Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Just a quick word: Almost all the important western and international capitals issued their condemnation and expressed their condolences and sympathies on the occasion of the carnage that took place in Hilla. Only the Arabs were quiet and nothing was heard from them. So, it seems that the blood of Iraqis does not concern them much, or worst still, perhaps they were secretly pleased and gratified at the event. Now, this is very serious. It is disturbing. Add to it that almost everybody in Iraq is firmly convinced that the perpetrators of suicide attacks in particular are all non-Iraqi Arabs albeit with the collusion of some Iraqis, you can understand the general feeling towards the Arab “brothers” that is dominating the Iraqi street right now.

The tragedy is that our problem does not seem to be with the regimes only, but also with the ordinary people themselves of these Arab countries. And this also recalls to mind the cheering crowds that greeted the news of 9/11 of the murder of thousands of innocent civilians in the U.S.; this is serious friends; this is very serious.

Anyway, as far as we are concerned; we assure you that revenge will come and those responsible for these horrors will be punished; though the majority of the people are showing the fortitude and patience of early Christians. Because, you see, we know exactly where these criminals are, which tribes they belong to, where are the filthy huts they are living in. We know that these are and have been bandits and murderers from time immemorial. Do you think that those millions who braved the threats and terror and came out to vote in broad daylight cannot overwhelm and obliterate these miserable enclaves of thieves, brigands and murderers in one furious and hurricane-like convulsion; were it were not for strict instruction from their religious leaders to persevere and forbear, for fear that innocents might be hurt, and in order not to be goaded into sectarian conflict and jeopardize our march to democracy and a decent society?

The mood, though, is that of bitterness , pain and sorrow as we watch the bodies of our young people being ferried in wooden carts like the fresh meet of carcasses in a slaughterhouse. Holy anger is swelling up, not only against the perpetrators, but also against all who seek to find excuses, glorify the foul murderers by such appellations as “insurgents” or worst still “resistors” and such like; against the theorists and the “commentators”; against anybody who even shows indifference to such heinous butchery.

Yet the decent majority of Mesopotamia will not bend to anything. The Genie has been released from the bottle and no force on earth can stop him.

All we can say is: Inna Lillah Wa Inna Ileihi Rajioun: “We are all to God, and to him we shall return”.

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