Monday, November 08, 2004


Of course the terrorists have to be dealt with in this way. They are heartless murderers and their hatred of the people is attested for by their behavior during the past and by their actions after the fall of their regime; the beheadings, the cold blooded murder of policemen and children etc. etc. Anybody who thinks that a soft approach can succeed with these zombies does not know anything. The only problem is how to protect your back when you are attacking. They are hitting hard in other areas. The notion that you can put poor policemen in normal police stations or have them standing in the streets as in normal times is quite irresponsible and very cruel to these poor youth, when these callous gangs are out to murder and hunt them like lame ducks. The police must be heavily armed and heavily defended. Police stations have to be guarded as military garrisons, since they are the target of large scale attacks, especially in the hotspots, including Baghdad. To continue exposing the IP to these daily pogroms will soon lead to the disintegration of this force. The Government and the MNF must listen and act before it is too late.


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