Tuesday, June 19, 2007



Warm greetings to all my friends and thank you for the beautiful words. I arrived safely in Canada and am staying somewhere in Ontario at the moment. People are so civilised and kind around here; in some ways despite the entirely new and bewildering differences I feel more at home already. Ofcourse it is not easy to start all over again to build a life, but you know that I am a believer in God and that God is Goodness and therefore I am always optimistic. It is true that I have sadness in my heart for our poor old Iraq, but deep down I am convinced that we shall win in the end. My conictions have not changed one little bit. What happened in Iraq was preordained, and tougher and more resilient compatriots will carry on the fight to the bitter end and shall win. And I don't like to hear anything against President Bush, either, because I still hold him in the highest esteem and affection.
How I wish I could help the struggle even from here, but I have to sort out myself and my family first. The little that I have seen of Canada so far convinced me that it is one of the most beatiful places on earth, not only from the point of view of natural surroundings, but also the good nature and friendliness of its people. Some places in the Middle East, especially in the Gulf region have higher standard of living and services, but that is not very important when all factors are weighed properly.
I felt that I had to write these few lines in the middle of hectic efforts to establish the family. I send heartfelt greetings to all my friends and hope perhaps to establish contact with some as soon as I feel more settled.
Best regards to all my friends.


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