Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Today the Interim National Assembly held its first meeting. Several mortars fell near the place where the proceedings were taking place, some shaking the walls of the building. These explosions did not seem to bother those present in the slightest. For those who doubt the bravery and determination of the Iraqi people, just imagine this happening anywhere else. Would any other assembly in any other place just continue its work with such absolute calm and normalcy under similar circumstances?

Every Iraqi reporting to work every morning in broad daylight is challenging the vile criminals who are targeting the very daily life of ordinary citizen. Only in the last couple of days, a lady professor was assassinated in Mosul and the Dean of Anbar University Dr. Abdul Hadi Al-Heeti kidnapped from the front of his house as he was about to leave for work. The scum, who are perpetrating such a campaign of murder and terror against good people for no other reason than these latter wanting to go on with their daily lives, are being hailed by other scum abroad, especially from among the Arabs, as being “legitimate resistance fighters”.

The majority of the Iraqi people are being targeted as a punishment for their acceptance and support for this new project of freedom and liberation. There are reports, though, especially from some provinces in the South ( Diwaniya, Kut and Samawa for example) that the ordinary people are starting to strike back and that in some areas the criminals are being hounded and are cowering and begging for mercy and even returning some of the loot which they have previously stolen.

Sooner or later it will be the Iraqi people themselves who are going to cleanup their house.


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