Wednesday, September 01, 2004


So the venerable “Association of Moslem Scholars” has found it necessary to protest publicly in a press conference, for the first time, the taking of the French hostages. They pleaded with the kidnappers (in a rather loving manner) for their release. The learned scholars have not protested much, though, about the numerous other kidnappings murders and beheadings etc. involving other nationals including Iraqis. Thus, it seems that the practice itself is not particularly objectionable, but that the nationality of the victim is the main consideration. The murder and kidnapping of many doctors, professors and other prominent professionals has not even raised a single murmur from these “scholars”. This is yet one more shining example of the creative application of applied theology as practiced by the distinguished “scholars”, which is stunning and amazing as it seems to contradict all our notions of justice, equality and abhorrence of violence and murder.


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