Monday, June 11, 2007

أما كانت ارض الله واسعة فتسيحوا فيها


I thank my friends who expressed concern about my fate. Well, my life and that of my family is in a state of great upheaval and flux at the moment. I have at last succumbed to a life long temptation that I have resisted for many, many years. At last I had to give in, mainly for the sake of my children and their future. I leave more than just property and belongings in Baghdad. I leave memories, not all bad, and above all I leave with a bitter feeling for a great opportunity missed, that could have worked. However, I am by no means despondent of all possibility of change for the better. It is just that I and my family need some respite.

Although I have tried always to avoid personal matters, I am going to break this rule this time, just to reassure my dear friends. In just a couple of days, Inshallah, I shall land in the territory of your northern neighbor. I must say the Canadian authorities have been very kind and helpful and I am very grateful and honored to be accepted with my family as future citizen of that country. We shall honor this welcome, with God’s help, but we shall never forget our Mesopotamia. I thank God for his blessing and delivery and for protecting all my children who were in real danger at times - “Al Hamdu Lillah”.

I hope to be blogging again from a nearer place, as soon as I settle down and adapt to a totally new environment.


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