Saturday, November 06, 2004



The ink has not dried (figuratively speaking) on my previous post in which I predicted that the insurgents will attempt to strike and escalate terrorist action in other places, that we have today the horrible terrorist actions in Samara particularly and elsewhere. Coordinated well planned brutal assault with 4 suicide car bombs targeting police and ordinary people in Samara, cold blooded slaying of 12 civilians in Latifiya, not to mentions the attacks in Ramadi and elsewhere. It is clear why the terrorists should target Samara in particular. Because Samara was a success, and because the citizen of Samara, mostly Sunnis were happy to be rid of the terrorists, so they had to be punished.

It is now amply clear, that the time has long passed for “negotiating” with the enemy. The Saddamist-Sectarian-Foreign Extremist enemy has opted for bloody conflict, murder, and intimidation long time ago. The talk about negotiation and a peaceful solution is almost demoralizing when we are confronted everyday with beheadings, kidnappings, cowardly murders and car bombs targeting children and people in the streets. For instance, a small peasant town, called Latifya (part of the so-called Triangle of Death South of Baghdad), has been the centre of the most appalling crimes and attacks against completely innocent travelers who happen to pass nearby, not to mention that is certain that it is the very place where the American and British hostages were incarcerated and beheaded. It is now established that the British Engineer escaped in the fields near this town before he was recaptured and murdered. Now, despite repeated claims by the government that arrests and raids were made in this area, we still see continuation of the atrocities from gangs based in this town and its environs. The situation has become so bad that illegal check points manned by terrorists are set up here and there asking people for “identity” papers and according to religious sect or more importantly whether they happen to be police or ING, kidnapping or outright execution may be perpetrated against them.

It is not enough just to dispatch some eight hundred British soldiers to the area, notwithstanding how good they may be. The town must be surrounded, without previous warning and reliable Iraqi forces (the ING have proved to be more reliable than the IP) should go into the town and thorough house to house searches carried out and afterwards the town should be permanently held by these security forces.

Also it is most important to make information public about whatever terrorists are actually caught. The policy that has been followed since the fall of the regime of keeping the public almost completely in the dark about the identity of the perpetrators of terrorist acts, is almost a cover up of the crimes and encouragement for the criminals. Repeated calls for public exposure of the criminals have been very strangely ignored both by the CPA before and by the Government now. Also this policy helps the enemy to spread his propaganda and slander against the very forces of liberation and freedom. For instance, you always hear the accusations trying to put the blame for particularly atrocious acts on the Allied Forces, the Zionists etc. etc. For instance, Zarqawi is an invention by the CIA, and so is his famous letter, and beheadings, car bombings etc. are actually engineered by the Americans or the Zionists and so on. This kind of talk is very widespread, and you remember how an individual used to be always at hand when car bombings started, to claim in front of the Media that he had seen an American helicopter fire a rocket or something of the sort. We have yet to see one public exposure of any group or individuals connected with terrorist acts, despite claims to have caught many.

Friends and allies: this is War and a very serious and dangerous one too. Do not underestimate the enemy. In Iraq you have at least 80% of the population on your side and desirous of change and success in creating the new society. Anybody who tells you otherwise is simply a liar. Wars are terrible and cruel but what must be done must be done. Remember what it took to defeat Nazism, Fascism and Japanese Militarism- the flattening of most of Europe and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, horrible as that may have been. Yet both Europe and Japan recovered and eventually enjoyed tremendous prosperity and peace, and the outcome of the horrors of war was entirely in the interest of all the “conquered” peoples. Why was that? Very simple! The right side won the war. The right side must win this war too, for the sake of our future generations and world peace.


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