Monday, June 25, 2007


It may be that we have left the land of Iraq and moved to the opposite side of the Earth, but Iraq does not seem to be able to quit our hearts and minds. It follows us like some phantom and refuses to leave us in peace to find our way in this new life. Where I am staying at the moment there is a satellite TV that receives Al-Iraqia and many of the other Arabic channels, and most of the time we watch these with sinking hearts as news of new disasters and painful tragedies reach us almost everyday. Good people are falling everyday. A homicide bomber enters the lobby of Mansur hotel and murders some very important people, including one of my favourite T.V. presenters and poets Rahim Al-Maliki. The Director of Baghdad most important children Hospital is murdered, and so on and so on. A veritable genocide campaign against all, that aims at destroying and murdering professionals, journalists, politicians etc. in order to destroy life and civil society itself in Iraq. One of the most famous sayings of the defunct Sadam was that if anybody tried to remove him and his clan from power, they would have to receive Iraq as a land empty of people. His clan are now implementing this plan with all evil intent and deliberation. The Iraqis understand this very well, but tragically it is the Americans and others who don’t seem to fully comprehend the situation. The one most fatal mistake was to leave the rank and file of the Baathists alone and allow them to regroup, rearm and become emboldened. The Americans sadly, greatly underestimated the venom and spite of these people, and this error continues to this very day despite all what happened. The serpent is of the most highly dangerous type and injured it becomes even more deadly.

How can a suicide bomber penetrate the security barriers in this most strategic hotel, while an important gathering of Anbar tribal leaders is taking place? It is an outrage and clearly points to treason and the widespread infiltration of the enemy in all the important places. This is the work of Baathists. What should be realised is that this whole "insurgency" business and terrorism is basically run by these and that Al-Qaeda and the foreigners are merely tools in the hands of ex-members of the various Sadam security organisations and kinsmen. I haven’t the slightest doubt about that.

I keep telling myself that I should leave all this behind me and concentrate on the difficult task I am facing here. But perhaps the wound is too deep to heal so easily. I observe this orderly fair land and its beauty almost wistfully with scenes of horror and terrible memories haunting my mind. Let us hope that time the great healer does its work again, and that peace will gradually come back to my soul.

By the way I noticed that one of my Canadian friends was offended by my casual remark about the standard of services in the Arab Gulf region. The last thing that I want to do at the moment is to offend a Canadian, after all the kindness and consideration shown to me that really made me feel most indebted to these people. For the information of this friend, far from not being able to enter these Gulf countries, I and all my family members, have residence permits there and can live and work as we please, but still I preferred Canada for many reasons that I might explain later.

Anyway, I have say goodnight now, as I have much to do in morrow.

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