Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hi Friends,

Just to reassure my friends of my safety and all members of the familly. It is no longer safe to stay in the neighborhood where my house and all our property is situated. So I am rather uprooted these days. Otherwise things are more or less under control as far as my personal life is concerned. I thank God for giving me the means to survive. Many of my close relatives have left the country already. I am grieved at this situation in Baghdad, but it is something that I fully expected and warned of years ago. Most of the planning that is going on these days in Baghdad contains elements of the ideas that I proposed three years ago. Had action been taken then it would have been much easier.
Nevertheless, I don't think the situation is hopeless and I still believe that somehow the Government and the Americans will manage in the end, thanks to the patience and perseverence of the American leadership and the patriotic elements in the Iraqi side.
Al Maliki is proving to be a very sensible man, so far. I wish him luck.
I hope to find the time to tell you much more.
Best regards
Your friend, Alaa

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