Monday, September 18, 2006


You are someone who really does understand me and then goes on to forumulate practical plans and ideas that I believe are really worth being considered. The military doctrine of the U.S. forces in Iraq does really need fundamental rethinking. To follow up the question of the situation in the Anbar have a look at this. It must not be assumed that this is some minor development. The split in the Anbar has been developing for some time now. The anti-Qaeda and anti-terrorist sentiment has been growing steadily in the province. The atrocities committed against the people there are not less terrible than those perpetrated against the Shiaas and the people elsewhere in Iraq. This is an urgent call not to let down the people in the Anbar who want to do the right thing. Don't let us have a repititon of the tragedy of Shaik Ussama Al-Jadaan. I have my own personal connections in the Anbar and I know this movement is quite real. They need help, support and encouragement urgently. Please someone take notice.

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