslems in North America, i.e. both the United States and Canada.

Fellow Moslems, as I see it, your original nationality and even religion are accidents of birth. You had no choice in that. But a country that you choose of your own free will, and that accepts you and welcomes you without any obligation to do that; that seems to me more precious and worthy of allegiance. Either you have already sworn allegiance or you hope to do that sometime in the future. You are therefore bound by your oath.

This is your country and your father land now. It is your duty to defend it and protect your fellow countrymen. Your livelihood and interests are inextricably linked to those of your new country and its inhabitants. When Al-Qaeda and its likes launch this kind of aggression, they don’t really care about your position and reputation in your chosen land. In fact, this kind of attack is far mare damaging to you than it is to the American people in general, no matter how tragic the consequences may be if these crimes succeed, heavens forbid. These lunatics care even less about you than the thousands of victims that fall all the time in Islamic countries, with their bombs and their attacks. In fact they resent and hate you, for having chosen these lands to settle. I came very hard on OutlawMike in my previous post, but to tell you the truth, deep down in my heart, I could understand his rage; it’s just that his solution angered me. In fact if any of you has the slightest ambiguity about his feeling towards these criminals, you are indeed not worthy to stay here It is time that you rise to defend you honor and your real “country”, which is the one in which you are living and raising your families now. It is not sufficient to sit in your homes and just deprecate these crimes, you have to make your voices heard, and loudly. I know that the vast majority of you are outraged as much as everybody else, but your fellow countrymen must hear you loud and clear. It is a blemish on your reputation and you must do everything in your power to dissociate yourselves from these enemies, your enemies primarily.

The question is how to do that. Of-course the answer lies in organized action. I am thinking of an Islamic Antiterrorist Alliance of North Americans. I am now pondering the founding manifesto of such an alliance, and I hope some of you might think with me to come up with a comprehensive set of principles. This alliance would be open for all patriotic North Americans of any other faith and conviction. Its objectives would be specifically to protect the homeland of North America, and would not be concerned with any issues outside of this land. It would strive to achieve that by peaceful means, including education, public campaigns, the internet etc. It would not hesitate to cooperate with anti-terrorist governmental agencies in any way that is lawful and not prejudicial to the principles of democracy and civil liberties that the U.S and Canada stand for. I shall not elaborate further now and consider this an initial wake up call, and I hope others more capable and articulate than me might take up the cause.



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