Saturday, March 12, 2005


Greetings to all my friends – the Mesopotamian is still around, very much alive and getting stronger.

The fact that our blogging has become less frequent is, in fact, a sign of normalcy beginning to return to our lives. Some time, sooner than people might expect, we shall be talking about things other than the War and Politics.

Regarding the situation here, and despite the horrible news you hear about the massive casualties caused by cowardly and criminal attacks against soft targets like funeral receptions and medical clinics; the terrorists are being rounded up and are really under pressure now. Things are moving in the right direction; albeit painfully and at a high price. We have said it since long time ago; and now they are forced to follow that course; because it is the only wise solution that there is. The Iraqis are the ones who can really clear this matter up. The presence of the American friends and their allies, remains important, but they should keep more and more in the background and provide the technical and material support required to the growing Iraqi forces.

Nobody can deny the considerable successes of the new Iraqi security formations lately, with quite modest equipment and resources. Also the great stir created by the new information policy of exhibiting terrorists and their candid confessions on TV screens. Nowadays, the 9 o’clock daily show of interrogations on “Al-Iraqia” of the thugs and terrorists is absolutely the top favorite of people that is eagerly awaited by everybody.

I hope to find more time to analyze the situation more fully later. Meanwhile, our friends should be reassured that there is a general feeling around here that things are moving in the right direction.

Best regards to all our friends.

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