Thursday, June 28, 2007


This is a special post dedicated to the remarks of “Outlaw Mike” who seems to be writing from Belgium. This is a very important subject and requires a very, very long answer. The problem is that I don’t have the time right now. But I really must pronounce at least some headlines of my own personal views about this. This friend is of an opinion and attitude, that, I am sure, is quite common in many western countries; an attitude, though erroneous, as I am convinced, but is nevertheless understandable considering the atrocities and excesses of our friends of Al-Qaeda, the Baathists and the like.

To Mike I would like to say this: to think that the problem is to do with any particular religious faith, whether it be Islam, Christianity or any other is simply an error and rather superficial thinking, and forgive me for using this word, no offence meant. Even a slight knowledge of history tell us of times when similar violence and mayhem was committed in the name of other religious beliefs. An example is the sectarian wars of the 15 and 16 centuries in Europe; I am sure you have heard about that. What is happening in the Islamic world is not quite the same thing, but has some similarities. Christianity remained, but the virulence of inter-denominational strife has become a thing of the past long time ago. The struggle in Northern Ireland remains an anachronistic reminder of that most atrocious period of European history. That period of European history marked the transition from medieval obscurantism to the enlightenment of the renaissance movement. The sectarian wars were the final convulsions of this obscurantism and took their heavy toll before the literalist understanding of religious dogma and the political role of religion gave way to humanism and liberal ideas that inaugurated the modern ages and European achievement and ascendance in the world. But most importantly, I repeat, Christianity remained, as a spiritual force, having rid itself of interference in affairs of state and political intrigue.

And as I said, the situation in the Moslem world is not quite identical to the events in Europe half a millennium ago, but there is a resemblance. And it may be interesting to note that half a millennium is about the time between the birth of Jesus and the appearance of Islam. However, the question is far more complex than just this. Perhaps, I might have time to discuss the subject further.

What impressed me most about the Canadian immigration authorities is that they knew exactly that I was a religious Moslem as was clear from my passport with pilgrimage visas to Mecca all over it. My wife also wears the headscarf. Nevertheless, these authorities seemed to have discerned the fact that we were not terrorist sympathisers, I don’t know quite how. I mean they didn’t read my blog nor did they know anything about it. Also, absolutely no political or faith related questions were ever asked. Yet they seemed to understand, and they were very helpful and waived many requirements. That impressed me hugely. So, Mike, it is not a question of headscarf, nor even what religious faith one has; but something quite different and much more complex. I really hope to be able to come back to this subject later, and explain more fully my own religious concepts and beliefs and read the views and comments of my friends about this all important subject.

But for now,

Al-Salam Alaykum (Peace be upon you )


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