Sunday, November 07, 2004


I have just been watching “Al Jazeera” Television, although it is something very distasteful to me. They are at it again. When will people realize that this terrorist organ is a real menace and an enemy propaganda mouthpiece? There is no longer even pretence at neutrality and factual reporting. When will the American government take action, considering that this station is sponsored and financed by the Qatari regime which is supposed to be on very good terms with the U.S.?

Al Jazeera has been actively engaged in hostile propaganda and has played an important role in inflaming the situation and jeopardizing American and allied soldiers, not to mention the Iraqis. It has become the official agent and mouthpiece of all the terrorist groups and the means of delivering speeches and statements from the likes of UBL and all manner of masked men, be-headers and hostage takers. Is this not a time of War? Were not the Iraqi T.V. stations taken off the air during the battle against Saddam? Why are these any different? I am telling you that despite being banned in Iraq they are still obsessed with biased and inflammatory coverage of the situation. Enough is enough and something drastic must be done.


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