Friday, October 08, 2004



Kenneth Bigley has been beheaded - Another innocent victim whose sole sin was that he came to our country to build and reconstruct; another atrocity; another monstrosity. And there are those who call these monsters “resistance fighters” or even just “insurgents”. And I have seen his poor old Mum pleading, fainting and suffering. What callous hearts are these? - Before him the American engineers and so many others. And so you see what we are up against, what we have been up against for the last five decades.

One Iraqi T.V. channel interviewed the young mother of two little girls who were murdered in the suicide bombing atrocity in Al-Amil district. The girls were to start school the next day. Their school things were prepared and leaning against the wall. It is something that truly breaks the heart. It is remarkable that the incident received little attention in the world media. This was a deliberate attack against children, not accidental, not collateral, but a premeditated deliberate murder of children. More that thirty children were dismembered and butchered by two suicide cars and the terrorists were most certainly non-Iraqis who came from abroad. Can you imagine the barbarism, can you comprehend the cruelty. But for me the most unbearable sight was those school bags leaning against the wall lovingly prepared by a young mother in fond anticipation of the start of the school year only to have her two beloved young ones brought home bloodied corpses. And what was the crime of the children? – crowding around the soldiers to receive candy!

Now as I am writing these lines, I am watching a debate in one of the Arab channels with usual slanders and twisting of the facts, shedding crocodile tears about the Iraqi people and how cruel and unjust are the Americans etc. etc. We have had enough of these Arabs. Such bigotry and evil have seldom been known in human history: To hell and damnation all of them together with their “insurgent’ brothers from whatever color and nationality they may be. And we are not forgetting the terrible atrocity against tourists in Taba, Sinai, either.

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