Wednesday, November 10, 2004



You have surely heard of the kidnapping of the relatives of Dr. Alawi, his cousin, aged more than seventy years old, the cousin’s wife and his daughter in law. The daughter in law is said to be pregnant. Immediately afterward, an internet site announces that they will be beheaded if some impossible demands which can be summarized as total surrender to these miserable Dead Enders.

Can you imagine this; beheading a pregnant young woman whose only fault is being a relative of the Prime Minister. Now you know the kind of people who are terrorizing the majority of the Iraqi people and have been terrorizing them by the same methods for decades. We, Iraqis are not surprised, because we have seen countless examples of worst brutality over many years. It is Allah’s wisdom that the baseness of these creatures be exposed to the whole of humanity in this most scandalous fashion. Erstwhile, crimes used to be committed in the dark, unseen and unobserved by the rest of mankind. Now you see, and there is no doubt and no disputable claims and no uncertainty.

Now, Dr. Ayad Alawi, is a wealthy man, a highly qualified and successful physician, and could live quite comfortably in London a very decent and even affluent life, where he is holding a British passport and can enjoy all the benefits and amenities as any other British citizen. However, he chooses to serve his country and sacrifices his safety, security and the blood of his family; his brother had been assassinated before by the same Saddamist thugs during the rule of the defunct regime. This is Dr. Alawi, this is the patriot who is paying by the blood of loved ones, for his love and dedication to his country. Office, in these terrible times is no luxury, no sought after prize; it is a dangerous and excruciating responsibility.

If these criminals make good their threat and slay these innocents and the young pregnant woman, and Dr. Alawi is not likely to pay the slightest attention to their demands; then, although they won’t realize it of course, they will be slaying for good the slightest glimmer of hope for their rehabilitation and restoration to the human race. And they and anybody who sympathizes or apologizes for them shall be condemned by God and decent humanity until judgment day.

It is this kind of enemy that the young men and women of the MNF and the new Iraqi Army are facing. Can anybody even with an atom of decency doubt the justice and righteousness of their cause?


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